Vera on darkening her skin: I did it just to promote my song 

Socialite Vera Sidika has confessed that she went dark for a few days just to promote her song and not because she was missing the skin tone.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafu FM, Vera professed her move to temporarily get her skin from the usual yellow back to black was just a publicity stunt.

”You know, that was just a publicity stunt. I know you understand how stunts work. I did it just to promote my song,” Vera revealed.


Vera Sidika released the video title MIMI which was talking about her skin bleaching incident.

“Logic can get you from point A to B, Imagination can get you everywhere. Mimi is my new single depicting the essence of audacity in life,” wrote Sidika when announcing the song.

Vera Sidika reveals Huddah is the one who hates her: I do not have a problem with her 

Socialite Vera Sidika has revealed that the beef between Huddah Monroe and her has always been one-sided.

Speaking in a Wasafi Radio interview, the socialite said that Huddah is the one who hates her. She said that even though she has no problem with Huddah, Huddah has always hated her.


“Personally, I do not have a problem with her. I once tried to approach her with a business idea but she turned it down. You know people are different,” Vera said. 

The two have been fighting all through their careers and never see eye to eye. Huddah several years ago claimed that Vera tried selling her to a Nigerian man and that’s when their beef started. Since then the two have always attacked each other.

Former xsmillionaires stripper shares how she had a tough life stripping despite making a lot of money

Cream Rose, a former stripper at xsmillionaires club located at Baricho Road has come out to narrate the horrific things she and other ladies in the business go through in their line of work.

According to the lady, who’s real name is Maina, said that she not only went through a tough two years as a stripper, she also suffered emotional damage.

She confessed that she was making a lot of money but she was too stressed to enjoy the money.

“Once upon a time,….I was a dancer @xsmillionaires ;a strip club, I did what they do and experienced what they experience… was never easy, money came in fast but went out faster. People think this job is ”fun” or just a bed of roses……its not. No one would take you serious or respect you genuinely….working in a strip club taught me a lot and those two years were the most unhappy years in my life,” she said. 


According to Maina, girls go through a lot in the business and are forced to live a fake life that they are happy but deep down, they are stressed and broken. She’s glad she left the job.

“If only you knew what this girls go through ?….but at the end of it all they have to come on stage and fake a smile for your tip……(money). I thank God for taking me out of that place ????…..I pray that He will help and bless the women I left there also to live a better and blessed life in Him.??”


“You can’t take me down’ Vera Sidika sends final message to Otile after shaming him recently

Vera Sidika has been talking a lot about Otile Brown lately.

The socialite exposed the mellow singer for allegedly being a one minute man and sucking( OK, maybe not the right word) in bed.

All this time, Otile has remained silent publicly. Apparently, Vera has come out to claim that Otile has been tarnishing her name away from the public eye and is trying everything to make sure her saloon collapses.

“No regrets only lessons. Plus; Mr. O.B if u think tarnishing my salon name will make u prosper, it won’t. My ex tried it with Veetox and months later I launched my salon and God made sure he sees the success before karma caught up with him and ended up in jail in UAE. I’m a wonderful lady with a clean heart. That’s always taken advantage of. But God always got me and karma,” wrote Vera.

Not personal

She went on to wish Otile all the best and say that she did not expose the him to bring him down but rather to teach others a lesson.

“Lastly I speak about this to teach others. Not ati ruin him, take him down blah blah. I can’t take him down. I’m not God! He’s still gonna do him and succeed. So am I. coz his density isn’t tied to me. My destiny isn’t tied to him either. I wish him well. For everyone thinking oh it’s a stunt. Nah it isn’t 1st break up wasn’t either. It’s over for good and never shall you see the 2 anywhere together. I promised Jalang’o 1m if we ever get back and I truly mean it. I’m done for good I swear,” said Vera.


‘A million views and no one cans sing the song’ Sosuun blasts Vera for allegedly buying YouTube views

Kenrazy’s wife Sosuun has blasted Vera Sidika for allegedly buying YouTube views for her new song “Nalia.”

Nalia it’s on it’s way to a million views now on YouTube and Sidika has been doing everything in her power to make sure the song remains a trending topic.


Sosuun claimed that the reason why Vera Sidika started the Nalia challenge was because fans don’t know the song.

The problem with buying views is realizing with all those counts nobody can really sing along to the song then you go back to square one which is ‘sing for money wins’ it’s better true to stay to your art otherwise you are lying to one but yourself.” said Sosuun. 

Vera announced the challenge on Monday but very few have bothered. She later deleted the post after noticing the challenge was a flop.


Hakuna Dundaing hapa! Kristoff chased like a stray dog after boring performance 

Singer Kristoff had to be escorted off  stage after fans complained of his performance during the weekend.

According to Nairobian, the singer’s mic was cut after crowd started booing in Kenyatta University during Mr and Miss KU beauty pageant.

The singer wanted the crowd to move closer to the stage to enjoy his performance but bouncers refused to let them.

Walked off


He then went on to give his performance which failed to impress the students who started booing forcing the DJ to switch off his mic.

The singer was then forced to walk away from stage after temperatures started rising.

Trust issues? Why Vera and Otile Brown keep going for HIV tests almost monthly 

In just five months Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been together, they have gone for HIV test three times. That’s almost every one and a half months.

Encourage others

Otile Brown, however, opened up on why they have been having these visits saying they just want to be sure of their statuses and encourage others to have such tests.

Otile spoke to Wasafi TV where he shared it all.




Kristoff: I have never dated Vera Sidika

Singer Kristoff has come out to deny dating Vera Sidika in an interview with Kiss 100 FM.

According to the singer the two were just friends and the public must have mis-interpreted things after spotting them together several times.

Kristoff said, “We were friends with Vera Sidika and Yvonne Darcq and nothing else was going on between us.”

It’s in the same interview which the singer denied ever being in a relationship with singer Yvonne Darcq also. Kristoff has just launched two songs and was doing a media tour to promote them.