Now a video vixen! Lilian Muli appears in popular Kamba song 

Citizen TV news anchor has surprised her fans by appearing in a new Kamba song.  The song, dubbed “Kyaa Kya Ngai (What belongs to God belongs to Him), is a gospel song done by popular singer Stephen Kasolo. 

Muli in the song makes an appearance dancing to Kasolo’s rhythm. Many were impressed by Muli’s cameo in the song which has attracted a good number of views.

First appearance

It’s actually the first cameo Muli has done unlike other news anchors who have been in several songs before making a name in the media industry.

The last time Kasolo was topping headlines was after he dropped Hautasumbuka Tena featuring Tanzanian gospel superstar Rose Muhando a few months ago. Muhando was coming off an ugly encounter with Kenyans following a prayer session with controversial Pastor Kang’ang’a.

Watch the song below

Lilian Muli finally comes out to explains why he called her hubby a community husband: December was a very dark month for me 

During Christmas, as other were busy destroying their plate of Nyama, drinking and catching up with family, sassy Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli was crying and cursing.

Crying on social media and cursing her husband Jared Nevaton, who she had just fathered a baby with, for cheating and neglecting her.

Her post was shocking as she tore her man a part asking Kenyans never to associate her with him ever again.

But just a month later, Muli was back to him.

She has now opened up on the incident saying December wasn’t all merry for her.

December was a very dark month for me I felt broken beyond repair; but God is fixing that. I decided to celebrate myself because I realized we seek the validation of people so much and sometimes forget that self-Love is key. I therefore dared to do things differently and I purposed to shout to the world that I am so proud of what I’ve achieved over the years and I’m determined to do even better. I have started a new journey of self-discovery and I invite you to walk with me as I unveil my new projects. Keep it here for the unveiling. LILLIAN MULI The Brand,” said Lillian Muli.

New woman

In another post, Muli hinted the same saying she made peace with what happened.

“I’m not going to please everyone; not everyone’s going to like me. I accepted that a long time ago, and if I had to shed a tear every time Someone hated on me, believe me, I’d be severely dehydrated ?. I made peace with myself and I’m so in Love with the woman I’ve become. Fearless!” she said. 


Lilian Muli reunites with community husband Jared Ombong’i

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has been sharing photos lately with her ex-lovers.

The news anchor was recently in the news after posting a photo with his first baby daddy Moses Kanene while he was visiting his young boy.

Baby day

Muli has now topped headlines yet again after sharing a photo with her second estranged husband Jared Nevaton Ombong’i. It seems Jared was visiting his baby Liam.

It’s no clear whether the two are together or he was just visiting but it seems things might have cooled down and now they are in talking terms.

Muli broke the internet in the beginning Dec last year after claiming Jared cheated on her and that he’s become a community husband. He asked Kenyans never to associate her with his name since they are no longer together.

In return, Baba Liam claimed that all what Muli brought on the table was sexiness, a reason why he got bored with her.

“She was always on my phone. Wanted to know everything. She was just simply jealous and that couldn’t work between us. Am happy that it has ended. She could add nothing to the table other than walking naked in our house. She also had multiple boyfriends the reason I could not continue being in the relationship.” Jared said. 


Did Lilian Muli actually pay almost 250k to give birth?

Kenyans were left curious after Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli posted a video showing the private maternity ward where she delivered in Nairobi Hospital.

While thanking everyone that made her delivery successful, the news anchor posted a clip showing the insides of the private ward and it’s not your typical maternity ward.

 “It’s a Late post but here goes. Thankyou Nairobi Hospital for taking good care of me as I delivered my baby and after. From the CEO Gordon Odundo who stopped by to say hi ( what a cool CEO no wonder he is at the helm of leadership at the Hospital) and the nurses who took care of me especially Esther who always made me smile and was so patient with me as she Showed me how to hold baby when breastfeeding and how to bathe him.” she said. 


“Many Thanks to the kind Matrons who always passed by to say Goodmorning. My Doctors Professor Koigi Kamau and his son Dr Kamau koigi, Dr Nyambura Kariuki (paediatrician) I am grateful. Baby and I had a wonderful time at the Hospital because you made us so comfortable. @official_cessp thanks for taking this.”


The mother of two now might have paid a cool 250,000 if she had C-Section Delivery while at least 100k for a normal delivery at Nairobi Hospital which is one of the best hospitals in Kenya.

Here is why pregnant Lilian Muli stopped wearing thongs 

Kenyans are closely following Lilian Muli’s second pregnancy. The news anchor has been sharing a lot on her second round in her show “Pregnant with Lilian” that airs exclusive on Royal Media’s Viusasa.

Muli recently shared that she has been forced to change her entire wardrobe after getting pregnant. She recently shared how she’s now going for losing fitting cloths since they are more comfy.

Ditch those tight clothes

“Your underwear has to change, you can’t wear thongs anymore. You have to wear those pull-ups that go all the way up you know like those Lingala dancers. So yeah my underwear, I have plenty of it but it’s not nice looking. I try keeping it black don’t wear green or yellow. Wear black or navy blue because it’s still elegant,”she said. 

Lilian Muli


“Deeras are very fashionable especially those that have embroidery and sequins they can serve over the weekend especially if you want to feel elegant and not construed in any way.”

Lilian Muli: I became a drunkard after my divorce

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has come out to confess that she struggled with alcohol and stress after her ugly divorce in 2016. The news anchor was married to Moses Njuguna Kanene for 7 years but was forced to end the marriage after it hit rock bottom and he become violent.

“I started drinking a lot when I left Josh’s dad. I had moved from Karen, got a new life with Josh (her son), but one day, after three years, I realised that I was actually separated and trying to wear a face that everything was OK, all while still looking good on TV,” she said. 

Lilian Muli

End of a fairy tale

In a recent interview with True Love magazine, Muli said that she had to move after her marriage went down but came out with an important lesson: marriage is not a bed of roses. The news anchor is now pregnant by Jared Nevaton’s who, she said have been dating for almost two years.

“I had a public meltdown. I screamed at someone at a restaurant and a patron recorded the entire incident which later went on social media. Now if there is someone who gets affected by social media it would be me,” said the controversial anchor.  

Lilian Muli goes Janet Mbugua’s way and starts her own Vlog on Viusasa

Like many other celebrities, news anchor Lilian Muli won’t let her pregnancy come and go without sharing her journey. The Citizen TV employee has announced that she will be starting a new TV show which will air on Viusasa, Royal Media’s digital platform that provides local videos for Kenyans.

The show will be called “Pregnant with Lilian” and like many others we have seen from celebrities like Janet Mbugua, Ess and Brenda Wairimu, the show will involve sharing some of things women go through while carrying a baby.

“Coming soon…#pregnantwithLillianI’m way past 20 weeks pregnant but retracing my footsteps…the challenges and milestones, the things I’ve learnt that have helped me cope better…answers to the many questions I’ve had. This journey is one I am so excited to share with expectant mums and new mums and even daddies and daddies to be actually all of you who care to learn like I have.,” she said on her Instagram page.


“Pregnancy can be a lot of things Terrifying, exciting, overwhelming, lonely but one thing is certain it is an incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling journey. As the weeks go by join me in this convo as we learn and share with each other in this pregnancy diary. Lots more to come. Lots of preggo hugs to you all. ❤”


Zero chills! Lilian Muli’s heart-wrenching reply on social media that should warn you on posting ‘unexpected’ comments on her pages 

Citizen TV weekend news anchor Lilian Muli will force you to eat a humble pie if you go off the line. Off the line here means posting comments on her platform that are not well thought through, or those that she doesn’t like.

One Kevin Kinyua found himself in this very position after the heavily pregnant news anchor posted a status on her Instagram page after she talked about her baby daddy and Muli fired back with an expected comment that left many rather shocked.

“Lakini if you’re talking about baby daddy or friends’ pia you know pregnancy brings up emotions that no one can handle. But that is on your friends or baby daddy they should know better that you’re going through a very sticky situation,” said Kevin Kinyua.

Anger Muli

The comment didn’t impressed the Citizen TV journalist making her lose her cool and fire back with some harsh words.

@justkelvinkinyua who told you I’m talking about my baby daddy and what do you even know about me! Pregnancy is not a sticky situation it’s a very beautiful journey tusizoeane priss unless you’ve also been pregnant and you know how stick a journey it can be (first of all what do you mean sticky?) smh,” said Lilian Muli.



Lilian Muli hints on her baby’s gender with an Instagram post

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli is pregnant and the anticipation of the gender of the baby has been building.

Muli, on her Instagram account, might have given away the gender of the unborn baby after posting a picture of some cute girl’s shoes. She said she has fallen in love with them and was thinking about ordering online.

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Expecting baby with Jared Nevaton

According to rumors, the anchor is expecting the baby with flamboyant football administrator Jared Nevaton though she has preferred keeping it to herself. The two have also been rumored to be in a relationship a few times.

Muli made the announcement that she’s pregnant on Instagram with a few lovely photos. In her recent post, Muli however, denied on the comments that the baby might be a girl saying that she thought the shoes were cute.

Lilian Muli’s post


Lilian Muli parades her baby bump for the first time! (Photo)

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is heavy with child! She has however managed to keep the secret for the first trimester; but her baby bump is now showing as her continues to grow.

This past weekend she graced one of her close friend’s baby shower where she was seen rocking her bulging baby bump.

Lilian Muli’s growing baby bump

Dressed in a white maxi dress, Lilian Muli could not hide her bump and as soon as fans saw it, they all streamed in comments congratulating the lady.

Baby daddy confirms baby onboard

Her baby daddy Jared Nevaton confirmed that they were pregnant while speaking on phone with the Nairobian. He however did not reveal more details about his relationship as he told off the journalists that his private life is not for everyone.

The two are said to have dated for 2 years now and are now waiting for their first child together.

Baby onboard: Lilian Muli expecting baby number 2 with her new found love!

Word making rounds on social media is that Lilian Muli is very pregnant with her second child. Judging from the baggy clothes she has been spotted wearing of late, this could mean that the bump has started showing.

If indeed the rumors are true then she and her current Shabana FC Boss, Jared Nevaton must really be excited.

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After splitting with her ex husband a few years ago, Lilian Muli took her time to meet someone new and it happens to be Jared Nevaton. In a couple of posts shared on her Instagram, it was clear to see that the two were together hence Lilian Muli’s lovey dovy captions.

Jared responds to the pregnancy rumors

Speaking to the Nairobian who reached out to Jared Nevaton, the fella was not happy with how the media was getting involved with his personal life. When asked about the pregnancy he said;

What sort of nonsense is that don’t ask me stupid questions. Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together. This is very personal information.

He went on to add;

Yes, when your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very much together. I don’t think my personal life should be in the public domain.