“My mum ako panic mode” Juliani reveals how death threats from politician are affecting his mum

Juliani has not been at peace since he went public with his relationship with former Machakos First Lady, Lilian Ng’ang’a.

From what we know is that the couple has lately been living in fear following alleged death threats made to them by Alfred Mutua, who was Lilian Ng’ang’a’s husband. So far Lilian Ng’ang’a has publicly accused the governor of threatening her life and even claiming that she is his number one enemy.

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Speaking about the death threats, Lilian opened up to say;

Mutua angrily termed me as his Enemy No 1, and threatened to “crush me to ash, and take away everything I have, and own. He also threatened to harm persons close to me. He stated that he had offers from people to kill persons close to me, and threatened that he might indeed take up the offers to teach some of them a lesson

Juliani’s mum in panic mode

With such threats of course Juliani’s family has now started panicking as they worried about their son’s safety.

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Just to prove how much the stories have affected his family, Juliani recently shared a Tweet revealing how his mother has been handling the death threats issued on his life and according to him she is in panic mode. I mean who wouldn’t.

Juliani with girlfriend, Lilian Ng’ang’a

My Mum ako panick mode. I reminded Her of the God that healed her of her cancer. The one that kept me and my 6 sibling safe in the street of Dandora ndio the same we are praying to NOW.


“..For God has not given us a spirit of fear,but of power and of love and of a sound mind”

“We have had issues over the years” Lilian Ng’ang’a shares news details as to why she dumped Governor Alfred Mutua

Relationships are usually exciting during the first few months, so let’s call if the honey phase; but once that’s over you move on to the boring phase that many couples tend to lose interest which explains the Lilian Ng’ang’a and Alfred Mutua situationship.

Lilian Ng’ang’a

Well after dating for 10 years (Ng’ang’a says they were never married) Ms Lilian Ng’ang’a recently decided to call it quits; a decision that has left her in a tight position considering the fact that the governor doesn’t want to let her go.

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However speaking in an interview with the Sunday Nation, the former Machakos First Lady opened up about her relationship with the Governor revealing quite a lot about her previous relationship.

When did things start going wrong?

Of course the breakup didn’t happen overnight, meaning one thing led to another so when asked when things started going wrong Ms Ng’ang’a said;

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Ex lovers: Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a

We have had issues over the years. There were inconsistencies from him, but when you do that, you forget some of the things you have said. Most of the time we resolved these issues. However, last year the issues could not be resolved after I called him out.
The second issue was being a control freak. This, I guess, is because he has been in government and so he is used to controlling people. Over the years I have always done things his way. Last year, I told him I needed to do a few things independently, but he was not comfortable with that. It led to a lot of fights between us.

Control freak

According to Ms Ng’ang’a, having her life controlled by the governor may have pushed her into breaking up with him since she needed her own freedom.

When asked whether being controlled accelerated the break up, Ng’ang’a said;

Yes, it did to some extent. When I told him I was going to get a job last year and actually be employed, it made him very angry. He said I was going to embarrass him by working because it will look like he is not supporting me.


But I insisted that it was about my independence and doing something I enjoyed. Why do a Master’s and then don’t apply it? It makes no sense. I got the job late last year and it was busy and I would take some of the office work home once in a while. We had so many virtual meetings and I would be very busy in the house. I think he felt like he was losing his grip on me and that brought serious fights between us. I have always done things for us as a couple, for him, and never for me.

“Kukula na Kukuliwa bibi ni normal” Mike Sonko’s comforts Alfred Mutua after separating with wife

Alfred Mutua and former Machakos First Lady announced their breakup this past weekend, leaving many talking on social media. Of course the breakup also gave bloggers a field day; now that everyone wants to talk about the divorce we never saw coming.

Anyway, so far we understand that breakup was mutual that is judging from what the former couple wrote on social media; but for some reason, fans feel that Lilian Ng’ang’a is the one who walked out, leaving Governor in denial!

Alfred Mutua and ex wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a

Well, truth is – there is no map around a relationship; and now that the Matua’s are no longer an item – let’s hope things will not get any uglier.

Mike Sonko with the advice

Now that the story is all over social media, the likes of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko; decided to step in and share a few words of advice.

As seen on his IG, Sonko wrote a detailed post dedicated both to Mutua and ex wife saying;

Ex lovers: Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a

My fellow bloggers, can you keep off Governor Alfred Mutua’s private life? Kukula na kukuliwa is normal and part of life. Hata nyinyi mabibi zenu wanakulwa tu vile munakulana nje; but hawawezi kubali mujue vile tu nyinyi hamukubali wao wajue mukikulana nje.

To Ms Lilian Ng’ang’a

Being a man who has been married for over 20 years, Mike Sonko went on to remind Lilian of her role in Mutua’s life; urging her to get back with the fella. Sonko went on to add;

@ngangalillian, you are a strong woman and continue being strong especially during this difficult time when you are undergoing challenges. We say behind every successful man there’s a woman. You have been with Dr. Alfred since 2011 when I was elected as MP 15 years ago, meaning you met this guy before he became Governor. My humble appeal to both of you please, forgive each other and forget about what transpired in your lives as a family and just agree the devil is a liar and he has no place in your lives. This is all about the two of you as a family, so let people talk during the day but they will all go to bed at night and life will go on. I plead with both of you, sameaneni because hii ni mambo ya kidunia. Come on Lilian, think about it!! Naku Mutua ekana na maindu mainge eka na muka waku asyoke musi.

Mike Sonko to Juliani

Well, not to say that Mike Sonko threatened rapper Juliani; but as seen on his post – the former Governor went on to address a certain artist (Juliani) believed to be bedding Mutua’s ex wife; as he wrote;

Lilian and Juliani dating?

Nawewe msanii jipe shughuli ingekuwa ni mimi ati tume differ na bibi yangu alafu the first days of our divorce unadunda nae kunihurt hio sausage yako naeza kuikata into pieces na nijipeleke police station.