Magix Enga exposes girlfriend for cheating with top Bongo star (Screenshot)

The young couple’s relationship had become an envy to many after Magix Enga’s dotting girlfriend, Rahma tattooed his name on her skin, symbolic of their never-ending love spark.

They had just started serving couple goals – young, adorable, moneyed but humble.

Unfortunately, it ended soon as it started with the talented producer sadly breaking the news on social media.

I’m sorry to say I just broke up with my girlfriend…

Magix Enga’s girlfriend gets his name tattooed on her left arm

Surprisingly, it did not end because they clashed, got into a fight or just could not understand each other. Not at all! It turns out that Tanzanian artist, Marioo had decided to bag himself the ravishing damsel, leaving Enga out to dry.

…because of this man @marioo_tz

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It so happens Marioo had been sliding into Rahma’s DMs, only for Enga to find out, now threatening to expose their intimate chats if he doesn’t eat the humble pie.

My girl Account had only 1000 followers na Bado jamaa anatuma Messages lying to my girlfriend , i’m gonna…


Well, with his kind of history, fans and followers have every reason to believe Magix Enga is but clout chasing probably for an upcoming hit featuring the Tanzanian artist.

DJ Shiti’s comment was just bomb!
sasa kama umebadilika unamwimbia Gengetone ati kimbichwa, goshodo na kindukulu Nahuyu anambembeleza na Nyimbo kama AYA una expect nini bro…????????????????????????????????????????
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savarafrica ???????????????? wewe wacha kutupima beat king
krgthedon ???????????????? Enga Utakuja niua bro
highvo_mk Anadai ku sample dem wa magix enga ????????
carlitoh_25flow Drama za nini bana si upambane tu kivyako, muachie…..big boys don’t fight for girls????
mtricedmoney Lol if ya girl ain’t faithful, she ain’t yours bruv ????????????????
elysee_huncho Girl Copyright Claim ????????????