Is this the handsome man playing ‘Zaddy’ in Maureen Waititu’s home (Photos)

Maureen Waititu keeps making headlines thanks to her latest money move; that saw her  bag a talk show on one popular media station. From a post shared on her IG page; we understand that the show aims at educating parents – especially the new ones on how to handle parenthood.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

Being a mother of a 4 and 2 year olds – I bet the young mum has learnt a thing or two she can educate new mums on. However others feel that Maureen Waititu is yet to get to a stage where she can educate other mums on how to raise kids; could be that they feel this way because hers are raised by 2 nannies. Not my words but fans.

Away from that we do understand that Maureen Waititu has been happy of late; and this is thanks to her new man that she has refused to publicize on social media.

Maureen’s new bae?

However thanks to popular blogger Edgar Obare – we have come across new posts showing Maureen in the company of one handsome man.

Maureen Waititu looking like fine wine

From her smile, we can assure you that Miss Maureen is oozing happiness and positivity and yes, this is what fans wanted for her. Although there are those who continue to see her as a toxic person; mostly because of her dramatic break up with Frankie.

Anyway, all that remains in the past for now but question remains; is the fella seen below the new man playing daddy in both Maureen and her sons life?

Maureen Waititu treated to an unforgettable Valentines Day by new boyfriend (Photos)

If not for Jalang’o asking Maureen Waititu to let go of her previous relationship with Frankie Just Gym and focus; I bet mama boys wouldn’t have moved on to find happiness like she did.

After parting ways with Frankie Just Gym it – Ms Waititu kept holding on hoping that her sons father would return; and all would go back to normal. However at times it’s better to let go and focus ahead like Jalang’o once told Ms Waititu on air.

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

Well, months after the whole ‘Corazon-Frankie’ scandal that left Ms Waititu looking desperate; turns out that this was a blessing in disguise as she also finally found a man to love her right.

Maureen Waititu brags about boyfriend

The mother of two disclosed this in a new post where she flaunted how her Valentines Day went down courtesy of new bae.

According to Ms Waititu, the Valentines surprise caught her off guard; but since she was learning to love her new man decided to outdo himself.

To prove how much she is currently loved by the new mysterious man; Ms Waititu went on to share a few photos from her special day as seen below.