Mercy Masika launches a book club

“Mwema” singer Mercy Masika has joined a long list of other celebs with books clubs. On Sunday, the singer launched a book club at the Biblical Guest House in Kilimani.

“If knowledge is power then a book is its reservoir, so we must encourage our people to read,” she added during the launch.

“Even Mark Zuckerburg who is one of the greatest social media innovators of our time, has recognised the power of books and started a book club to encourage people to read.” 

Meaning of books

The invite-only event was graced by books lovers including media personalities Gospel TV host Antony Ndiema and Dan Mwangi of NTV. The two showed their pleasure not only in books but of Masika’s event, praising her for the huge step.

“It is such an amazing initiate because Africa is rising and for us to have more influence in the world, we need to read. It has been said that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book, and I am proud that Mercy is changing that narrative,” said Antony Ndiema.

“Despite getting a D plus in school, I have built a career in ministry because of books. Life happens in seasons and there is a book for every season of life, you just have to find it and read it.”Rev Ken Aringo, who was present, added.

Mercy Masika loses her cool after being invited to US National Prayer personally by popular American Senator

Gospel singer Mercy Masika will be jetting to America for the first time ever after landing a special invitation to perform at the 67th USA National Prayer Breakfast which will happen at Washington DC.

The annual event, which will see President Donald Trump and other 3,500 dignitaries from about 140 countries attended, is scheduled for the 6th and 7th this month.

Personal invitation

Masika was super exited after getting a personal invitation from United States Senator from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe. She took to social media to break the news.

“It’s my first time in America and Senator James Inhofe invited me personally to attend the breakfast; its humbling to be recognized by such influential people. I will also get a chance to perform at the reception dinner on Thursday that will have dignitaries from around the world. I am really excited; meeting and ministering to dignitaries from all over the world is a big deal for me.” said Mercy Masika.

On the 10th and 17th of February, Mercy will also perform at the KCFA Community Service and CITAM USA respectively.


Mercy Masika finally speaks after miraculously escaping Dusit attack thanks to Jalang’o 

News that gospel star Mercy Masika failed to make it to Dusit D2 building where she had a salon appointment after Jalang’o’s car blocked hers, dominated social media yesterday.

Jalango and Mercy Masika were hired for an upcoming consumer promotion. The two had a meeting with their client on the same day terrorists attacked DusitD2 hotel.


Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika

Jalas and Masika’s meeting was at a different venue away from Dusit. The Milele FM presenter arrived late for the meeting and he couldn’t find a spot to park his car. He was forced to double park blocking other cars, including Mercy Masika’s car.

Speaking in an Kiss FM interview, Masika said that that was a huge blessing.

“I’m grateful. It looked like a delay but it was a blessing. And also the people in the salon were ok, so it’s really a good thing. It was more like hurry up but then there were a lot of people to socialize with hapo. Of course I was feeling the delay but then I was kinda chatting with people. Later I was like haiya we delayed there, but we felt like it was God who protected us.,” she said. 


“We pray for comfort especially for those who’ve lost family members. It’s really painful and we pray that God will comfort them.”


“I am under my husband’s authority” Mercy Masika shares the secret to becoming a good wife!

In this generation of slay queens, slay kings and sponsors, it’s pretty hard to find the true wife material. Also judging from the Instagram models, we can all agree that women have lost touch with qualities that make them good future wives.

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However, singer Masika seems to have it all figured out. She is what many refer to as the perfect wife and she proved this in a post shared on her Instagram. Mercy Masika revealed that she is a submissive wife to her husband who is the head of her family.

Having submitted to her husband does not mean that she has no power, but she exercises it under her husband’s authority. She wrote saying;

Mercy Masika’s marriage

The gospel singer is among the top celebrity artists in the country with a successful marriage life. She has 2 lovely girls with her husband  and so far, nothing is really stopping this talented lady!