Mr Seed breaks silence days after mistress announced to be pregnant with his baby

There is slot that has been said about Mr Seed and apparently he is not the saint he often claims to be. Well, like most already know – the gospel music industry is no longer what it used to be; as most artists have turned it into a money making business.

Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

And of course, where is there money – there are a few slay queens looking for quick and easy support. Unluckily for Mr Seed he ended up impregnating one of his Somali mistresses; and from what she says – the baby is up for keeps!

Mr Seeds side chick

This is after she tried aborting as asked by baby daddy Mr Seed; but after this failed – she then decided not to risk her life for the second time.

Breaks silence

All this while Mr Seed kept watching from the sidelines; until recently when he got to visit the coast region for a short vacation with his wife, Nimoh.

Probably this was a well needed break for the two love birds; who clearly continue to battle infidelity in their young union – but come to think of it…is it by force?

So far Seed has been accused of sleeping around and despite it all, his  praying wife keeps hanging in their hoping that he will one day change.

Anyway as we all wait for that day, Mr Seed on the other hand decided to share a new post where he wrote;

Am always a happy soul regardless of the things happening in my life.

Clearly, with a forgiving wife like Nimoh…who wouldn’t have a happy soul?