Top 7 Kenya’s most loved companies in 2018 – according to mSurvery

mSurvey is a platform that allow businesses to measure their Net Promoter Score (NPS) using SMS conversations with their customers.

mSurvey compiles a quarterly report on customer loyalty in Kenya which shows NPS scores by companies. Over 100 companies operating in Kenya are using the NPS score to have access to industry standards they can work towards or exceed.

A report by mSurvey for the first quarter of 2018 lists companies that are most loved by Kenyans based on customer loyalty.

NPS is the most recognized measure of customer loyalty, the score is based on the answers to the question. The survey covered different sectors including: energy, telecommunication, digital TV providers, banking, retail trade, insurance, and health facilities.

Co-op banks leads in banking

In banking, the Co-operative Bank of Kenya emerged as the leading financial institution in customer loyalty. Transaction fees, customer service and accessibility are some of the factors that made Co-op bank emerge with most loyal customers in the banking category.

In energy sector Total is has the most loyal customers, while in telecommunications Telkom Kenya carried the day. In TV and Cable services DSTV has the most loyal customers, Chandarana supermarket leads in retail, in insurance UAP Old Mutual has the most loyal customers while in health facilities sector Aga Khan hospital is the leader in customer loyalty.