Mzazi Willy Mtuva offers Magix Enga assistance

Media personality Willy M. Tuva recently moved many Kenyans with his compassionate gesture of extending a helping hand to music producer Magix Enga.

Taking to social media, the radio presenter shared heartwarming videos with Magix Enga and his family, expressing encouragement and support. In one video, he captioned, “No giving up, better days will come. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Magix Enga with their handsome baby boy Starboy Hotani.”

Tuva continued to share heartfelt messages of encouragement to Enga in his other posts. He wrote, “You may fail, you may fall, but as long as you decide to rise again, you can fly higher than ever before. Even if some people write you off, believe in God and in yourself, and stay close to people who encourage you. Change is not easy, but trust the process. We believe in you, Magix Enga. You can be better and greater. Give it time.”

“He has been through the worst, but he can become the best. He has been down, but we are lifting him. We learn from the mistakes we made in the past to become successful in the future. Change comes to those who choose to change. Magix will go through a process to bring out the best in him. No matter how long it takes, we trust the process because God is our guide. Brace yourself for the beat magician, a better and greater Magix Enga. I believe in him,” Tuva added in another caption.

This act of support comes after Magix Enga, who has collaborated with some of Kenya’s biggest artists, spoke about his joblessness in October and appealed to prominent figures, including the president, and his fans for support in securing stable employment. Enga had mentioned his struggles and claimed that artists had taken advantage of his work.

In a video shared by Willy M. Tuva, Magix Enga appeared happy and healthy, showcasing his fatherly instincts as he carried his adorable son. Kenyans were thrilled by this and left encouraging messages for Enga while applauding Tuva for his graceful act.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva opens up about rejection and betrayal from his first love (Video)

Love is a beautiful thing and Mambo Mseto East Africa’s presenter Willy M Tuva can tell you this for free. According to the guy – he first felt ‘love’ in class 7 after coming across a beauty identified as Saddah.

From how Mzazi Willy M Tuva describes her;  there’s no doubt that she was stunning something like Nurulain – an Angel that fell from heaven. For a class 7 boy or rather Child to see such beauty means that this was love/crush at first site.

Mzazi W

Having met during music festival for a poetic competition; Mzazi says that he made it his goal to bag this young lady despite his young age. However, having grown up in Lamu his task to win this young girl’s heart was not so easy.

This is because male and female children are prohibited from mixing following the Islamic teachings practiced in the coastal region; and despite being Christians who were born and brought up in Lamu – Mzazi could not escape from this culture practiced by their parents and ancestors.

The rejection

According to the radio presenter, Saddah was not an easy catch as she always played hard to get. This however never stopped him from chasing and wanting her to be his woman.

From class 7 to his high school days, Mzazi kept chasing the young lady; and somehow he managed to win her over. Probably because he proved himself by the consistent chase; love gestures (letters) and the fact that his eyes were only focused on Sadah.

To cut the long story short – Mzazi opened up to reveal that despite his efforts to study hard and settle down with Sadah; another man came into the picture and married the love of his life while he was in Campus for his media and communication studies.

According to Mzazi – losing his first love could have been contributed by Saddah’s  single mum; who probably wanted her daughter to settle down with a stable man (truck driver)  who would also provide for their family.

Radio Mogul, Mzazi Willy M Tuva

The lesson

As painful as it was for Mzazi to lose Saddah; the now family man says he got to learn the importance of patience, persistence and perseverance. For more details, watch the video below courtesy of his YouTube channel.