Nameless takes it down with Darassa in ‘PAH’

After a long while, Nameless is back with a new tune dubbed PAH.  The Kenyan king has teamed up with Tanzanian singer Darassa.

PAH comes a time when most thought the talented singer had taken a break from the music. It is a tune that has adapted the Kenyan and Tanzanian style of music.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless performs the song in his own style while Darassa goes for his sayings style. Also, PAH is a perfect example tune of Kenya meets Tanzania.

The highly hyped tune is very lit and am sure it will hit in the Kenyan airwaves for as long as it is nameless work.

PAH by Nameless and Darassa is a love song

To start with, we have to understand what this hit is all about. It is more of a love song that has been delivered in a very unique way.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

PAH has been Produced by Bern Mziki. The song narrates some of the things a guy is willing to do to this lady who has swept him off his feet.

Pah has been used symbolically to illustrate how the guy’s heartbeats every time he sees her.

“You make my heart go Pah! You make my heart go Pah! What a strong line in this jam.

Actually, the song is unique as Nameless and Darassa opted to use a male vixen giving PAH a strong lead.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless also takes the opportunity to introduce to his fans to his newly unveiled brand icon.

I would say that the song is relevant to today generation considering that it is well written. In addition, I will be right to say that nameless and Darassa demonstrated a very strong lyrical prowess.

As many would say, the video is very quality and Hascana does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Nameless and Darassa did a good job in PAH giving their fans something to smile for. Last but not least, PAH gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.