Pastor Gilbert Deya says women are weak: ‘They are weak vessels, the Bible says

Controversial Pastor Gilbert Deya is out of jail and some people are starting to feel like he should go back.

The pastor, who recently confessed that he has married a 26-year-old lady, shared that women are weak beings.

The pastor, who confessed that he cheated on his woman to avoid prostate cancer, said that he holds no hard feeling for his ex-wife who also cheated on him because he understands women are weak.

“It was five years and I could not stay alone. The immigration had separated us, there is good evidence that I was not with her in the same house and city. The conditions that separated us is that she also had a child out of wedlock,” Deya told TUKO.


Then he dropped the statement that for sure made feminists drop their phones in astonishment.

”I do not want to blame her on that, because she is a human being, I am a human being. But women are weak vessels, the Bible says so. They are people we need to control their minds and live with them as helpers,” he added. 

Watch the interview below:

82-year-old Pastor Deya on why he had to get another younger wife: Even if you are born again, your eyes are not 

It all started with a statement form ex-Kamiti inmate Pastor Gilbert Deya, who claimed that while abroad, he had to cheat on his wife to avoid prostrate cancer.

The pastor, who has been released from prison after an year, has been doing a lot of interviews here and there about his life and career.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, he shocked many by saying that he has a new woman who is 55 years younger than him. The guy is 82 years.

“I am engaged. Men struggle with the eyes, and even if you are born again, your eyes can never be born again.” said the pastor. 

“I decided to get another woman here in Kenya. It is important to get a woman and avoid lust of the flesh. Here in Kenya, women are like nuts, they are so many that the government has decided even having 50 of them is okay.” 

Never Single

The pastor, whose career has been nothing but full of controversies, went on to add that he likes younger women and needed one after his two wives left.

“I can never be single. I want to marry her because she is so young and the age gap is 50 years. She’s 27 and so beautiful. We met at a church in Nairobi. That is in the line of my liking. My ex-wife was the one that decided to divorce me, and I accepted her decision.” he said. 


“I went to the UK and left my wife here in Kenya, and I stayed there for 15 years. The first five years, I tried to bear with the situation, but because of the lust of the body, I took another woman. I told elders of the church, and even my ex-wife knew about it.

“After a while, the woman asked me not to come back to Kenya unless I married her. Later on, she accused me of rape.I came to Kenyan and was charged with child trafficking. While at Kamiti, the woman ran away.”

Controversial pastor Deya says Beyonce stole his song “When Jesus says yes”: I have written very good songs

Controversial pastor Gilbert Deya famously known for the miracle babies’ scandal has accused American singer Beyonce of stealing his song.

Deya, while speaking about his prowess as a writer, revealed that he has penned over 200 songs. He accused Beyonce of stealing his song “When Jesus say yes” that he did in the 90s.

Speaking during a Citizen TV interview, Deya revealed that he’s planning to take legal actions.

“I am an author and I have also written very good songs. If you go to YouTube you will see a song that Beyonce took called, When Jesus says yes. That is my song,” Deya said.

Actually, the person to be sued for “stealing” the song should be fellow Destiny’s child singer Michelle Williams who owns the song.

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland were just featured in the song released in 2017. Several other singers have also sampled or redone the song which is now common in many churches.