‘Stop behaving like superstars when you can’t even afford the daily needs’ Pendo’s Mzungu ex throws shade at her 

Socialite Pendo’s ex-fiance has once again taken a dig at her saying she needs to change her lifestyle in 2019 and stop living like she has a fat bank account.

Joseph Kner, who dumped the socialite just a few weeks after proposing, has attacked the socialite yet again this month for her fake lifestyle.

“It’s 2019 and some people still behave as 2018 and make the same mistakes. Stop behaving like superstars when you can’t even afford the daily needs in life which are normal,” he posted on Instagram. 

No superstar

The Norwegian asked her to stop lying to her fans by going to posh places for photos.

“Stop pretending and start being a do’er instead of hoping others to solve your problems. When i see what pretenders and wannabes trying to fool others with their photos taken in front of nice places and can’t afford even to be there on their own. What about being yourself and accepting you are no superstar?” he said. 

The post comes after Pendo and ex-lover Luwi Capello were stopped together, kissing. On New Years Eve 2018 at a party, the socialite surprised many after publicly exchanging passionate kisses and cuddling with ex Luwi Capello.

Pendo narrates why she is done dating Kenyan men, now this is mean!

Nairobi Diaries bad girl Pendo has opened up for the first time to talk about the worst sex experience she has ever come across in her entire life.

Speaking to Pulse, the lass revealed that she was disappointed by a potential boyfriend she had been crushing on for months, only to discover that all her excitement was for nothing as he proved to have zero skills in bed. She said,

“What is wrong with Kenyan men? I experienced bad sex from a potential boyfriend a while back after which I decided I will no longer date a Kenyan man,”


The lady however did not reveal his name or the year that this happened to her. But from how she sounds seems that it’s a memory she will never forget. She went on to add that,

“Do you know how it feels for a girl to have so much an expectation then what comes out of it is zero? I asked him to stop midway, rose up and walked away never to look back again.
I blocked his phone and well, he made me hate all Kenyan men, in that line,”

Well…I am not quite sure why her bad experience has to involve all Kenyan men (Isn’t she dating Luwi, who a Kenyan/Tanzanian man?) but I guess that is just her opinion.