Savage! Pendo finds new love, dumps Luwi shortly after his road accident

No one can confirm whether Luwi and Pendo dated for real, but their agreement/relationship on Nairobi Diaries is over! A few weeks ago Pendo was spotted with a new man and judging from her body language the two were more than just friends.

The actress went on to share a photo flaunting his and her’s rolex watches and from the guy’s hand it was clear to see that was not Luwi’s skintone. Anyway it is now official that their staged relationship has come to an end since Pendo has found true love.

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Lately the lady shares lovey dovy quotes to show the world how happy she is. Well, I bet this is why she has lately toned down on fighting other women on the show. In a recent post she wrote saying;

Pendo dumps Luwi

Well, to Pendo cheating on Luwi was not a big deal judging from her ND confession. Whether scripted or not, this was definitely aimed to ending the relationship without thinking twice.