Miracle Baby’s Wife Carol Katrue Explains How They Spent Money Donated To Them

Carol Katrue, wife of musician Peter Miracle Baby, has defended their use of funds donated by President William Ruto. Her comments come after criticism from artist KRG the Don, who accused the couple of lacking gratitude and manipulating public generosity.

Katrue says she actively requested help from the President and used the Sh300,000 received to cover essential expenses, including rent, while Miracle Baby was unable to work. She emphasizes using the money responsibly and questions why KRG is scrutinizing its allocation.

Breakdown of Expenses

  • Rent: A portion of the funds went towards covering rent for their residence.
  • Journalists’ Fees: Sh10,000 was reportedly used to compensate journalists who documented the event.

Outstanding Needs

Despite the presidential aid, challenges remain. Content creator Bernice Saroni recently highlighted the lack of an ostomy bag – a medical necessity for Miracle Baby – due to financial constraints.

This situation underscores the ongoing struggle faced by Miracle Baby and his family despite receiving financial support.

Sailor’s Miracle baby flaunts huge mansion he is building for his parents (Photo)

Peter aka Miracle baby has been making headlines for the past few days thanks to his recent post where he rant out at fans for asking about Sailors whereabouts.

Judging from his post it’s evident to see that both him and members of Sailors band not only feel used; but betrayed by the same industry and people that kept hyping them from the start.

Miracle baby

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However after their nasty split with Mwalimu Rachel, it only took a few months before the boys music career went under, like seriously drown; and now it appears that they continue to blame their former manager for their current state.

Moving on

Away from that, back when Sailors was making headlines, booking shows all over Kenya and shining like the stars they are; turns out Peter Miracle baby was handling his financials the right way.

He confirmed this by unveiling a photo of the mansion he claims to be building his parents. Yes, from early 2017 to 2019’ish Miracle baby put aside enough money that enabled him to build a home for his aged parents.

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Speaking about this with Mpasho, Miracle baby said;

  I have built for my parents and they are currently not paying rent. I bought land in Membley, with the money I got from music. They are my second God. This was my main project in 2021. I will be officially opening it in a few months.

And below is a photo of the said home courtesy of Mpasho.

Miracle Baby finally addresses Illuminati claims

Sailors Gang’s Miracle Baby has come clean on reports that he is a member of Illuminati.

The popular Gengetone artist was suspected to have gotten to where he is through Freemasonry which he allegedly uses to finance his lifestyle.

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Not once, not twice have fans been suspicious of his kind of fame and what got him there. Reports he has finally come out to address after it became too much.

Cult member?

Through his Instagram, the kid shared a screenshot of his private chat with a close friend who needed connections to join the popular cult.

Sailors Gang’s Miracle Baby

“Hello brother Peter, I really need your help how can I join 666?” read the message.

Not sure what the unidentified sender meant, Peter asked him what that meant only to be told “Illuminati, ju I wanna be like you”.

According to the sender, they had had enough of suffering and struggling with poverty but since they know Miracle Baby is part of the cult, then they hoped that he would help them join in.

Peter Miracle Baby addresses Illuminati claims

Miracle Baby, admitted: “Nimeulizwa hii swali a countless times????????‍♂️”.

Before clarifying that nothing but God has been his source of light and breakthrough in his music career and life.

“Am not in any cult ni kazi ya God na Prayers???????? nothing more or less, he assured fans.

Peter Miracle Baby

This comes barely days after the Gengetone artist narrated his dark past, days when he worked as a mortuary attendant to put food on the table.

Further disclosing strange details of how a stranger left a child in a basin outside his door, never to be seen again but he instead took them in as his own.

Miracle baby is now a proud father of 5 (4 his biological children and 1 adopted).

Miracle Baby introduces new gorgeous girlfriend to fans (Photo)

Sailors Gang’s Miracle Baby has taken fans by surprise after parading a love struck video of him with his new light-skin babe, rumored to be his girlfriend.

This comes barely 5 months after the gengetone artist was allegedly swinging both ways, romantically linked to both men and women.

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Miracle Baby also narrated how he once dated a female cop that didn’t end well. The kid recalled how his KDF girlfriend was ever demanding, before breaking up and he ended up becoming a snitch.

New kid on the block

However, it now looks like all hope is not lost when it comes to love, after the popular artist bagged himself a young, pretty damsel by the names Aysha Misir.

Sailors Gang’s Miracle Baby

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This is after the kid sweetly marked Woman Crush Wednesday with an adorable clip of his gorgeous girlfriend gently brushing through his locs.

“Wendo???? Wednesday,” read his caption. As his ravishing baby girl replied: “Love you baby ❤️”


An enviable video of the two together that left fans on the comment section, wishing the two nothing but good times and endless love.

While some could not help but drool over the piece of gem the lucky guy had bagged himself. The mtaachana tu crew did not miss the occasion.

Remember, not so long ago was the kid spotted getting cozy with an unidentified lady who many labelled handsome because of her strange looks. Have a look at the comment section:

Miracle Baby and new girlfriend gush over each other

“Dem wako ni mhandsome,” fans mock Miracle Baby after getting cozy with lady (Video)

Peter Miracle Baby, who is one fifth of Wamlambez hitmakers Sailors Gang, recently caused an online stir after he posted a video that showed him getting cozy with an unidentified lady.

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In the video, the Miracle Baby and the lass are seen holding each other while listening to one of Samidoh’s jams. At some point, it seemed like he wanted to plant a kiss on her.

Miracle Baby

The way the were so comfortable around each other led most of Miracle Baby’s fans to conclude that they are dating, others took a swipe at the lady claiming that she is not appealing to the eye.

One of his fans did not mince his words and told him that the lady in question is handsome which can be interpreted as she is not beautiful but then again, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, doesn’t it?

Here is the video:


“Mkiendelea hivi mtanyonyana juu ya trending!” DJ Shiti blasts Exray and Peter Miracle baby

Comedian DJ Shiti is getting tired of the ongoing beef and for some reason, he believes these boys are using the wrong PR to publicize whatever it is they are working on.

This comes after almost 2 weeks of Exray and Peter Miracle baby calling out each other on social media. The two Gengetone artists have exaggerated the beef to a point of washing their dirty linen in public.

Peter Miracle baby was the first one to claim that Exray was poor in bed; adding that his woman (Exray’s) needed other men to get satisfied in bed. His statement not only gave fans a reason to talk, but painted Exray in a different way many women did not expect.

Exray hits back

Anyway, hitting back at the shameful comment, Boondocks lead artist now claims that Peter Miracle is guy. This was seen on the fellas page where he embarrassed his former friend; portraying him differently from the person we are used to.

This time around even fans agreed that Exray went too far with his words. Now that the video clip is making rounds on social media; he will be able to take back everything he said.

Miracle baby on the other hand has not replied to the accusations which also leaves us wondering whether he is afraid of the threat or what?

DJ Shiti intervenes

In the comment section DJ Shiti left a comment telling the boys to be careful since the jokes no longer seem funny. He went on to write saying;

Haki mko na stunt mbaya mbaya zakuitana mpaka Twinsim….but Toeni tu good music….mkiendelea hivi mtanyonyana juu ya trending

At the moment we can’t tell whether this a publicity stunt or real beef; but chances are that their managers now need to sit the two down before they ruin their brand.

Boondocks Gang drops new hit titled ‘Kawazim’ alongside Sailors and Magix Enga (Video)

One of the collabos that many people, including yours truly, have really been looking forward to since the Gengetone sound emerged is between Sailors Gang and Boondocks Gang.

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We’ve longed for the day when the two groups which have been instrumental in pushing the new Kenyan sound will come together on one song and after what seemed like a never-ending wait, that that day is finally here.

Sailors Gang

A few days ago, Boondocks Gang released a track dubbed Kawazim in which they have featured Sailors Gang and the award-winning producer Magix Enga and it’s getting a lot of love from their fans.

This jam is impeccable. As you listen to it, you get to appreciate the sheer creativity of these youngsters as well as the evolution of the Kenyan sound.

Although all the artists on this jam had some dope verses, if I was asked to pick one who I think really aced it then I’d go for Magix Enga. He has a good flow s much so that I kept rewinding his part.

Boondocks Gang
Boondocks Gang

Other than him, I was also impressed by Miracle Baby and of course Odi Wa Murang’a. I am not saying the rest were whack, it’s just that I resonated with the three aforementioned artists.

The beat on this jam is also infectious. Anyway, I was not expecting anything less seeing as it was produced by Magix Enga himself. Believe you me, you can’t resist the urge to dance as you listen to track.

Listen to Kawazim below and tell us what you think.

Sailors Gang release highly-anticipated collabo with Nadia Mukami titled ‘Ni Tekenye’ (Video)

The much-anticipated collabo between Sailors Gang and sensational songstress Nadia Mukami is finally out and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam titled Ni Tekenya has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and by the look of things it is going to be one of the biggest songs in 2020. Do you want to bet?

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

When I first heard that Sailors Gang and Nadia Mukami were in studio, I was really pessimistic. Actually, I was a bit worried because I thought it would be risqué.

I was mostly scared for Nadia because unlike Sailors Gang, she has gained a legion of followers because of her ‘clean’ songs, the kind that you can listen to even when an elderly person is around.

When Ni Tekenye finally came out on Tuesday, I was really impressed. I love the fact that it’s not only ‘clean’ but also a love ballad of sorts. Who thought we would ever see this day?

This jam is so infectious. Once you start listening to it, you’ll keep hitting the replay button until kingdom come. All I am saying that it’s really catchy.

Sailors Gang

Sailors Gang members i.e. Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Lexxy Yung, Qoqosjuma and Masilver did a good job. They might have just proven that Gengetone is here to stay.

Other than the gibberish that Miracle Baby says in the hook, I loved Masilver’s verse in this track followed closely by that of Shalkido. But hey, who is ranking them? Not me.

As expected, Nadia Mukami really came through on this jam. She spiced it up with her beautiful voice and sexy dance moves because let’s be honest, who does not want to see the Si Rahisi hitmaker dancing by the beach?

The beat – which was produced by the legendary Vicky Pon Dis, is also on point. It puts you in a party mood from the moment you hit the play button.

The video is so dope. Apart from the beautiful shots, I was also impressed by the styling, flawless scene transitioning and of course the sexy video vixens. Props to Kevin Provoke.

Watch Ni Tekenye below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!