Pendo serves fans with fresh love ballad ‘Piece Of My Heart’ (Video)

Kenyan socialite and singer Stacey Brown, alias Pendo, has released a new track and it’s getting a lot of love from her fans.

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The song titled Piece Of My Heart proves that you should not judge a book because it proves that Pendo is a talented songwriter and to add to that, she is also an amazing musician.


This track is well arranged and it sounds very pleasant to the ears thanks to Pendo’s beautiful voice. If you have been looking for as song to dedicate to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, then look no further.

As you listen to this song, you get to connect with Pendo on a more personal level and believe you me, this is the kind of song that will give you the courage to pour out your heart to your ex or that guy/girl that you’ve been eyeing.

If you ask me, Pendo would be so far right now if she decided to quit everything and focus on building her career as a musician. The only thing that is lacking is consistency because she is mad talented.


I love the instrumentation on this jam, it’s mellow but still lively and if you are the lovey dovey kind I’m sure you will have this song on your play list for many weeks, perhaps even months.

The video is dope. I love the up close shots as well as the flawless video transitioning. They were brilliantly done and this doesn’t really come as a surprise seeing as it was directed by the one and only Moses Osidiana.

Watch Piece Of My Heart below and tell s what you think.