Did you know Pierra Makena learnt that her baby daddy was engaged to another woman when she was 2 weeks pregnant? (Details)

Pierra Makena has not had it easy especially after realizing she got pregnant for a man who was engaged to another woman.

Speaking to True Love Magazine interview, Pierra for the first time opened up about her baby daddy who she broke up with two weeks before learning she was pregnant with his baby.

The popular female DJ talked about some of the things she faced while pregnant and judging from what she said I am convinced that she is the definition of a strong woman.

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During the interview Pierra said it took her a while to inform her baby daddy that she had one on the way,  simply because she was not really sure whether she needed him in her daughter’s life.

However, after speaking to her mother (Ricca’s grandmother) she had no choice but to let him know about her pregnancy.

She however made it clear to the fella that he did not have to be involved in their child’s life but he insisted on meeting to talk about the issue and just like any unreliable man he did not make time to see her while she was pregnant this is because he was engaged to another lady…something that she did not see coming.

“And even though he mentioned that we should at least meet and talk about it, he never made the effort to reach out again. I found at later is because he was getting married.”

Pierra went on to add that he resurfaced after Ricca Pokot was born where he said that he would take responsibility and support the baby girl…Pierra could not say no to this since he had every right to support his child and therefore she gave him the chance to prove what he wanted to be to his daughter… a father or a dad, which he yet to decide.

She however made it through despite needing him when her pregnancy was young.

Pierra Makena finally shows off her daughter’s face for the first time..trust me she’s the prettiest child you’ll see today(photos)

Yesterday was Pierra makena’s birthday and she wanted to do things a little differently.

While most people want to receive during this special day, she in turn wanted to give; to the world and all her fans a very special treat and that’s finally unveiling her daughter’s face.

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Ever since she was born about an year ago, Pierra Makena has always hidden her face from the world and yesterday she left was the right time to finally showcase her bundle of joy which to her has been the biggest gift she has ever received.

And she has a message too, to celebrate this special occasion;

“I have always bought myself a gift for my birthday. .I have received many.. but none can compare to this gift of my baby girl.. the love is real and she has brought true joy into my life..


#mumsworld” She wrote on instagram.

Check out photos of Ricca:

Pierra makena

Pierra Makena

Pierra Makena