Pierra Makena takes fans by surprise after parading her swollen face in new photo

DJ Pierra Makena has been on a busy schedule since welcoming her daughter 4 years ago. Lately the mother of 1 is all about her work and baby but thanks to her social we also get to keep up with her.

Anyway just a few days ago Pierra went on to share new photo showing off her face but what caught most people’s attention is the fact that it was swollen. So is everything okay? Was she involved in a fight?

Well turns out that none of the above happened as her swollen face was caused by a toothache.

Pierra’s swollen face causes a stir on social media 

According to the female DJ, she had opted to withstand the stand the pain due to her phobia for dentists; but realizing the situation wasn’t getting any better, she took her to the nearest one.

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Through her Instagram page the lady went on to explain saying;

TOOTHACHE!!! Uoga wa dentist umenifikisha hapa! I can’t……Oh btw im okay tusi panic. @official_clarett_lounge thankyou so much for the soup!!!!!!????????????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

Fans troll Pierra Makena

Apart from feeling sorry for this super mum, a few characters in the comment section couldn’t help but make fun of her situation.

However time and time again the lady continues to prove to many that she is indeed a super woman!

We have watched her take care of herself through an entire pregnancy; knowing very well that the person responsible had moved on with somebody else!

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DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter, Ricca

She then gave birth and according her has been raising her daughter all alone and judging from how happy Ricca appears; let’s just say it worth it all!