‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hitmaker reveals how fame and money pushed him to his downfall

They say pride comes before a fall and this is something many celebrities have experienced; and luckily for the few who learnt their mistakes in time were able to change.

Singer Pitson counts himself lucky for the far he has come; which he revealed while speaking to KenyanVibe on a recent interview. According to Pitson the celebrity life at some point got into his head; and before he knew it, his pride was already on another level changing the person he once was.

For the first time, Pitson went on to admit that the easy money he made from his talent pushed him to a more expensive lifestyle; which clouded his mind to a point of destroying his own family. The fella went on to open up saying;

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When I was working in the bank, getting KES. 250K in one sitting would have meant taking a loan. After releasing “Lingala ya Yesu” that was money I could easily make in one weekend. But I had not learnt the art of spending money wisely or building wealth. That season nearly destroyed me for 3 reasons:


Apart from changing his lifestyle Pitson says that his busy schedule could not allow him to spend time with his family; as he hopped from one plane to another in search of more money and of course being a popular artist, you can imagine the hustle.

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Speaking about some of the mistakes he regrets making in his life; Pitson went on to say;

1. Lifestyle – Now I could afford to go to expensive barbershops or parlors if you will. A single session would cost close to KES. 5,000.

2. Busy schedule – Sometimes, I would perform in 3 keshas in one night. Other times I would be hopping from one plane to another barely catching my breath. This meant that I was pouring myself out but had little to no time to refill. That is how burnout starts.

3. Pride – There was a time in my life where I felt I was too good and people should recognize the fact. I brought that stardom attitude to my own home. God took me through a tough season to bring me back to the place of humility
I’ve learnt to cut down on meet-ups that don’t add value to my life.

Although he may be back to starting from zero, Pitson is grateful to have learnt the art of humility. In conclusion the singer went on to add;

God has used different situations to bring me to humility. Part of the humility process was the birthing of the Pitson Pen and Paper idea. He told me I was going to pen down hits which I would get little credit for.

Source: Kenyanvibe

Pitson teams up with Evelyn Wanjiru and Chris Adwar on ‘Pamoja Tutashinda’ (Video)

In the wake of the Corona virus that has resulted in 25,000 deaths worldwide, Pitson, Ray Gee, Chris Adwar, Evelyn Wanjiru, Chuchu, Zach Amunga and Christine Wambui have released a song to sensitize the public about the virus.

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In the song dubbed Pamoja Tutashinda, which loosely translates to ‘we’ll win together, the musicians appeal to their fans to follow the directives that have been placed by the government to ensure that they don’t contract the virus.

Evelyn Wanjiru
Evelyn Wanjiru

Some of the measures include; washing hands regularly, working from home and avoiding social gatherings, wearing a mask, and seeking medical help when you have Corona virus symptoms.

In Pamoja Tutashinda, the singers say that they are confident that God will help us overcome the deadly disease that kills within few days and we should take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and those around us.

They go on to say that though we can’t see each other as  much as we want, we’re all in this together and we’ll emerge victorious if we are united in this fight.

Chris Adwar

I absolutely love this jam. Other than the powerful message that it carries, I am sure that after listening to it, you will agree with me that it’s such a beautiful composition.

The singers who were featured on Pamoja Tutashinda are some of the best vocalists that we have in Kenya and they really brought their A-game.

They put their amazing voices to good use by highlighting the seriousness of the virus so that people who can’t listen to the government for one reason or the other can at least listen to them.

I also loved the instrumentation on this song. Other than the fact that it makes it catchy, they also blend well with the vibe and tempo of the artists. I was impressed by the video, although the concept is simple, the execution is so dope.

Watch Pamoja Tutashinda below and tell us what you think.

Moji Short Baba Vs Guardian Angel Vs Pitson: Who is the best gospel songwriter?

The gospel industry has many talented artists, ther’s no deny that. This easily evidenced by the numerous gospel hits that we are trated to every now and then.

Apart from having talented gospel singers, Kenya also has talented songwriters i.e. people who can write a song that you will feel is speaking to you the fist time you listen to it.

Of the many songwriters, I singled out three because I’d like to know from you who is the best of the best.

The three artists that I picked are; Moji Short Baba, Guardian Angel and Pitson.

I agree that it’s not really a competition. Look at it like this, if you were stuck in a room and you had to listen to one of them for the whole  day, who would you pick?

Moji Short Baba

He’s among the most sought-after gospel songwriters. Apart from writing his own songs, Moji was the brains behind most of DK Kwenye Beat’s songs in the last one year, including Kijana Wa KayoleKwa Yesu Sawa. 

He also wrote Kumbe Kumbe by Bahati and Mr. Seed.

Guardian Angel

He mostly writes his songs but as you listen you can tell that he put a lot of work into them.


He wrote Daddy Owen’s Vanity, Size 8’s Afadhali Yesu and Pale Pale, Makena’s Narudi, Laura Karwirwa’s Ni Neema Yako, among others.

So, tell us, who do you think is the best songwriter?

Kambua is back with a new song dubbed Njoo

Kambua is back with a new song titled Njoo. Njoo means come. The Queen of gospel music is calling us back to God. It is a good thing that the gospel industry is being revived. Njoo is a song that calls every believer to get back to their 1st love- the love of Christ. There’s grace for, and in every situation.  The audio was done by Teddy B.

Kambua insists that the preaching will go on in buses, on social media accounts and through songs. She has released the song after she got a new role at Royal media services. She will be hosting Rauka Sunday morning show after former host Enid Moraa made a quit. Kambua has proved that she is still in the industry even with the controversies about her.

The audio is so clear and well thought of. The choice of words are so encouraging and this is not just singing but the emotions bring the mood of the song Njoo. The quality of the video is also good and attractive. This is a great talent here. Also the church background in the video brings out the  theme of the song. Kenyan production is really improving and this song just affirms to that.

This song shows a resilient Kambua who is not going to give up on the gospel. In the first verse; “Nyimbo nyingi nimeimba lakini hamkuskia, nitaziimba tena. Kwa mtandao nimeandika lakini hamkusoma, nitaandika tena. Kwa basi mmehubiriwa, kwa soko mmehubiriwa, mtatuona tena. Tuliambiwa ni kelele. Tunakatiza sherehe, mtatatuona tena aah.”  Isn’t this what we do? This verse simply talks of the rejection faced by those preaching the word of God.

“Njoo oh ooh anakuita tena tena. Njoo ooh ooh ooh anakuita tena tena tena. Tena tena, tena.” There repetition in the chorus which emphasizes on the title of the song Njoo.

Kambua is a great artist and I hope that she will be releasing more song. I give the song a rating of 9/10.


Below is a link to the video.

Kenyan gospel musicians who rarely write their songs and what it means

Songwriting is a practice that exists all over the world. It has been around for ages. Some of the greatest musicians of all time, including Michael Jackson, had songwriters. It’s a career as any so there’s nothing wrong with it.

I, however, have some concerns about songwriting in the gospel industry, especially in Kenya. I’m of the opinion that this practice should not exist and I’ll try my best to explain why.

You see, some of the biggest gospel musicians in our country rarely write their songs, they might have the mellowest voices around but they can’t pen down a song or hardly do so.

Mercy Masika’s Mwema and Nikupendeze were written by Mr. Vee, Shule Yako was written by Pitson.


Moji Short Baba was the brains behind most of DK Kwenye Beat’s songs in the last one year, including Kijana Wa Kayole, Kwa Yesu Sawa. He also wrote Kumbe Kumbe by Bahati and Mr. Seed.

A chap known as Godson Jawabu wrote DK Kwenye Beat’s Asusu and Sari Sari.

Pitson also wrote Daddy Owen’s Vanity, Size 8’s Afadhali Yesu and Pale Pale, Makena’s Narudi, Laura Karwirwa’s Ni Neema Yako, among others.

These are just a few examples. They paint a picture of what the local gospel industry has become – a money making venture.

Do you feel a little bit disappointed when you discover that your favourite gospel was not written by the person who sang it? Of course yes.

The notion behind religion is that the man above should use you as a vessel to pass the message of salvation to others. So, what happens when you bought the ‘message’ from another person? Are you a vessel?

On the other hand, assuming the songwriters don’t do it for free, which is pretty obvious, does it mean that they are selling the gospel?

This article was not meant to ridicule any gospel singer, its purpose is to provoke a discussion. What do you think about all this? Leave a comment below.

“I wrote new song and she only took 2 days to master it” Pitson speaks of Gracious Amani – girl who make headlines with rendition of Alicia Keys’ song

Gracious Amani shot to fame after her rendition of Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ caught the attention of the American songbird herself.

Gracious Amani has since released her own song ‘Sitasahau’, the song was uploaded on YouTube about a week ago and it has already garnered over 80,000 views.

She’s awesome

Gospel singer Peterson Githinji aka Pitson has spoken highly of Gracious Amani’s talent. The singer is amazed by the young girl’s ability to master songs.

In an interview with Word Is, Pitson reveals that he wrote Amani G’s new song ‘Sitasahau’ and that she only took two days to master it.

“That girl is awesome and talented, and I know she is going far. I wrote that song and she only took two days to master it. I am going to write more songs for her then later, I will do a collaboration with her. I do not want her to join this current culture of doing music without content,” said Pitson.






Pitson acquires new Range Rover (Photos)

Gospel singer/songwriter Pitson has joined the list of celebrities who own top of the class Range Rovers. The British machine has become a symbol of status, owning it proves one is living life in the fast lane.

Pitson caused a stir on social media over the past weekend when he shared a photo of a maroon Range Rover. The ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hit maker didn’t brag about buying the SUV but the customized plate proved the British machine was indeed his.


The maroon Range Rover had a customized plate written ‘LeGrand’ – Pitson’s other alias. The gospel singer simply thanked God on the caption of the photo of Range Rover he posted online.

Pitson points at the Range Rover's customized plate which bares his other alias 'LeGrand'.
Pitson points at the Range Rover’s customized plate which bares his other alias ‘LeGrand’.

“God is good,” Pitson captioned the photo.

Pitson joins DJ Mo who is the other gospel celebrity who owns a Range Rover.



‘Lingala ya yesu’ hit maker and wife welcome baby number two in style! (Photos)

Pitson is now a father of two judging from his recent posts on Instagram. The gospel singer announced the good news just recently after unveiling baby bump photos with his wife before baby Taji arrived!

Having made it in the music industry, Pitson is now among the most successful artists in the gospel industry. His Lingala ya Yesu hit song saw him walk away with awards like never seen before!

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Anyway apart from his busy career, he also happens to be a family man who is quite attached to his wife, daughter and new born baby.

Pitson’s wife and new born baby

For the newest member of his family, Pitson made sure to plan a warm welcoming ‘party’ as seen on the photos. Baby Taji was received by her grandparents and friends who availed themselves at her home soon after arriving.

Check out the photos below: