Simple boy should avoid Pritty Vishy like a plague – she’s a bully

Pritty Vishy isn’t planning on letting Simple Boy breathe even after he left her a few months back. We say this because – right before the holidays, Vishy released a new song dedicated to her ex man – Simple Boy and judging from the lyrics….Vishy will never respect Stevo Simple Boy even if he was the last man on earth.

Yes, you see for a relationship to survive – there must be love, trust and above all respect – something Vishy will never know about, that is judging from how she talks about Simple Boy.

Actually listening to her new song dedicated to Simple Boy proves that Pritty Vishy has been the problem in her own relatinships; because for some reason anataka kukalia wababa wake sana….and luckily for our boy Stevo, he dodged that bullet right on time.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Pritty Vishy needs to calm down

For that reason, we now have every right to advise Simple Boy on the importance of avoiding such a woman in his life, because clearly this one has enough daddy issues showing from how she treats her men.

And with how humble Stevo is, having him in a relationship with Vishy will not just make him a weaker man but an unhappy one. Well, chances are that he either looks for a kienyeji or stays celibate for the rest of his life….because clearly, Pritty Vishy isn’t what he wants for a wife.

Pritty Vishy Should Accept Simple Boy Is No Longer Interested In Her

Going back to your ex-lover is something that not most people fancy; especially when the break-up was a nasty one. There are so many pros and cons when it comes to relationships. Some end up being genuine spouses while others will just entice you and before you know it, they give you a hefty character development.

Anyway, it’s something that most people have experienced. Renowned ex-lovers Stevo Simple Boy & Pritty Vishy were previously seen as a perfect match for each other. But their love tumbled after a short period of time.

There’s no debate that Pritty Vishy gained from the break-up. She gained recognition, she gained fame; and most of all, money.

Clout For Fame

After their fall-out, Pritty Vishy has been using several means to stay relevant and gain more popularity. Recently, she claimed that Stevo should admit she was the only woman who ‘did him justice’- insinuating that she’s the perfect match for him.

”He be like simfuatilii sana, kubali am the only woman that did you justice bro,”she wrote.

She continued to purport that Stevo is struggling to move on, unlike her. But to put things to perspective, Stevo is in no manner showing interest in her. As a matter of fact, he’s focusing more on making music rather than entertaining the theatrics of Pritty Vishy. So who hasn’t really moved on?

“I will stop supporting him!” Pritty cries after ex Stivo Simple outed information about their $ex life

Well looks like we will have to continue discussing Stivo Simple boy and his ex girlfriend, Pritty Vishy.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

However despite all the attention they’re getting, seems like only one party is benefiting leaving the other embarrassed and feeling played. This has been confirmed by Pritty who has opened up about hurt feelings following ugly trolls from both her fans and those supporting her ex, Stivo Simple.

Her cry comes just a few hours after Stivo alleged to have dumped her for trying to ‘force‘ him to get intimate with her. Wrong move.

With such information the freshi baridi hitmaker openly handed his ex to social media scavengers who had been looking for a reason to pick on Pritty.

Pritty fed up

With Stivo claiming he walked out because Pritty was pushing for sex – the lady has been dealing with nasty trolls from fans and now she says she’s hurt.


In a post shared on her page, the lady wrote:

Now am in pain but at the same time am happy Because after all I just know I gat me no one else Does….Kenyans forget so fast how at first they used to say how bold and brave I am..for standing strong then now am the bad one…all the trolls on me with no one to express how bad I feel every time it hurts yes you all think its clout which is a good thing….

Again let’s not forget that the new management has Stivo acting like the a boy. It started with him dumping Pritty for his Mombasa based girlfriend and now, he is trash talking about his ex forcing intimacy.

For this reason, Pritty went on to say;

I will stop supporting him if this is how it goes …I put him in the right hands where he is safe and I appreciate my self for that…IN DEED AM STRONG AND AM NOT STRONG ????????

‘Nah let go?’ Stivo Simple Boy spotted partying with ex Pritty Vishy weeks after ugly split

Stivo Simple Boy’s new management is working overtime to make the freshi baridi hitmaker a star. Well, he may have already earned that title but honestly – his previous handlers didn’t treat him like they should have.

However thanks to his new team, we understand that Stivo has lately been making news on almost all tabloids and for the first time – he is making club appearances. His first club appearance happened this past weekend at the Loft Lounge, attracting a huge crowd – something many didn’t expect.

Stivo Simple Boy´s friend´s arrest brings new developments

Speaking about this, the freshi baridi hitmaker said;

  It’s been a while since I performed but today I said let me perform so that I can make my fans happy na Mambo ikuwe freshi Barida. This is my first show this year.

Clubbing with ex

Among those in attendance for his first 2022 show is ex Pritty Vishy who stepped out looking like a slay queen in her tight short outfit.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Of course her presence at the club raised a few eyebrows considering how their breakup went down a few weeks ago. Judging from how supportive she looked, let me just say – one wouldn’t think she’d just been betrayed by the same guy she’s rooting for.

Anyway when asked why his ex was present – Stivo made it known that they only link up for money and nothing more. To him, she’s just a friend or rather colleague he’s making money with since fans approve they make a good team.

Like I said in previous interview, Purity and I only talk business, there is no love involved. Hata hiyo Sh2 million ya dowry hiyo tayari imeenda kwa mwingine na hivi karibuni mtamuona.

Pritty Vishy reveals how she became famous overnight

With Stivo simple boy making headlines with his Freshi baridi slogan, his ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy on the other hand is also trying to make a living with her new found fame.

So far we believe that she’s working with a certain online shop dealing with women’s clothings – and having market the items for them has also given her more exposure.

However before the fame and money – Pritty Vishy says she was just another ordinary girl who was still in school. She revealed this in a post aimed at explaining how she became a celebrity overnight.

Thanks Mungai Eve for discovering her

Well according to her, she owes her current celebrity status to Mungai Eve who was the first ‘journalist’ to reach out to her. In a detailed post Pritty wrote;

This was my first day when I met @mungai_eve that day I was in school infact in class when she texted me..yes I had my katululu in class ????and that day I refused to go for kiswahili lesson k was the terrorist of the scholl????????when I saw her txt and missed call I didn’t believe so I decided to reverse call????when it rang nikakata na skanikol back ..she wanted an interview ????hereh I won’t lie IT WAS A DREAM COME I snickrd out of the school to go and meet her????????bt it was worthy ????????????kenye iligappen the next day shule ????????nitawasho????????badae

Okay, I know it’ll take y’all a minute to understand her post – but from what I’m getting is that Mungai Eve reached out to her while she (Pritty) was in class for a Swahili lesson.

This is how she landed her first interview and was introduced to social media as Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend. Not sure whether at that time she was done with high school (since she mentioned something about a Swahili lesson) – but chances are that she could have been a high school student.