The real reason why Redsan has never worked with fellow dancehall artist Wyre

Dancehall artists Redsan and Wyre have been in the industry for almost 22 years now but have never worked together.

The two have always been perceived as the kings of dancehall not only in Kenya but in Africa as a whole. Redsan recently opened up on why he has never worked with the singer denying that there’s bad blood between them.

“I never foresaw Wyre being a dancehall artiste, having known him since he was a producer with Tedd Josiah. I respect him for his contribution to the dancehall genre. When he came in, I was already breaking out internationally, so there is a plan that both managements want to execute that can’t be interfered with.” he said.


Redsan went on to say that they are friends and the reason why they have never really worked together is because their management teams have always wanted to understand the returns of the projects first before moving forward.

“Management want to know how we’ll do it, the revenue streams and distribution platforms. Projects (albums) sell more than singles and you don’t have to go through third parties to get revenue. We’re friends, though.” he said. 


Dancehall artist Redsan shares a never seen before photo of his son, meet the handsome boy!

There is no doubt that Redsan is the king of dancehall music in Kenya. He however likes to keep his life on the low to avoid people meddling in his business – an art most celebrities in the country have mastered.

However, not everybody knows that he is married to Delilah, a renowned model who also happens to be the mother of his kid(s).

Anyway, just recently the artist shared a photo hanging out with his adorable son then later pulled down the photo but luckily I managed to get a screenshot making rounds on social media.

Looking at the photo there is no doubt that the small boy took after his dad’s handsome looks. He is one handsome boy who is probably 4 or 5 years now. This was however the first time the fella shared his baby’s photo introducing him to his online family.

Below is the photo of Redsan and son.