“I slid in her DM” Pastor reveals how he managed to woo Rev Lucy Natasha

So are you the type that blue ticks or leaves people on your DM on read? If you are, then guess what – you might just be ignoring your future husband or wife; and it’s probably time to start responding. Asking why?

Well turns out that this is how Rev Lucy Natasha managed to get herself a future husband after pastor Stanley Carmel slid in her DM to catch up on a sermon they had both preached on.

This was revealed by Carmel himself in the new engagement video shared by Natasha on her social media pages.

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According to pastor Carmel, both him and Natasha had coincidentally preached on a topic dubbed ‘Royal Wedding;’ but at the time, they never knew each. However one church member who is a friend to Carmel approached him with a clip of Natasha preaching on the same topic; and boy was it like something out of the a romantic movie. He said;

After my preaching, the wife of that film director came to me and showed me a clip which was 4 minutes and 13 seconds, then she said to me, ‘last night, I was listening to the same preaching from a lady preacher from Kenya and she was preaching about a royal wedding

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Down in the DM

Having been impressed by Natasha’s way of preaching, Carmel says the feeling felt like a spark which pushed him to DM her on social media; and since 2017, life for them has been more like a fairytale. He went on to add;

I felt the spark immediately. I said, ‘I need to connect’. I slid into her DM. It was not easy but finally, after many many tries…it is very hard to get the heart of a queen, we met for a kingdom assignment in the USA and the rest is history.

And just like that, they both fell in love and could be planning their royal wedding that is judging from their engagement photoshoot that went down this weekend.

Machoos! Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko reacts to news of his favorite pastress getting engaged

Reverend Lucy Natasha is officially off the market after her Asian boyfriend recently proposed to her. Having said yes shows that indeed Reverend is now ready to settle down as someone’s wife; and hopefully will graduate into motherhood as soon as possible – because clearly time isn’t waiting for nobody.

Rev Natasha with fiancé

Anyway to announce the good news through her social media pages, Ms Lucy Natasha shared some beautiful photos together with her Asian fiancé; leaving many impressed and some nursing their bruised feelings now that she finally picked a man to settle down with.

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Among the hurt fans is one former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who was quick to question Lucy Natasha for announcing her engagement in a comment where he wrote;

Rev. Dr. Natasha why are you getting engaged without informing me na unajua tumetoka far??????????? Ama nisimamishe hiyo wedding ikifika

Sonko and Rev Natasha

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Well, from where I’m seated – one would easily think that the comment was more of a joke; but knowing the kind of person Sonko is – we can’t help but wonder whether there is more to his sarcastic post. Alaaar!

Natasha finally engaged

Sonko’s mixed feelings

In yet another post, the former governor decided to wish the woman of God all the best as she plans to live her life as a married woman.

Like I said, it’s obvious that Sonko wasn’t really ready to hear about the wedding announcement; but being a clever man he decided to cheza chini as he went on to celebrate the new couple in town saying;