KRG the Don hits back at Benzema, refers to him as a rapist!

Benzema recently had an interview with one of Jalang’o TV’s presenters; and among the things the ngwatiology artist talked about is KRG the Don and one, Arrow boy.

Well according to Benzema, the type of music these two make music can never compare to his music. He went on to back his statement up by giving an example of the stats on YouTube.

Well, it now appears that KRG happened to come across the video which angered him to a point of referring Benzema as a rapist. He went on to post saying;

Sailors Gang and KRG the Don

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I don’t want to be liked by a RAPIST. We don’t work to be paid by views keep your views to yourself but give me my cash ????. My kids need more money not more views on youtube????. Big Up Boondocks Gang {Odi Wa Murang’a, Exray and Edu Madox} Rekless, Ricco Gang & Wakali wao.

Gengetone artists beefing

The diss from KRG comes barely a week after he started beefing with Sailorz. Apparently, the gengetone artists called out the KRG; following an argument that involved money issues about 4 months ago.


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Well now we are here! Not quite sure whether they will resolve their issues and drop a project together; but hey, at least at the end of the day they all make money.