Sarah Kabu praises Akothee for being an independent single mother

Sarah Kabu is proud to see Akothee living life to the fullest and unlike other single mums who are yet to get to the singer,s level….. Mrs Kabu thinks Akothee is an example every other woman out here should try to learn a thing or two from.

Mrs Sarah Kabu

The Bonfire CEO said this on a new post shared on her page where she praised Akothee for picknicing on her owned backyard lawn with bae; something she is sure many women cannot relate to or might never relate with.

Although this is the first time we’re seeing Sarah Kabu take interest in the life of Akothee…truth is we don’t know whether this is how a new friendship will be born or if Sarah Kabu is admiring life as a single mum…maybe? Anyway she wrote;

Akothee with lover

Single ladies does this picture speak volumes to you? Yaani Akothee is picnicking with new mzungu boyfriend on her backyard lawns.

Work for your own

This being a post directed at single ladies looking for an easy way out of poverty…Mrs Kabu discouraged them on depending on Sponyo’s yet they can earn their own

Ladies work hard sio lazima uenjoy such stuff via sponyo usiteseke kwa mapenzi

Awesome advise right? But again Akothee has been in this game for years……and I mean years…..which explains why she can picknic in her backyard….while the rest of the other single mums can only afford apartments with small balconies….which are specifically for storing mitungi ya maji.