Simon Kabu on why he ‘forcefully’ took his kids from wife, Sarah Kabu amid breakup rumors

Rumor making rounds on social media is that Simon Kabu and wife Sarah Kabu are having marital issues that can no longer be hidden. This is after Sarah Kabu shared an alleged WhatsApp story accusing husband, Simon Kabu of ‘kidnapping’ their kids.

The Kabus

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Judging from what she wrote, we understand this move may have been made out of anger and as you know; he’ll hath fury like a scorned woman…so yea… what is done, is done.

Anyway according to Sarah, husband Simon Kabu took away their two older kids without her consent; and as far as she knows is that the kids might be in the care of people they’re not familiar with hence making her worry.

Wah… this is Kenya! Again money has changed hands and my kids have been handed over to strangers plus their father… can someone wake me up I am not dreaming… how can you be forced to be in a toxic marriage because we are couple goals and to protect our business and its dependents at the cost of my life? God have mercy on those kids, I seriously need help, my friends!

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The Kabus

Kabu living large with kids

However judging from a post shared by Simon Kabu a few hours ago, we can clearly tell that the fella is not alarmed but is enjoying life as much as he can.

This is after he shared a video in the company of the two kids he is said to have ‘kidnap’ and from the caption – they are all in the coast region enjoying some heat now that he is back from Paris. He wrote;

Simon on vacation with kids

Enjoying the school holidays in coastal with the cubs after being in Paris for close to 2 weeks. Had missed them alot. Coast hot but cool ???? . #thekabus

We really can’t tell what the issue is…but for a minute, the Kabus really had us thinking they had a perfect marriage. But I guess not..clearly not even money can buy the perfect family.

Sarah Kabu hints at possible breakup with husband Simon Kabu

Sarah Kabu and husband Simon Kabu are both known for their business; Bonfire Adventures – a well-established tour company that really picked thanks to their involvement with local celebrities.

Sarah & Simon Kabu

So far the Kabus have worked with the likes of the Bahati’s, before moving to the Wa Jesus family; and since the Bonfire CEOs love  drama, we believe they are now working with famous polygamous men Jimal and Samidoh hence the latest photos of Simon with his two new friends.

With these new photos of course the three parties will benefit at the end of the day; since controversy helps boost their businesses.

Anyway just moments after Jimal and Samidoh were spotted with Simon Kabu; wifey, Sarah went on to hint about husband leaving her for another woman as she wrote;

already rehearsing to be a single mum of two lovely little angles

Attention seeker?

Knowing how long she has been with Simon and how they continue to build together; Fans could smell the PR stunt – hence the sarcastic responses.

Most went on to warn Sarah Kabu about wishing such life upon herself; and kids as she knows nothing about the hard life.

With her speaking and acting like a teenager on social media; could it mean that she wants the socialite life too?