Magix Enga teams up with Banzema Ochungulo and Boondocks gang for new track “Foursome”

Kenyan producer and Magix Enga is on a  musical spree as he drops another dope jam dubbed “Foursome.” In the song he features Boondocks Gang and Benzema Ochungulo all known for their amazing contribution to the growth of Gengetone music in Kenya.

Some of the songs they are featured in include Dundaing,Sidonyo, nyoka ya shaba,Dudu among many others.

The song that is very well enjoyed by youths is already 31 on trending. Fans on their part  didn’t shy away from expressing their satisfaction with the work the artists have done.

With most Kenyans having a lot of time in their plate, the song has received a good number of views in the few hours its been on You Tube.


The song done largely in sheng is easy to  relate to by very young Kenyans.

However those who don’t really understand sheng/slang may need a translator.I mean I am also not sure of some lyrics but the sound is totally worth it.

Foursome is a feel good song that excites the listener as Banzema spits out his lyrics without any struggle whatsoever. The only set back in thus song is that it is for a specific group  thus will not be staying for long.  Its just strictly a young generation song about a party that ended well for the dudes who attended it without forgetting the broken bed.

Niko na chuma ya mdosi na doshi pamoja zimeshikana ogopa

Walikuja kwangu kama nimelewa

Na sasa sina kitanda tulivunja

Well its not a song for children either and they even admit to it in their lyrics when they say

Hii ni gengetone hakuna mtoto.

I will also say gengetone especially this one is not for the faint-heart neither is it for the moral police.

As we await the video am really looking forward to seeing the broken bed. Despite this being a rather calm kind of gengetone, someone will try and shake their booty mercilessly in the video.

With each passing day, these artists are gradually convincing us that gengetone is the future of Kenyan music with their amazing hits.

Rating 7/10