Popular pastor: Groove Awards is fake. There is no power of gospel in those awards

A popular pastor has joined a bunch of Kenyans who have been complaining about the gospel industry and also rebuked the it saying that it’s full of pretenders.

On social media, pastor James Reborn specifically attacked Groove Awards saying that it’s rewarding music that doesn’t praise God but earthly things.

“GROOVE AWARDS is fake there is no power of gospel in those awards they are just lost generation hiding in the church secularising gospel,” said the pastor on Facebook.

James Reborn

Dance music

He then went on to attack such song as Oddi dance, KDF and other similar song that have been ruling the airwaves claiming that they shouldn’t be categorized as gospel at all.

“I weep for our young generation because if odi dance, KDF,kula neno,baksizo, is what we call gospel then we are lost completely lost,where are the Franck mtakatifu, babeto, Israel hezekiah, of this generation.we need to fix something here before all is lost.GROVE AWARDS is fake and fake change to secular awards before Jesus finds you with a nyahunyo and teach you a lesson. # Grove awards is fake
# The truth be told # Temple of Grace Church Ruiru.” 



Size 8 and DJ Mo looking for a broke couple to give them a luxury gate away

Popular couple, DJ Mo and Size 8 have been blessed with a lot and in return, they are giving back. The couple was recently on Instagram to share that they are looking for couples to give them a romantic gate away. The couple needs to be have endured a tough time to win the trip from them.

Time to give back

DJ Mo and Size 8 have had their own share of tough life before they landed huge deals. The two are now willing to give back because God has blessed them big time.

“Unaweza jua any married couple who have gone thru hardship of any kind pesa, health etc but they are still together and their love grows for each other????” they posted.

“We the Murayas are looking for such couples just to be a blessing and an encouragement to them. We want to give them a sweet get-away in a luxurious hotel (dinner,bed and breakfast) , spa , shopping and many other give aways. We just want to be used by God to touch couples so that God is glorified. Please nominate a couple send a whats app short video clip to the number 0777295042 telling us why they should be picked. Deadline is 1st June by 5pm………… @djmokenya #themurayas.” 


She’s not there to perform! Size 8 goes back to school

Just in case you spot her in one of your classes, try helping around because she’s the newest kid in class.

Singer Size 8 has gone back to school to study the bible. She took to Facebook to share her latest move saying that she took the leap because she wants more christian knowledge.

This might see her become a pastor later on after she understands the holly book.

“What a better thing to do than add knowledge to your life. And what better knowledge to have than that of God. Started Bible school so excited that I get to know God even better. In the pic Pastor Faith, our teacher Pastor Duncan and Esther. ?????? #focus”, She said. 


“I am alive today just because of you God” Singer Size 8 discharged from hospital

A few days ago DJ Mo revealed that his wife, Size 8 had been admitted in hospital. He previously did not reveal this in the other Muraya’s video shared on their YouTube Channel.

However, it now seems that the gospel singer has been discharged from hospital.  She is back to doing what she loves most. This past Sunday, 5th November she got the chance to host Pambio live, a christian show aired every Sunday.

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The singer later went on to share photos from the show and in one photo, Size 8 expressed how grateful she was to be alive not forgetting to thank God for having given her the strength to continue pressing on. Through her Instagram page she wrote saying:


Size 8 discharged from hospital

Ohh my God what else can I say to thank you for all you have done for me I’ve seen your MERCIES your GRACE and your FAITHFULNESS. What you have done for me no one can curse. I am alive today just because of you God. How beautiful is your loving kindness. Never give up on God hold on press on. He is powerful. His love is un ending. God help me love you and serve you forever.

Fans on the comment section went ahead to wish her all the best while others urged her to keep God first and he will heal her from her illness.