“I am in tears as I write this..” Size 8’s dark past leaves her emotional

From grass to grace is a line that applies to majority of individuals and despite the hardship of that time, we look back and just thank God.

Born-again Christian, Size 8 recently told of days when she could not afford sanitary towels, bus fare and the very basic, food.

Days when making through 24 hours and still able to see the next morning sounded impossible to her.

size 8
size 8

The minister ditched the secular world for gospel back in 2013 with her gospel debut ‘Mateke’ that cleared her path to greatness.

Sharing a montage, of a throwback photo alongside one of her most recent photos, the now mother of 2 could not hold back her tears.

Size 8 before (left) and now (right)

A photo montage that was randomly sent to her, only to touch the soft spot in her being and warrant a long emotional thanksgiving post to God.

Long letter

She started off screaming:

Uuuuuwwwii this is me woi before I met Jesus for real ???????????? @gladyskanyago sent me waaaaa hata mimi an shocked uuuuuuwiiii and me after wards uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwiiiii.

For her, her past remains a testimony of God’s transformation in her life, if the present is anything to go by.

Yesu Yuko anatenda my testimony how my life has changed wewe usikatetama ….. ati wanasema hakuna yesu. Manze my life is evidence uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii…. I love you Jesus you have carried me thru it all.

Size 8 with daughter, Ladasha

Describing how ungrateful human beings are, Size 8 felt sorry for ever complaining and never counting her blessings.

Woi forgive me for murmuring and complaining. Forgive me for not seeing just how far you have brought me and how much you have graced me changing my story. Wow I bless you Jesus none like you. I will forever praise you my Lord and saviour. I will forever testify of your love for me. Our might Man of war who be like you!

Recalling the dark days, when affording basic needs was a luxury to her, Mama Ladasha gushed over God’s graces in her life.

From never affording sanitary pads to my face being on a pack of pads. 4rm lacking bus fare to owning my own car. From lack of food to a full tummy. How I bless you Jesus My God of all creation my life belongs to you………

Gospel artiste, Size 8

Piece of advice

Wrapping up, the gospel artiste urged individuals about to despair, to just hold on a little longer for their doors are about to be opened by God.

Well, no one needs to go far because the now-affluent wife and mother, had once hit rock bottom in her life. But now look at her.

What am I trying to communicate to you guys is this manze God anaweza change life yako. Please usi give up. My life is a testimony. It’s just not about the physical body you see only but more so much more in my life. God has done wonders am almost in tears as I write this. Let’s give God glory….

Mama Wambo