“You can edit your photos but you can’t edit your real life!” Is singer Akothee throwing shade at Tanasha Donna?

Madam boss is not one to hold back when she feels the need of addressing a certain issue.

Well, on her latest post she talks about people who like to fake their social media lives by editing their photos one way or another to attain perfection – which is impossible!

Akothee and Zari Hassan call out trolls in untamed public rant

This comes just a few hours after fans called out Tanasha Donna for editing her photos to look skinner – barely 3 months after welcoming her son, Naseeb Junior.

Unfortunately for Tanasha Donna, it seems that her editor left her curtains looking disfigured including her arm that gave her away.

Tanasha Donna editing gone wrong

Akothee’s message to women forcing the Instagram life

Anyway Madam boss has gone ahead to talk about the fake lifestyle most people are living on social media.

She went on to share a well detailed post where she wrote;


You can edit your photos and live a life full of lies, but you can’t edit your life and live a life free from lies , face reality , you can’t lie to yourself , but you can fool the world! Nobody cares until they meet you in real life living a lie ???????? then you will know , that Living an Expensive life on social media is a state of mind ???? live your life like it is ! You are doing better than most of the things you see posted on social media ????????????

Also we cant forget that Akothee and Zari are currently best of friends…so throwing jabs at her friend’s baby daddy’s new woman wouldn’t sound so impossible.