Who’s laughing now? Tanasha Donna shares twerk video weeks after comedian Mammito mocked her poor dancing skills

Tanasha Donna has been trolled for her poor dancing skills, stiff waist and I also hear Juma Lokole claims she is poor in bed. Not quite sure why or how he found out; but truth is, Ms Donna has tried to prove herself but her critics cannot let her prosper.

During her last visit to Bongo – Ms Donna for some reason joined baby daddy Diamond Platnumz on stage; where they performed their hit song Gere. As seen on the video Tanasha is sensually whining on Diamond and the crowd could not keep calm.

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However later on when the videos surfaced on social media; the same old critics that once praised her – started pointing out how bad her dancing skills are. To our surprise comedian Mammito also joined in to make fun of Tanasha Donna; leaving her online followers in snitches thanks to the hilarious video.

Tanasha claps back

Having seen how bad the comments were; Tanasha Donna decided to perfect her dancing by putting in some good work – which can be seen in the latest video shared on her stories.

Well, for those who thought she has a stiff waist, watch Miss Donna whine her ‘boneless’ waist as entertains fans on her page. I bet with this, no one will be trolling her anytime soon.