Tedd Josiah’s little baby all grown up, looks everything like her late mum (Photos)

Tedd Josiah’s story moved many and just when we thought fathers could not handle raising toddler; the popular producer ended up proving us wrong!

For almost 3 years now he has been raising his beautiful daughter on his own; and although this is the first he is handling a toddler on his own, it’s only fair to say that he is the father of the year!

Going through his social media pages, it’s also clear to see baby Jay is no longer a small baby! She has since grown into a fine small girl who not only seems to have a lot of questions; but also happens to look like her late Mum, Reginah Katar!

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As we mark our Woman crush Wednesday, we choose to celebrate the small girl in a series of photos shared below. Despite it all, it appears that Tedd (manmum) has since learnt to live without his wife; but of course holds on to her memory since she wa his everything.

During one of his first interviews after Reginah’s passing, Tedd went on open up about his wife saying;

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Imagine calling someone your everything – home, safe place, your all – and watching them slowly fade away on their deathbed in less than an hour. I was left on a free fall and lost. In many ways, Regina was my anchor. I have to make a lot of adjustments; I am more hands on with my baby. I have to wash her, clean, cook, feed and be always there for her.

But all in all, the two seem to be doing quite fine and fans can’t get enough of Jay!

Josiah with his daughter
Baby Jay all grown up
Like mother like daughter, baby Jay
Precious father and daughter moments
Kisses and hugs from father to daughter
Jay Jay

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

Veteran producer music producer Tedd Josiah has confessed that he’s the only reason why his first marriage never worked.

Speaking in a radio interview with Massewe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Josiah said that he was really immature when he first got hitched and wasn’t ready at all.

“I was young and stupid when I married my first wife. I was so arrogant and at that time I was not ready to marry. I played a part in making sure the marriage did not work. I was a really bad boy,” he said. 


Tedd remarried and settled down with Reginah Katar in 2016 only for her to pass on a year later after delivering her first baby.

He said that one of the reasons why he posts her daughter so much is because of guilt he carries from neglecting his kids from his first union.

“Losing the kids was so painful. I had another daughter who kept waiting for me at the gate every day but I was nowhere to be seen. That wound is still very fresh, but now is when we are trying to repair the bond that was broken then with my other two children,” Tedd said.

He went on:

“All the love that my other two children did not receive I decided to give to Jay, and all the mistakes that I did should not be repeated. It is a second chance that God has given me.

“Once the marriage broke I had a lot of time to reflect. I realised I needed children and I was so lonely. Sadly I can’t go back to my first marriage, because there is no chance for a reverse wheel in my life. We had differences that we can never solve,” he said.

Tedd Josiah pens another emotional tribute to his late wife that will reduce you to tears

Life took a very different turn for veteran producer Tedd Josiah after his young wife passed on leaving him with a baby just months old.

The producer, since then has been sharing his journey, informing fans how they’re holding up. His wife, Regina Katar, passed away on September 2017.

I once met an Angel, a real angel. From day one, I knew she wasn’t from here, I could feel it in the meek, humble yet powerful spirit she has. With every single action she changed the man I thought I was, to make me want better and desire to be better. Regina HAPPY BIRTHDAY in your new home up in heaven.

He added:

“As you rest please watch over us, especially your little bear cub. Thank you for this little life and her huge light. Rest my angel. We celebrate your life and all you were to everyone here on Earth. WE CELEBRATE YOU REGINA,” he posted. 

Here’s a video of Regina


Ted Josiah pens emotional letter to his late wife 

Veteran producer Tedd Josiah lost his wife,  Regina Katar, last year after complication that resulted from child birth. She past away just three months after giving birth to their daughter Jameela.

Tedd said that his wife’s death was devastating and even left him confused.

“Words cannot express my confusion, loss and pain.” he said in an interview shortly after the death of his wife. 

First mother’s day

Tedd has penned an emotional letter to her now that it’s almost half an year since she passed away and wished her a happy mother’s day. It would have been her first.

Tedda, his late wife Katar and baby

He wrote, “This was supposed to be a special day for us as #GummyBear ? #MamaBear ?????? and I. Our mommy may not be hear with us to celebrate ? her 1st Mother’s Day with Jay Jay, something I really wanted her to do. But we pray Mama watches over our little Cub and shows this man the way to raise her to become the #Empress we intended her to become.
@reginahkatar happy Mother’s Day to the best mother.
Your love for your cub made you selfless.”

Adorable! Producer Tedd Josiah celebrates his first valentine in the company of his daughter a few months after his wife passed away

Producer Tedd Josiah who is known for producing mega hit unbwogable has been giving many a reason to admire his fatherly skills.

After losing his wife Regginah Katar to a short illness, he was left behind to take care of their baby girl Wendo. Judging from his Instagram page; Tedd Josiah seems to be doing quite a good job and his unconditional love towards his daughter is just priceless!


Baby Wendo with Daddy

Tedd Josiah’s valentines message to his baby girl

As the world marks Valentine’s Day today, Tedd Josiah also shared a moving message to celebrate his baby girl. In his message, Tedd promises her all the love in the world and much Moreno. He wrote saying;


3 months after losing his wife, popular music producer celebrates his daughter as she turns 6 months

3 months after losing his wife, popular music producer celebrates his daughter as she turns 6 months

Music producer Tedd Josiah is thankful to have his daughter in his life. Together with his wife, the late Reginah the two were blessed with baby Jameela but after the blessing came a dark cloud.

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Tedd Josiah lost his wife after a short illness as revealed on his social media pages. He announced her demise 3 months after she welcomed their daughter saying;

‘’Dear friends, (Real friends) very few people knew about my princess Reginah Katar because we kept our private life out of the spotlight & focused on building the family we both had dreamt and longed for. When we found each other we built back the broken pieces we both had. And God blessed us with little miss Jay Jay.We went through a very tough 9 months to get her but eventually we managed.”

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He went on to add

“Sadly Reginah passed on yesterday morning from a sudden illness and has left the two of us to try figure things out. Her family and friends are all deeply saddened and shocked. I ask for your prayers for me and my little 3 month old princess as we mourn the loss of our Angel who gave Both of us life.’’

The producer celebrates his daughter

Though it has been tough not having his wife around, Tedd is grateful to have their daughter. In his latest post, he shared a beautiful message celebrating her as she turns 6 months. He wrote saying;

Happy 6 months my gummy bear. The joy you’ve brought my life is beyond description and words fail me. You are a stabilizing force and your smile has seen me through some very dark days. Thank u Jameela Josiah the daughter of a queen.