Why celebrity kids follow into their parents footsteps while still young

How many celebrity kids do you know in kenya? Well I’ll say the Bahati’s especially Heaven and Meuni among others like Taiyari and Njugush’s son Tugi. Well these kids have been making money for their parents or probably collage funds since they were born and this is because they have parents who are popular.

Bahati with kids: Mueni, Heaven and Morgan


In Tz we have Tiffah Dangote – for sure – who has a whole lot of grown ups following her on social media; and judging the views, comments and likes – we already know that Tiffah will become a star like both her parents. Maybe a singer or a socialite but either way – she is definitely following into her parents footsteps.

Well since the kenyan celebrity kids don’t seem to receive the same attention as Tiffah….allow me to use the young girl as an example. I know there are those who probably feel she gets too much social media exposure (true) but the same exposure already has her making money and bagging deals….something most ‘normal’ kids don’t get.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and their kids, Tiffah and Nillan

Train them while still young.

Also I have realized that unlike other kids, the young girl has the same confidence as that of her dad who fought his way up to the top; and having been a village boy with little education – his persistence and interaction with fans help build his career over the years.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

So imagine, if Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz continue to support and push their daughterbecoming a super star? Tiffah would undeniably achieve alot more compared to what her parents. Why? Because the best investments are those you make on your kids as long as their is a goal to achieve and above all – teaching them the right principles. No?