King Kaka teams up with Kelechi Africana on ‘Kesi’ and it’s so dope (Video)

Talented Kenyan musician Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka, has released a new track with Kelechi Africana and it’s getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam dubbed Kesi – which is a Swahili word that means case – has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago an to be honest, we also love it.

King Kaka
King Kaka

Kesi is the fifth single off King Kaka’s upcoming mixtape titled The Servant & The King and it talks about conflicts in relationships. In many instances, they arise when either the man or woman develop an interest in someone else.

I totally love this jam. If you ask me, it has all the elements of being a hit. It is those kind of songs that you will retain in your playlist for many weeks or even months.

King Kaka’s delivery on this song is impeccable. Apart from having a good flow, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that his ability to play around with words is unmatched. You just want too keep listening to him as he rhymes.

Kelechi Africana

Notably, Kelechi Africana also did a good job on Kesi. Maybe, just maybe he is the reason why this song slaps so hard because he did justice to the chorus with his melodious voice.

I totally love the mellow beat. It blends well with the voices and tempo of King Kaka and Kelechi so much so that you can listen to this song on replay for a whole day and not get bored with it. Good work Ihaji.

The video concept for this jam is dope. Other than the shoot location, I also loved the set up, styling and of course the flawless scene transitioning.

Watch Kesi below and tell us what you think.

Ricky Bekko Vs Deska Torres Vs X Antonio: Who is the baddest video director?

If you watch Kenyan music videos and don’t bother to find out who shot them then I’m sure you are wondering who these people are. However, if you give a hoot, like yours truly, then you are definitely familiar with the three names.

The three; Ricky Bekko, Deska Torres and X Antonio are the brains behind the most viral music videos in Kenya today. Chances are your favorite artist has already worked with any of them or is planning to because, let’s be honest, they are the best in the business.

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The truth is that Kenya has no shortage of talented video directors. If you ask anyone who they want to shoot their music videos, you’ll hear names like; J.Blessing, Sammy Dee, Moses Osidiana, Johnson Kyallo, Kevin Bosco Jr. etc. However, this is changing fast because of the new kids on the block.

Other newcomers whose work really stands out include; Mike Lolly P, Nezzoh Montana, Dambiz, VJ One, Trey Juelz, X Benjoes, Joweezy, Ivan Odie etc. However, today we’ll only focus on Ricky Bekko, Deska Torres and X Antonio because we’ve been seeing more videos by them compared to the others.

All the three videographers are talented, no one is denying that. However, we’d like to know who you would pick if you had to settle on one. If you don’t know them, we’ll mention some of their works so that you can compare and contrast every aspect, from the shooting to the editing.

Ricky Bekko

Ricky Bekko
Ricky Bekko

He is the founder of Big Dreams Studios. Some of the videos he has directed include; Ethic’s Position, The Kansoul’s Accelerator, Rawbeena’s Romantic, Femi One’s Hiyo One, Nadia Mukami’s Radio Love, King Kaka’s Kula Vako, most of Kush Tracey’s songs, among others.

Deska Torres

Deka Torres
Deska Torres

He is the co-founder of Platnumz Pictures and arguably one of the best video directors in East and Central Africa. His works include; Ngeta by Arrow Bwoy, Otile Brown’s Dala Dala, Nadia Mukami’s Lola, Alvindo’s Taka Taka & Boychild, Eddie Butita’s Kidesign, Magix Enga’s Some Love, Dom’s Chupa among others.

X Antonio

X Antonio

He is the lad behind International Textures. Some of the videos he has directed include; The Band BeCa’s 1234, Janet Otieno’s Nifunze, The Kansoul’s No Woman No Party, Papa Dennis’ Olalo, Vivian’s Charm, Bahati’s Mapenzi, Elani’s Sirudi, Size 8’s Ni Yesu, Otile Brown’s Baby Love, Chaguo La Moyo, Mapenzi Hisia, Aje Anione among others.

That said, who among the three is the baddest video director according to you? Leave a comment below.

Artist Spotlight: Dan Q, rising star who has braved all odds

It’s rare to find artists from some parts of the country such as Turkana trying to make headways on the national music scene. Most of them give up along the way never to be heard from again.

It is for this reason that we have to laud one musician who goes by the name Danson Achila Ng’itira, alias Dan Q, for going against the odds. The fact that he’s from Turkana has not stopped him from chasing his dreams of being the next Kenyan superstar.

Dan Q
Dan Q

He developed interest in music when he joined secondary school. Dan Q thrust himself into the limelight when he released his first single dubbed Ananitesa in 2014. The song made him one of the most-sought after artists in Turkana.

In the same year, Dan Q was lucky to be selected by Refigah of GrandPa Records as one of the artists that he wanted to work with during a talent Search that was held in Lodwar. However, this was not to be as the record label soon disintegrated following the exit of the lead producer Visita.

Dan Q decided to keep chasing his dream. He has been doing auditions from 2016 up to date. He won a Tuma Award for Male Artist of the year and this gave him the financial muscle that he needed to record a song.

Dan Q
Dan Q

A few weeks ago, he dropped the song dubbed Fuliza and it has been getting good reviews. The song, which was directed by Trey Juelz and produced by Alka Productions, is a clear indication that Dan Q didn’t come to play! Keep an eye out for him!

Watch his latest song dubbed Fuliza below and tell us what you think.


10 super talented Kenyan music video directors

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but in the last few years, our local musicians have had some very good music videos.

Artists have learnt that that a good music video is part of the package and it will play a significant role on how their songs are received. As such, they have been going out of their way to seek the services of the best videographers.

Truth is, Kenya has no shortage of gifted music video directors. They are so many. I’m not even exaggerating. However, today we’ll talk about the ones whose works we’ve been seeing a lot in the last few years.

That said, here are 10 super talented Kenyan music video directors in no particular order.

1. Ricky Bekko – He directed Ethic’s Position, Rawbeena’s Romantic, Femi One’s Hiyo One, Nadi Mukami Radio Love among others.

Ricky Bekko

2. VJ One – He directed most of Naiboi’s songs including Dinda, Usipime Mwanaume, Somaga, Gudi Gudi. He also worked on Nameless’ Voloyoom, Mega Rider among others.

VJ One

3. Ivan Odie – He directed Tunji’s Mat Za Ronga (Remix), Ochunglo Family’s Na Iwake (Remix), Steph Kapela’s Too Easy among others.

Ivan Odie

4. Trey Juelz – He directed Khaligraph’s Juu Ya Ngori, Kelechi Africana’s Superwoman, Rojo Mo’s Ni Wewe, Khaligraph ft Msupa S’ Watajua Hawajui among others.

Trey Juelz

5. Enos Olik – He needs no introduction. Enos is the brains behind most videos in Kenya. Some of his latest work include; Timmy Tdat ft Rosa Ree’s Kipopo, Masauti’s Kiboko Remix featuring Khaligraph, Otile Brown ft Khaligraph’s Japo Kidogo, Gilad ft Dela’s Fire.

Enos Olik

6. X Antonio – He directed Otile Brown’s Baby Love, Chaguo La Moyo, Mapenzi Hisia, Aje Anione among others.

X Antonio

7. Johnson Kyallo – Some of his notable works include; Femi One ft Kristoff’s Tippy Toe, Mbithi’s Msichana Mmoja, Arrow Bwoy’s Murder, Rosa’s Ride among others.

Johnson Kyallo

8. J. Blessing – He is also a household name having worked with some of the biggest name. Some of his latest videos include; Avril’s Kitoko, Wahu’s Sifa, Fik Fameica’s Tonsukuma among others.

J. Blessing

9. Moses Osidiana – He directed Drinks Na Mayenx by Bon Eye, Brian Narrates and Konkodi, Le Band’s Move, Konkodi’s Gaza among others.

Moses Osidiana

10. Nezzoh Monts – He directed Naiboi’s I Wanna Be, Arrow Bwoy’s Lover Man and Digi Digi, Nadia Mukami’s African Lover, Si Rahisi among others.

Nezzoh Monts

Honourable mentions; Mike Lolly P, Kevin Bosco Jnr, Dambiz and Joweezy.