Former socialite Vanessa Chettle flaunts her 3 pistols on social media

Former Nairobi socialite Vanessa Cherie seems to have joined the list of gun toting Kenyan personalities who have been in the past taken to social media to flaunt their firearms.

The mother of one just recently posted a photo parading three pistols on her Instagram story without any caption.

DJ Moh

This comes a few weeks after DJ Moh was photographed packed with a pistol tucked in his pants at his friend DJ Kym Nickdee’s birthday party; and was forced to report to the DCI detectives from Special Crimes Prevention Unit (SCPU) for Investigations.

Vanessa Chettle a licensed gun owner?

It is unclear as to whether she has a license for her three guns or whether she was holding them for someone else.

Vanessa Chettle’s post

Anyway, for the past few months the lady has been missing in the entertainment industry but one thing is for sure; the lass is undeniably having the time of her life with her new man!