Wedding bells? Victoria Kimani publicly admits she would marry Redsan (Video)

AFRIMMA award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani has time and again labeled her dating life as horrible, forcing her to remain single and not searching, for a long while now.

The Kenyan-American singer-songwriter has previously admitted that her past serious relationship saw her date a pathological cheater who would ever lie about being being faithful to only her.

This seemingly crushed her to bits to the extent she no longer believed true love is existent.

Award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani

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In her recent interview with NRG radio, the Nigerian-based artist openly confessed that she last went on a romantic date a good 11 months back but she hardly seemed bothered by any of that.

(My dating life has been) Horrible! I don’t know why I’m talking crap as if I’m dating. I’m not dating anybody, nobody. The last time I went on a date was in September 2019. I’m okay.

Victoria Kimani

However, on a light note, the Afropop singer admitted she would have s*x with Wizkid but marry Redsan – reason being, if one decides to marry, then they better marry from ‘home’.

Kill AKA, smash Wizkid, marry Redsan. Homegrown! You’ve gotta marry from home, like people from home, you know.

Victoria Kimani and Redsan


Unknown to many, Victoria Kimani’s dad is a pastor here in Kenya and a PhD holder but Vicky believes that if her dad indeed believed in her talent as a singer, then he should let her be.

I think at the end of the day, my dad is also a creative and he´ll respect the art of what I do.

Singer-songwriter, Victoria Kimani

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Additionally, it turns out her mom inspired her fashion sense since way back as a kid and had it inculcated in the 34-year old artist, till date.

Victoria Kimani with her mom

However, the American-born singer clarified that despite how flashy her life might seem, they were never rich when growing up.

As far as fashion is concerned, I get all these ideas from my mom. I won’t say she likes everything that I wear. We weren’t rich, my mom just knew how to put things together.

Kenyan musicians are not growing but who is to blame?

Save for the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph, Willy Paul, Octopizzo, Nyashinski, Victoria Kimani and STL, I doubt most Kenyan musicians are known beyond our borders and who is to blame?

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

You see, we live in an age where an artist doesn’t have to rely on mainstream media. i.e. TV, radio and newspapers, to grow his or her fan base. As such, we’ll spare the mainstream media in this discourse.

I strongly feel like blame should be apportioned equally on the artists themselves, producers, DJs, fans and video directors. In my opinion, all these people are sleeping on their jobs.

These parties are supposed to play various roles to ensure that Kenyan music transcends our borders but they are slacking.

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For instance, why can’t our producers make beats that can be enjoyed by foreign audiences or people who are outside Kenya?

Why can’t our video directors make good videos that are worthy of being played on international music TV shows? Why must they overcharge artists for good videos?

Why can’t our deejays, especially those who play in popular clubs,  have Kenyan songs back-to-back on their playlists? Why are they biased towards Tanzanian, Nigerian and South African artists?

DJ Creme playing at a gig
DJ Creme playing at a gig

As music fans, why are we not requesting and/or buying Kenyan music? Why are we not showing up for events to show Kenyan artists that  are solidly behind them?

Lastly, when will our artists stop being lazy? Why can’t they be proactive? When will they learnt that the biggest secret to success is consistency?

We’ve had this conversation so many times. It has gotten to a point where it is tiring to even talk about these things. It’s time for change!

What are your thoughts on this? Who is to blame? Please leave a comment below.

We just don’t get Victoria Kimani

If at all there is any Kenyan artist that most of us don’t understand and we don’t even bother to then it’s Victoria Kimani. Well, you could argue that she is not one of us because she is based in Nigeria but she’s really Kenyan.

In my opinion, the Prokoto hitmaker should be one of the most successful artists in this continent (yes, the whole of Africa not just Kenya) since she has a good fan base in both Nigeria and Kenya. Well, I’m not completely sure about the latter but you get my point.

You see, despite coming from Kenya, Victoria Kimani can’t relate to many of us. She makes music for her West African audience so much so that many people think that she comes from that part of the continent.

Victoria Kimani

In Kenya, she’s deemed as a foreign artist which is funny because her brother Bamboo made a mark in the local entertainment scene in the early 2000s with the mega hit Compe. If you are from this era, I’m sure you remember this jam.

For a long time, Victoria has tried to make inroads in the local music industry and I doubt even her latest jam with Hart The Band dubbed Bad Manners will serve to this purpose. In my opinion, she should just make music and just go about her life.

You see, Kenyans are so hard to impress and once they have a certain perception of you it sticks. Most people think that Victoria is a snob and is arrogant so even if she asks people to listen to her music or turn up for a show, they just don’t care. Like I said, we just don’t get her.

Listen to her collabo with Hart The Band below dubbed Bad Manners.


Victoria Kimani leaves no room for imagination with her thirst trap photos!

Can your girl even?

Well, Victoria Kimani can and if you have any doubts then her latest photos will leave you thirsting over her fine African body!

Singer Victoria Kimani is undeniably one of the most talented female artists Kenya has produced! The lass is not only a singer but a good song writer with fashionable skills that have seen her start her own cloth line.

Ms Victoria Kimani

So far her career seems to be doing just fine and thanks to her vocals; Victoria Kimani’s music never gets out of style and I bet this is why she continues to challenge many female artist in Africa and not just East Africa.

Thirst traps!

Apart from her music, Victoria Kimani seems to understand the art of entertaining her fans through her Instagram page.

Just recently she went on to share a video twerking while she balanced a tissue roll on her head. Judging from the comments, most of her male fans could not stop asking for more!

Anyway if you thought that was hot, then the photos below will undeniably leave many joining team mafisi; especially with this cold weather during the quarantine time!

As seen on her Instagram, the lady left many pocketing after parading her chocolate skin partly showing her covered privates. Looking at the comment section; it appears that the lockdown has been affecting quite a huge number of men who couldn’t help but drool over Ms Kimani.

Anyway check out the photos below.

Victoria Kimani leaves no room for imagination

New music

Away from her looks, Ms Kimani already has a couple of songs out and from the look of things, she still continues to serve fans with good music; proving that she is still queen in this business!

Victoria Kimani leaves no room for imagination with her new swim suit photos

Before ushering 2020 in, Miss Victoria Kimani decided to give her fans a few thirst trap photos of her swimsuit outfit that left many drooling over her thick thighs!

Victoria Kimani

This came as a big surprise to her die hard fans who couldn’t help but wonder where their African Queen had disappeared to – considering that Victoria Kimani has not yet dropped any new music in a while.

Looking at the swimsuit photos it’s easy to tell that Victoria Kimani’s absence in the music industry must have done her some good judging from her current body weight.

Victoria Kimani

Big black woman (BBW)

Well, it’s obvious to see that Victoria Kimani has added a few pounds in all the right places and this must be the reason why her male fans couldn’t help but drool over gorgeous body.

Miss Kimani definitely did appear stunning in her photos and from the look of things, big African women might just be the new in thing!

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani has a new collabo with Raj dubbed ‘Igo’ and it’s worth your time (Video)

Kenyan rapper Rajiv Okemwa, alias Raj, has dropped a new jam with Victoria Kimani and we are absolutely feeling it.

Dubbed Igo, which is a Kisii word that means like that, this song is definitely one for the books. It’s a big tune!

I really loved Raj’s flow on this song, especially the part where he flows in his native Kisii language. Although I could not understand a thing, I thought it was totally awesome.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani also came through with her seductive voice that I know most of us wouldn’t mind listening to the whole day even if it’s just a casual conversation.

I also thought that the video concept was brilliant. The picked ordinary shoot locations and made the best out of them. I was impressive.

One of the other things that I really loved is the mellow beat in the song, it just give you this good vibe as you listen to it.

The has simple lyrics and chances are, you’ll master it in matter of minutes and that’s not a bad thing or is it though?

Igo is off Raj’s upcoming #BAE2 Ep that we ar e really looking forward to. Drop it already!

Watch Igo below and tell us what you think.

Victoria Kimani back, with a single dubbed “Swalalala”

Victoria Kimani back, this time with a single dubbed “Swalalala”. The Video was directed by Sweetness and produced by Masterkraft. This something that no one should miss.  Kimani glides through with the lyrics and the tempo. Damn! This girl is fine. The Kenyan song writer has been in the media with cat fights but this jam still proves she can still do music. This release comes after has latest song Wash It which featured Ghanaian lyricist Sarkodie. This song is simply a dis to her haters.


The song was shot in Kibera kenya, which is amongest the largest slums in Africa. The background is very creative and honestly, who would have that Kimani would shoot a video in such a place? The lyrics and the beats are just in sync with the song. The video quality is of international standards. The words and the video too are in sync. The production generally is commendable. Also make up and costume was well thought off. Victoria Kimani had great minds working with her.

Lyrical Presentation

Kimani has done so well in the lyrics of Swalalala. There is a lot of repetition used to bring out the title of the song. Also the style brings out the rhyme in this song. I mean listen to the flow. The song is just about this girl and the message she is setting to her haters. There is this line where she says, “Shine right like a diamond. Everything set you know” This line is so powerful, it means that she will keep on shinning and goes ahead to liken her success to the shinning of a diamond.

This is where now the words lie; “Then go swalalala swalalala yeah Shout out to the haters They cannot stop me  They cannot block my way(Fvck you)”.  Go wild and show the haters that her success cannot be stopped. Girl sounded very bitter. But anyway it happens.

The song is good and it can be played anywhere. If you are a fan of Afro Jazz, I recommend you listen to swalalala. I give the song a rating of 6/10.

Click this  link to watch the video.

“I can’t date a broke man!” Victoria Kimani describes her dream man

Singer Victoria Kimani is not your average lady. Well, she knows she is classy and tries to keep it that way even when it comes to the people she is dating.

The popular singer opened up about this while speaking during a recent interview with Betty Kyallo where she talked about her love life.

Victoria Kimani with Betty Kyallo

According to Victoria Kimani, she is currently single but is interested in a man who she thinks hasn’t noticed her yet. She went on to say;

I’m not dating anyone, there’s someone that I want to date but I don’t really think he wants to date me. I think I go for the wrong kind of guys. I think I go for bad boys and that’s not good. Swag successful, he needs to look good have a little bit of money he can’t be broke or if you’re broke, No you can’t be broke I’m sorry, I really am. I can’t. I want someone who has ambition, I don’t want someone who is lazy coz I’m not lazy, I don’t want someone who lacks vision, I want someone with a business mind because my business mind is not that great, there needs to be a balance,”

Support from her parents

Although she is a pastors daughter, Victoria Kimani says that her parents still support her career; however many at times they prefer if she used her voice to serve God.

“I think my dad appreciates the music part of it as he is a musician, my mother definitely would prefer that I sing gospel music. It’s definitely their preference but honestly, my parents just want me to be successful more than anything. If I am successful, they are happy and even with the few successes I have had they post things on Facebook they are proud,” 


This is why Victoria Kimani is not saying ¨I Do¨ anytime soon

Kenyan International music star, Victoria Kimani articulates, she will not marry a broke guy. Period!

During K24´s ¨Upclose with Betty¨, the China Love artist reveals that her love life is stale news for the time being, since Mr Right hasn´t showed up yet.


The Nigerian-based Coco artist, has these conditions set for an eligible man in her life:

First of all you can´t be broke.

He needs to have swag and be successful.

However, the TV siren, baffled the female artist when she asked about going after true love rather than money.

Vicky guffawed that she wouldn´t date a lazy and unambitious guy.


The sultry songbird allegedly once dated Stanley Obiamulu, a Nigerian video producer and Director, before parting ways.

Since then, she has laid low on dating.

However, Vicky made a shocking revelation about her crush:

I´m not dating anyone.

There´s someone I want to date, but you know, I don´t really think he wants to date me.

I think I go for the wrong kind of guys.


Additionally, Vicky does have ambition to have her own family and settle down, just needs the ´right´ guy.

It really needs to be with the right person because my worst fear is being a single mom.

I´d like my children to grow up with mom and dad in the home.

So it´s something I´m willing to take my time on.

She´d go crazy if she delivers a baby who´d face rejection and left in the arms of a single mom to grow up in, that is her worst scare.

I don´t want to rush and have someone´s baby and they don´t want to be with me, coz then I´ll go crazy.

I´ll be the crazy baby mama.

The music Queen is however still up and ahead in the music industry with her latest and favorite release being ¨Wash It¨.


Victoria Kimani has teamed up with Stella Mwangi on this new banger that you’ll absolutely love

I’m a huge fan of Stella Mwangi, alias STL. Of course, just like many people, I first came to know of her when she released Take It Back circa 2007. Somehow, she managed to retain me as a fan to date with her subsequent releases.

To some extent, I also appreciate Victoria Kimani’s music. I might have some reservations about her or how she carries herself but I generally think that she’s worth her salt. She makes good music and that’s all that matters.

Being good fans of both Victoria and STL, you can just imagine how excited I was when I learnt that they have a new collabo together. If you are just learning of this, please take a seat.

The new jam is titled Number One. Forget about all the other songs out there with the same title, this is the real deal. No kidding! Also, to all the musicians out there, please think of other song titles. This one has been exhausted. I digress.

The new song does not have a video yet (maybe they are not even planning to shoot one) so we’ll just talk about the beautiful audio that is almost clocking 10,000 views on YouTube.

Victoria Kimani

First, the song has a very catchy beat. I was not expecting anything less seeing as it was produced Tuc who is one of the best in the music business not only in Nigeria but Africa.

I don’t mean to exaggerate but it is one of the most memorable beats I have listened to in a long time. You’ll find yourself swaying to the beat as you listen to this banger.

Number One is a feel good song. Actually, it’s a motivational song. The message behind it is that you should work hard and not be afraid of people who are jealous of your success. At least, that’s what I understood.

Victoria’s delivery was off the hook as expected. She has this melodic voice that you just want to keep listening to. You’ll hit the replay button at least a couple of times because of her smooth vocals.

Stella Mwangi

However, I was most excited about STL’s part. She always has this bad ass vibe that I appreciate or like. Probably this is why she one of the best female emcees out there but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Listening to her part gave me the same feeling I get when I listened to Take It Back. What struck me about the song is the outro and it’s not what STL said, it’s about how she said it.

She says “Stella Mwangi, Victoria Kimani up in this b******ch. Hahaha. Kenya stand up!” That outro will stick in your mind, trust me.

Listen to Number One below and tell us what you think.

Victoria Kimani and Professor Jay follow in Otile Brown’s footsteps to drop new song dedicated to women

It seems 2019 is all about celebrating women, musicians are now dropping new songs specially dedicated to women. Which is a good thing by the way.

Otile Brown dropped a new song dubbed ‘Kenyan Girl’ which basically praises women in Kenya. He mentions the likes of Betty Kyallo, Huddah Monroe and also his ex Vera Sidika in his song.

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Victoria Kimani and Mikumi MP Professor Jay also collaborated to drop a new song in praise of women, their new song is simply called ‘Woman’.

“Your Mamma would Love this song… so would mine …?? What a Perfect time as every time to Appreciate, Recognize and Worship WOMEN … because OMG, we do everything ❗️❗️❗️ We are the brains behind every operation, Life givers, and Angels on earth,” wrote Victoria Kimani.

Watch the song below:



Victoria Kimani blasts Jalang’o… calls him arrogant 

Musicians and TV and radio presenters’ beef which was started by Khaligraph Jones has now turned ugly as some people have started taking things too personal.

Khaligraph started the beef by mocking presenters with a free trip to Nigeria while protesting the influx of Nigerian music in the Kenyan airwaves.

Several musicians have come out to support Khaligraph’s demand for Kenyan content to be given priority when it comes to airplay.

Jalang’o has been the face of TV and radio presenters in this tug of war, he has been defending fellow presenters against claims that they favor foreign content over Kenyan music.

Deaf and dump to Kenyan talent

Victoria Kimani has also come out to support calls for Kenyan music to be given 100% airplay. She says that she has been advocating for the same for the past five years but no one listened to her.

She also said that Jalang’o and people who thinking along the same lines as him are ignorant. Victoria further says the Jalangos are deaf and dump to Kenyan talent.



“It’s time to hit the gym my dear” Fan begs Victoria Kimani but gets unexpected response

While Kenyans were recently impressed after State House spokesperson and former Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena stepped out looking thicker after adding a few Kgs, that might not be the case for Victoria Kimani.

We can all agree the singer has added just a few Kgs. A few Kenyans have noted while others haven’t. The reaction hasn’t been immense like Kanze Dena’s.

Gym time

However, one fan who noted this suggested that the singer should hit the gym because she has grown fat.

“Beautiful but umenona. Time to hit the gym my dear,” said the fan in the comment section after Victoria Kimani posted a video captioned “I know I’m great AF..I don’t need awards to confirm these.”

The singer wasn’t impressed with the post and a short but ruthless clap back.

“Lol. Kiss my ass.” she told the fan. 




Victoria Kimani pens long letter to Nyakundi begging him to stop attacking women

Victoria Kimani has begged controversial blogger Nyakundi to end the beef with singer Akothee and focus on more productive things.

On Instagram, the singer, posted a long letter written in Swahili confessing that she didn’t know who Nyakundi was until the beef started.

Akothee’s beef with the blogger started after he warned Kimani to stay away from her. Since then, the two have been exchanging insults on social media.

“Wewe Victoria Kimani! Rudia Victor Wanyama. No need to waste your youth listening to sterile advise from a spent cartridge like Akothee. Ako na watoto kama 8, and you’re still child-less. Are you barren? Acha kutupwa na huyu shosh. Pata watoto wa Wanyama. Saa hii Nairobi nobody wants to date nyinyi madame wa kujifanya mko na standards. So jipange haraka before it’s too late.” wrote Nyakundi.


In her letter, Kimani said that she doesn’t depend on men and everything she has is through handwork hence Nyakundi shouldn’t bash her.

Here’s the letter:

Nitakua mwanamke wa aina gani kama kama sita ongea mambo yanayo tuumiza sisi kisaikolojia,kiroho na kimwili.Mtazamo wa jamii yetu kwa wanawake unahitaji kubadilika.

Kuanzia wauguzi wakike, wafanyi kazi wa nyumbani, waalimu, wafanyi biashara, wanasiasa, waburudishaji, wamiliki wa biashara, matajiri wanawake, maskini wanawake, wamama, madada.. watoto wakike, na hata mtoto wa kike akiwa tumboni mwa mamake…..

Kulingana na watu wachache wenye akili finyu, wanawake wote wako sawa!!
Mbona usinihukumu kwa matunda ya kazi yangu, au kwa mienendo ninayo-ionyesha katika Maisha ya kila siku? Mbona usinihukumi kwa hilo badala ya kunihukumu kwa maovu??

Hata mwenyezi mungu, ambaye mwanawe Yesu Christo, aliwaambia wanaume waliotaka kumtupia yule mwanamke Malaya mawe , ya kwamba; “asiye na dhambi, miongoni mwao, awe wa kwanza kutupa jiwe!
Athari za kutowaheshimu, wanawake tunaowajua, na tusiowajua, ni kwamba tunaifundisha jamii, nama ya kuwachukulia dada zaka, na mamako!
Sitatukana family yako, wala watu unaowapenda, kwa sababu, nina uhakika unafahamu uchungu wake!

Je, unafahamu kwamba, mimi ni mtoto wa mtu, dadake mtu, na kama kioo cha jamii, kuna wanawake wengi, ambao, wananiangalia kama kielelezo kwao?
Natumia muziki wangu kuhamasisha mabadiliko katika kizazi changu na kizazi kinachokuja.
Mashairi yangu, yanawapa wanawake motisha, na naongelea chnagamoto tunazopitia Maisha yetu kama wanawake.

Dhana uliyoileta kwetu, ni za kiubaguzi kwa wanawake, ni za kukera, na kutia kichefu chefu, na zinavunja moyo.
Nimeongea katika jukwaa la umoja wa mataifa (United Nations) kuhusu umuhimu wa wanawake kua na sauti katika jamii yetu.
Na fanya kazi kwa bidi, sijawahi kuwa na sugar dady, na siwahukumu wanaofanya hivo.
DNaomba, nafunga , na naweka nguvu zangu zote katika muziki wangu, na napenda ninachokifanya.
Siko hapa kukudhalilisha, bali niko hapa kukuinua. 

Cyprian Nyakundi Sikuwahi kukujua, mpaka uliponitaja mimi na mmoja wa marafiki zangu wa karibu Akothee.
Lakini nafurahi kujuana na wewe mtandaoni.
Kunijua, ni kunipenda, na pia ni kuniheshimu mimi, na juhudi zangu za kimaisha.
Namtakia kila anayesoma huu ujumbe Amani na Furaha!

Poor boy child! Rapper Naiboi still bitter with Victoria Kimani for snubbing him

You would think that male celebrities don’t get blueticked but it turns out that no boy child is immune to the vagaries of ladies’ attitude.

Rapper Naiboi is still hurting after Victoria Kimani gave him blue-ticks for century, he approached the songbird to appear in his video ‘2 in 1’ but never got a reply.

“I tried to reach out to Avril and Victoria Kimani. For Victoria Kimani, aliniblue-tick WhatsApp na Instagram. Nikasema sawa. Nime hold grudge kwa sababu yeye alinilenga point blank,” Naiboi said in an interview with Word Is.

Avril and Sanaa’s responses

Naiboi says Avril and Sanaipei Tande politely declined his request to appear in his music video, he says that their responses didn’t hurt him.


“Avril told me she was going to send, but I tried calling and my calls went unanswered. For her, I believe she might have not understood the idea, but at least she told me she was going to send, which she didn’t. It was a different case with Victoria. I called Sanaipei and she told me at the moment she can’t be in such a project, unless we have a project together. That makes sense to me, than someone blue-ticking me.

Adding that;

“I’m blaming the person that blue-ticked me. Blue tick means someone read your message na hataki kukupea time ya kuongea na wewe. Ni sawa, tutapatana tu. One day nitatosha mboga.”




“Nigerians and Luhyas have the biggest mjulubeng” Akothee and Victoria Kimani discuss men with biggest manhood

Akothee and Victoria Kimani are some of the most traveled celebrities in Kenya. The two singers have sampled men of different nationalities and have made an interesting conclusion about men in regard to the load they carry between their legs.

Victoria and Akothee recently spent quality time together in the Coast, they were seen parading some skin at the beach in Malindi town.

The two singers took time off their vacation to discuss men. Their topic specifically centered on men with the biggest manhood in Africa.

Nigerians and Luhyas

Akothee and Victoria concluded that Nigerian and Luhya men carry the biggest load between their legs. From their talk you could easily conclude that they have first hand experience to assert that Nigerians and Luhyas have the anacondas.

The two singers praised Nigerians and Luhyas as they held big yam-like plants on their hands. Watch the video below:

‘I’ll sending you eyeglass prescription’ Victoria Kimani tells fans after they insist she looks like Nicki Minaj 

Victoria Kimani is not entertaining anyone who thinks she looks like American singer Nicki Minaj.

It all started after a couple confused Kimani for Minaj while she was in Paris recently for her tour. The couple asked her to take a photo with their baby, which Kimani later found out it’s because they thought she was Nicki.

On her page, Kimani shared the photo insisting that people should stop comparing her to the American superstar.

“So…. here I was… doing touristy things In Paris…. and this Couple came up to me and literally handed me their baby and told me to take a picture with her… I later found out that they thought that I was @nickiminaj… While I do appreciate the Ultra sweet compliment but guys… I don’t look like the Queen… not even a little bit…. one day…. this child will grow up and realize that I am in fact…. not Nicki…. but a Popstar from AFRICA ( which is super cool too) anyway… we look cute in our matching hats,” she wrote.


Fans however went on to insist that she looks like the singer to a point that some even can think they’re sisters. Kimani however didn’t entertain the comments and kept insisting that she shouldn’t be compared to the singer.

Victoria Kimani granted special honour in Paris as French couple mistake her for Nicki Minaj (Photos)

There is no denying that Victoria Rubadiri somewhat resembles American rapper Nicki Minaj, especially when she decides to be crazy with her fashion sense just like the ‘Anaconda’ rapper.

Victoria was at the Louvre Museum in Paris when she unknowingly attracted the attention of some Parisians who took a great interest in her.

The Kenyan rapper was approached by a French couple who asked for a selfie moment with her. They handed her their baby and took photo of her with the baby as she posed in front of the Louvre Pyramid.

Victoria Kimani poses with a baby in Paris
Victoria Kimani poses with a baby in Paris
Popstar from Africa

Victoria only learnt later that the couple mistook her for Nicki Minaj. She now fears that the baby will one day know that she is not the American rapper but some popstar from Africa.

“So…. here I was… doing touristy things In Paris…. and this Couple came up to me and literally handed me their baby and told me to take a picture with her…. I later found out that they thought that I was @nickiminaj …. While I do appreciate the Ultra sweet compliment ? But guys…. I don’t look like the Queen… not even a little bit…. one day…. this child will grow up and realize that I am in fact…. not Nicki…. but a Popstar from AFRICA ( which is super cool too) anyway… we look cute in our matching hats ??,” wrote Victoria Kimani.


Naiboi: “Avril and Victoria Kimani ignored my request to appear on 2 in 1!”

Although his 2 in 1 song is a success; seems that Naiboi also faced a few challenges here and there.

Just recently he revealed that he had no budget for his song and thanks to a few Kenyan celebrities he managed to come up with a catchy video.

So far the song has seen him raise to the top and if I am not wrong, Naiboi might just be the hottest artist in the industry.

Avril and Victoria snubbed me

However this did not give him a free pass when it came to Avril and Victoria Kimani. Speaking to Adele this morning, Naiboi revealed that he reached out to our Kenyan Diva’s Avril and Victoria Kimani who ignored him.

Apparently he tried to get them on his video for support but the two ladies never got back to him. Well, this is not new in the Kenyan music industry and we still ask why our music is lagging behind?

Victoria Kimani rubbishes claims by Nigerian musician L.A.X that they are meant for each other

Victoria Kimani was recently seen in a video posted on Instagram grumbling about her celibate lifestyle. The sultry singer announced that she was yearning to be laid.

“Since May last year I have not had sex with one person. So who is f*cking up… Because am ready (lift her legs up),” Victoria Kimani said in the video.

Nigerian rapper Damilola Afolabi known professionally as L.A.X raised eyebrows when he said that Victoria Kimani is the love of his life.

“The love of my life, my WCE is Victoria Kimani, that is the love of my life, and that is all I want to reveal for now,” said L.A.X when asked about his love life during an interview with Pulse Nigeria.

Not a chance

It seems Victoria Kimani is not interested in a relationship, or perhaps she doesn’t like L.A.X at all. The Kenyan songbird maintains and L.A.X and her will never be an item.

“Lies and corruption,” Victoria Kimani posted after a poll on Nigerian Pulse website asked if L.A.X and her would make a perfect match.






Victoria Kimani: I haven’t had s.ex since May last year, I need to get laid

Victoria Kimani has been living a celibate lifestyle for one long year. The sultry Kenyan songstress decided to abstain from all sexual activity after breaking up with ex boyfriend.

Victoria was dating Stanley Obiamalu – a Nigerian video producer and director before their relationship hit rock bottom sometimes in May year.

Speaking during TV interview in December 2017, Victoria Kimani said she was not in a hurry to jump into another relationship;

“Honestly, I feel like a virgin right now, my love life has actually been non-existent. I’ve not been in a relationship for like six months now and I haven’t tried to bother like to try find someone else,” Victoria said during the interview.

Now I need to get laid

Victoria has been seen in a video posted on her Instagram handle grumbling about her celibate lifestyle. The sultry singer says she now yearns to have sex.

“Since May last year I have not had sex with one person. So who is f*cking up… Because am ready (lift her legs up),” Victoria Kimani said in the video.





Victoria Kimani: I’m sure E-Sir is looking down from heaven and shaking his head at how backwards we have gone

Victoria Kimani says Kenyan entertainment industry is in a sorry state. The sultry songbird however blames local promoters for everything.

Victoria has decided to embark on her first ever country-wide tour on her own without promoters. She will be visiting different towns starting with Kisii this coming Saturday March 10th.

“This is my first tour in Kenya. I think i just got tired of waiting for promoters to call me and pay me less than i deserve while asking me to perform as they roll out red carpet and full nine-piece bands for foreign artists.

“I decided to do it on my own with or without the corporate sponsors who unfortunately continue to push these foreign acts and use Kenyan artists as opening acts. I am taking matters into my own hands and going directly to meet my thousands of fans in their hometowns across Kenya rather than wait for promoters to do it for me,” said Victoria Kimani.

E-Sir is disappointed

Victoria also blames local promoters for obstructing Kenyan artists from getting their continental breakthrough. She says E-Sir is shaking his head from heaven.

“Kenyan promoters are holding us back. We don’t have a fiesta that celebrates us. We are always told we are second best and meant to be opening acts only. I think some artists just started believing those lies. I’m sure E-Sir is looking down from heaven and shaking his head at how backwards we have gone,” Victoria said.


Victoria Kimani throws shade at two faced fans judging her projects with Nigeria artists!

Victoria Kimani will not be playing the polite girl anymore; she is fed up with the two faced comments from fans claiming she is not patriotic.

The singer shared her opinion through her twitter page urging fans to stop pretending they care about Kenyan music; wherelse they are the first ones to support Nigerian concerts held in the country.

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I care less about your comments

For her, it doesn’t matter anymore whether they accept her as a Kenyan artist – building her brand differently as she cannot make everyone happy.

This is because either way she will always be judged for working with Nigerians; but when boy bands do it they are applauded for it.

Though this is not the first time Victoria Kimani is defending herself, I can bet it won’t be the last either!

With all this said and done… it’s sad to see that Victoria Kimani has actually paved a way for many Kenyans to land collaborations with continental artists.

“Perhaps your Fathers did not teach you well” Victoria Kimani addresses rape culture after Kisii men groped her booty

Victoria Kimani is traumatized by what happened in Kisii during her concert. Thirsty Kisii revelers scrambled to grab the sultry singer during her performance and when she was making her way out.

Victoria Kimani performed in Kisii last Friday to a packed audience. A male reveler was slapped by the singer’s security after he touched her booty indecently.

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Victoria Kimani
Rape culture

Victoria Kimani decided to address rape culture after her experience in Kisii. The ‘Live It Up’ hit maker says rape culture flourishes because people make make jokes out of sexual violation.

The singer was blamed for dressing in revealing outfit during the Kisii show. Most people didn’t take it serious that Victoria was fondled.

Victoria Kimani performing in Kisii

“Perhaps your Fathers and brothers did not teach you well. I will be your teacher today. RAPE CULTURE is what you are promoting when you laugh or make jokes out of sexual violation, it is when you down play these actions and BLAME the VICTIM for what was done to them. I am passionate about this because I have friends and sisters and Brothers that have been raped or molested and had NO ONE to support them. You boys (and shockingly girls too) I will pray for you on this good Sunday. There is a special place in HELL for you if you do not stop what you are doing! #endrapeculture @wisdomatl” wrote Victoria Kimani.


Victoria Kimani’s security detail slaps a man in kisii after grabbing her ‘assets’, check out her outfit that left many thirsty!

This past weekend Victoria Kimani had an opportunity to perform in Kisii; but seems that her male fans were not ready.

Well, judging from her outfit we have every reason to believe that her male fans could not handle her beauty. Most could not believe how one woman would be so beautiful and curvaceous at the same time.

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While making her way to the stage, Victoria Kimani revealed that one of the fans grabbed her butt but luckily, her security detail dealt with his just fine. Through her Instagram page she wrote saying;

Thirsty fans ogle Victoria Kimani

Looking at the crowd, it’s wema obvious that the fans would have tried something fishy with the singer. From the photos shared by Victoria Kimani, seems like most were interested in checking her out rather than listening to her music.

This will however not be the last time the singer is coming face to face with such fans especially now that she has the ongoing SafariTour in Kenya.


Diamond and Victoria Kimani win big in Afrimma Awards 2017 (Photos)

The 4th Annual African Muzik Magazine awards (Afrimma) also now known as Afrimma awards and music festival, went down on Sunday October 8th at ‘House of Blues’, Dallas , Texas, United States.

For starters, Afrimma is the biggest African music awards ceremony in diaspora that fete African music and artists from all over the world.

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz won Afrimma award for Best Artist of the Year 2017 while Kenya’s own Victoria Kimani scooped Best Female East Africa, which was previously won by Akothee in 2016.

Victoria Kimani flaunts Afrimma award she won

Triplets Ghetto Kids (TGK) from Uganda won Afrimma award for Best Dancers Africa 2017. The group shot to fame following their exemplary performance in the hit song “Unforgettable” by the American rapper French Montana featuring Swae Lee.

Triplets Ghetto Kids (TGK)
Triplets Ghetto Kids (TGK) at Afrimma ward gala in Dallas