‘I had to talk to my bosses first’ Willis Raburu opens up on he didn’t move to NTV 

Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu recently topped headlines after speculation that NTV was trying to poach him and make him the new host of the Trend Show.

Then, the news anchor, who hosts youth’s program 10 over 10, denied the allegations but he has now opened up saying that it’s true Nation Media Group tried poaching him.

Consulted first

Speaking in an interview on K24’s Talk Central, the funny man said that he consulted his bosses before the move to make sure no bad blood was created.

He also wanted to ensure that he can make a return to Citizen in case everything backfires at NTV.

“What happened was, there was some offers that were made but you know that am so into Citizen, Royal Media, Sk Macharia and you know what happens in the media is, there is such a rush, they offer you money, throw figures but if it’s not going the direction of your brand,but at the end of the day the environment where you are working is also important, I had to talk to my bosses to understand if the move was okay. I didn’t want to make a mistake because you can jump ship then it goes wrong, the direction of what they were offering was not really what am doing, I have done it before so I just went there and had a conversation and I decided to stay” said Willis Raburu.

Wewe endelea kusema ‘I just can’t anymore’! Willis Raburu’s parents celebrate 40 years of marriage 

Willis Raburu parents have hit 40 years now after exchanging vows. Yes, 40 years of marriage and still happy.

The Citizen TV presenter, who exchanged vows with Mary Ngami Irungu on May 5 2017, took to social media to share that his parents married in 1978.

“Happy 40th Wedding anniversary to my mom and Paps. 40 years of marriage!!! You are trailblazers,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Good number

Willis is hopping to hit those numbers too with wife Ngami since the two are just madly in love with each other and always display their love on social media.

Here is what fans had to say:

“Kwani ni team unaanzisha!” Willis Raburu shocks many after revealing the number of kids he is planning to have

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu is hoping that pretty soon he will have children of his own if things work out as planned.

The popular news anchor revealed this just recently when celebrating his wife’s birthday through his social media pages.

According to Willis Raburu…he is happy to have a woman like Maryaprude who will also be the future mother of his 12 kids in the near future. In the celebratory message he shared on his Instagram page…the fella wrote to say;

Happy birthday to my #Morkich #MySoulTatoo #MyFavour my personal naughty girl, and the future mother of my 12 kids ???? I love you, my wife, my rock

This however most of his fans questioning whether he was planning to start his own team now that it is evident that he is on a mission to make sure he has a huge family.