Willy Paul makes U-turn after taking legal action against ex lover, Miss P

Singer Willy Paul has had his share of drama with pretty, petite light skinned ladies in this town. Actually most of them are usually around 19 to at-least 24 years; which is the perfect naive age for girls who want to date ‘super stars.’

Luckily for Willy bPaul his charm never dies; despite the many bad stories that have painted him as a pretender for the lack of a better word; but I guess he often gets away because his prey is above 18 years. I mean look at Miss P.

Willy Pozee in another scandal

Anyway after claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Willy Paul, not once or twice I wonder how that works; the controversial artist is now talking lawyers after his image for ruined…wait image? Is Pozee not abit too late to worry about his image?

Legal statement

Anyway, just how he likes doing things; Willy Paul this past weekend shared a copy of a statement from his legal showing that he was planning on suing young Miss P.

Willy Paul

For a minute….just a minute I actually thought he was being serious but turns out; it’s another move to clout chase for his latest song with Juliani. Bure kabisa!


I say this because Pozee already deleted the post from his page replacing it with his new projects; which for sure will do well – but not because of talent but all thanks to Juliani’s scandal.