Shika adabu yako! Willy Paul suffers yet another block and rejection after sliding into stunning lady’s DM (Photos)

Willy Paul has found himself making news on social media after young Kenyan singer (Lulu) shared a couple of  screenshots; showing the DM she received from the controversial singer.

Lulu blocks Willy Paul

This comes just a few days after the singer ‘exposed’ Shakilla for allegedly breaking into his house in Syokimau. According to Pozee the young socialite has been obsessed with him for a while now; but after her interview with Xtian Dela – seems like she crossed the boundary.

However thanks to the footage showing Shakilla visit Willy Paul; there was no sign of breaking in but just a normal girl walking into a house she had been invited to. So basically, Pozee plan to ruin Shakilla image failed; and now he is on to the next.


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Blocked and Deleted

A lady identified as Lulu has come out to expose the singer for sliding into her DM where he also requested for her number too. However having made a negative name for himself; the lady in return went on to block and delete the guy.

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Through her Instagram page Lulu Kenya captioned her post;


Willy Paul