Xtian Dela exposes the ugly side of Kenyan gospel artistes that saw him quit the industry (Video)

Unknown to many, popular entertainer, Xtian Dela was a gospel artist before he went into all manner of entertainment crafts.

Xtian was a household name in the Kenyan entertainment industry but back then, he was known for gospel hits that bagged him massive viewership on YouTube.

However, to many, he derailed from his path of salvation after he started hanging out with a new circle of friends whose history has not painted them so well.

Xtian Dela

Not to mention names but what worsened his new career path is his recent explicit Club Covid Instagram show that has raised controversy and criticism especially regards the Kenyan youth.

Sharing his past on Jalango´s YouTube show, the former gospel artist narrated how he would speak in tongues and lead worship in his church.

I was a gospel singer and I am very proud about it. Satan didn´t visit me. I was a worship leader in church. I was speaking in tongues bro.

Days when he produced huge gospel music videos while praising God by the roadside.

Former gospel artist, Xtian Dela (in black)

The rot

However, things changed and not because he lost relevance, but because the gospel industry itself is a stinking rot.

The adulting and life happened. When I got into the entertainment industry, I got through the gospel industry and a lot of people know me from the gospel industry. But truth be told, I have nothing to lose, I fear no one, I don´t give a damn what people think.

Xtian Dela

The hypocrisy, the misuse of power… you name it, is what best describes the Kenyan gospel music scene. So sad that music artistes would use the up and coming talents to stage performances and end up paying them nothing!

I got into the gospel industry and one thing about it, watu wanatumiana sana. People use each other and people are very fake out here bro. We are friends but I can sleep hungry because you can´t help me. Tulikuwa tunachapa ma mission narudi nyumbani manze nalala njaa. Na nimekuja mission we ndio umeniita, sometimes you get KSh 200,000 na mimi ata KSh 1,500 huwezi nipatia.

Forget the self-mindedness, born Aurther Mandela admitted that gospel artistes are but hypocrites who come on stages to urge people to seek salvation but behind closed doors, fornication and adultery is the order of the day.

Xtian Dela born Aurther Mandela

No one is perfect and no one hasn´t committed sin. But for the social media personality, the misleading lifestyles of gospel artistes made him feel not worthy to continue with the gospel mission.

Gospel industry even before you break through is crazy. Cartels, bro. The things I was seeing behind the scenes – tumeenda mission lakini vile wasanii na watu wanakulana huko nyuma bro. I´m telling you the truth bro. I have nothing to loose mehn! Watu wanakulana angle za dhambi bro. And then I´m like, is this the gospel we are preaching? Is this the thing? I cannot lie to myself and lie to God, you better be real to one bro. Sio niingie kwa dhambi, but let me just be me.

Unfortunately, the vlogger divulged that majority of gospel artistes are but hypocrites who preach water and drink wine. At least 80% are drug abusers and fornicators who hide under the umbrella term ´gospel industry´.

And I can´t lie. Almost 80% of the gospel industry artistes, take alcohol, weed and just fornicate even more than secular artistes. Tunaenda event, alcohol is being served and a very famous DJ is sipping alcohol from below his seat and places it back.

Influencer, Xtian Dela

Willy Paul & Ringtone

Mentioning a few names, Xtian pointed at gospel archenemies, Willy Paul and Ringtone whose lifestyles since time immemorial were tainted with dark spots.

Turns out Willy Paul was an alcohol addict before recently coming clean to the public about his controversial lifestyle.

Ni vizuri Pozze ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. Ni poa. Alikuwa anajificha sana. Pozze chafua, be you! Nimeanza na Pozze.

Willy Paul

Moving on was to Ringtone Apoko whose house in Runda harbored all blends of wine and who has sexual affairs with multiple ladies.

Ringtone, where are you? Are you seeing me? I love Ringtone very much bro. We´ve ever gone to his famous house in Runda and he introduces me to some red sweet dessert wine and this made me change my life completely. Ringtone knows how to marinate people – there was this chiq he was getting intimate with and I am sure he dumped her that same night.

Kenyan artist, Ringtone Apoko

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