Ted Josiah’s revelation on marriage reveals his hypocrisy in attacking Jalang’o

Ted Josiah was one of the more vocal men when it came attacking Jalang’o after he was outed by popular micro-blogger Edgar Obare with him going as far as to say that Jalang’o was a predator who was using his money and fame to lure “innocent pure, angels” into dark, sexual deviance.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

I kid you not, Ted Josiah who has a storied love life was the guy who felt he could get on his high horse and attack another man for not being as virtuous as he was and the media ate up his bullshit because it served their narrative.

ted josiah

However, having forgotten about Jalang’o for a minute, Ted Josiah has decided to continue along the same vein of revealing a lot of information about himself and this time he has decided to come clean with his rendition of how he abandoned his former wife and two children.

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

According to Ted Josiah, who was speaking on the NTV show Unscripted,

ted josiah

I was in a space where I wasn’t ready to be a family man. I was breaking people more than I was building them and everything that I had built was false. You know how you grow up and you are told you are supposed to get married and live in a certain way. I was just ticking boxes and then I realized I don’t even love this person.

ted josiah

And this was his explanation of why he fled to the United Kingdom at the height of Kenya’s 2007/2008 post-election violence and left his former wife and their two children. Aye, let that sink in.

Ted Josiah lost his job just months after getting a kid and losing his wife 

The same guy who was shaming Jalang’o for using his celebrity and money to sleep with consenting adults left his wife and two children behind when he fled because he feared for his life…

Ted Josiah on Jalang'o

And that is the guy who is also very public about sharing with us his trials and tribulations as a single father. That is Ted Josiah who is busy showing us his youngest child by his deceased wife and then he argues that he doesn’t share images or videos of himself hanging out and bonding with his older children because he wants to preserve their right to privacy…

“Is your greed for ratings that bad?” a disgusted Tedd Josiah scolds Ethic’s new release ‘soko’

Honestly, sometimes when you see information like this you cannot help but wonder whether the story and narrative have been made up by a bad Indian soap opera for the main antagonist. And then it strikes you that this is Ted Josiah.

The one and same guy who was recently virtue signalling and trying to whitewash the involvement of consenting adults in their nonsense drama with Jalang’o all to show that he is a better man. If that hypocrisy doesn’t smack you across the face, I don’t know what will.

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