“They called him ugly” Nimo Gachuiri shares the pain of seeing her son trolled online by close friends

Image: Mr Seed with wife, Nimo and son

Nimo Gachuiri had her son in her early 20s and, as a young mother, she never anticipated having to deal with adults being abusive towards her toddler.

In an interview with Parents online Magazine, Nimo shared the harrowing experience of watching close friends use fake Instagram accounts to relentlessly troll her baby boy.


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She explained that this occurred when she and Mr. Seed had a falling out with these so-called friends. They used private accounts to insult the boy, even calling him ugly, seemingly forgetting that he was innocent in the issues they had with his parents.

“My child was being seriously bullied. It reached a point where I told Seed I wanted to make our page private and remove everyone, leaving it as just an album,” Nimo recounted.


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Faced with worsening comments, Nimo revealed that she had to arrange a meeting with the individuals behind the hateful comments, hoping to end the harassment.

“We had a sit-down with the people involved. They were like, ‘we are sorry…'” she shared about the experience.

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