Vera vs Amber Ray: The most childish beef we’ve ever seen

Vera Sidika and Amber Ray are currently embroiled in a beef that can only truly be described by one word: childish. We cannot even believe just how vicious the matter has become and we cannot believe how petty both parties are being.

To give you some exposition, allow us to start by saying that this beef is all about a gender reveal party… A goddamn gender reveal party has escalated into a war of words that is epic in its pettiness. Both socialites accuse each other of stealing the idea from the other.

Vera Sidika vows to outdo Amber Ray’s gender reveal party

Amber Ray was the first to host her gender reveal party in a big way. It featured a billboard announcing the fact aswell as her and her fiance, Kennedy Rapudo enjoying a helicopter ride to the venue. And that’s when the real splendour begun as the venue was expensively decorated and the menu was fit for kings.

Vera Sidika clearly felt some type of way because she spoke about her displeasure to anyone who would listen. She felt as if her ideas were plagiarized and she was not happy about the fact, calling out her rival and accusing her of being a snake who hid their intent behind the back of a mutual friend who has since passed on.

Vera Sidika picking beef with Amber Ray over baby shower is just juvenile

Since then, they have been airing each other’s dirty linen in public with Vera Shikwekwe Sidika calling out Amber Ray for being a home wrecker and husband snatcher while the latter is calling out the former for having a useless husband who does nothing but mooch of her.

Amber with Bae, Rapudo

What’s interesting is that in the public’s eyes, these two women are the same animal and the same beast; both are women of ill-repute who have used their bodies to get to their wealth and public notoriety. So many are watching out of morbid curiosity to see what the two will say next and just how low they’ll stoop to outdo each other.


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