Why Kamene Goro is excited about Amber Ray’s happily ever after

Kamene Goro needs to start planning for kids

I said the next logical step because even though this is a move only a fool would deign to do, he clearly announced their engagement and rushed to meet her parents because they knew they were expecting a baby.

Kamene Goro

But back to the lecture at hand; Kamene Goro is ecstatic about seeing a former trollop get set into the family way because this gives other city girl such as her and the various feminist hope that they too will meet their Prince Charming.

We are happy for Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez BUT…

But they don’t seem to understand is the fact that this is an outlier incident in which a simp has met a rumoured former Scarlet lady, who is still attractive, and even though her previous relationships were all dumpster fires, he decided to get down on one knee and make an honest woman of her.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

Kamene Goro sees herself in this situation. The projection is not born of a similarity in circumstances dealing with rumoured heaux activities, but rather in the mirroring of circumstances regarding failed marriages, obscenely high body count as well as a longing for the fairy tale ending.

Kamene Goro proves once again that Kenyan celebrities give terrible advice

A lot of women are projecting onto Amber’s situation because they too are praying for miraculous happy ending. Because conventional Wisdom tells you that no self-respecting or a man of high value would ever look at a woman such as Amber and see a wife in her.

Amber Ray

Kamene Goro is wishing upon a shooting star that if this particular trollop can have a happy ending then perhaps she to will. This is also proof of an age-old: Starting a family is part of the metric of success with which women used to gauge their lives and though “girl bosses” and feminists would argue otherwise there is a sense of contentment borne of this fact.

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