Amber Ray is the worst type of single mother there is

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Amber Ray is the worst type of single mother you can ever impregnate or try to hitch your wagon to and while we all know this on a visceral level, today I am going to put pen to paper and explain to you exactly why your lizard brain knows this to be the ultimate truth.

‘It’s Not Easy Being A Single Mother’- Amber Ray Speaks On Raising Her Son Alone (Video)

And to start us off, we are going to revisit some statements she recently made regarding her experience with being a single mother. And what she had to say will come as a surprise to most feminists and useless women who have convinced themselves that men are nothing more than mere sperm donors:

”It’s not easy being a single mother. But nimemanage.”

And we have to look at Amber Ray and how it is that she managed to be a single mother for her son. And the answer is that she turned to men. Not the boy’s father because she admitted that he was a useless man who couldn’t punch his way out of a wet brown paper bag but other men that she had relations with. And what that means for her son is precisely why she is the worst kind of single mother there is.

Amber Ray
Amberay is not a bastion of intelligence

You see, women can become single mothers for a myriad of reasons. For starters, the most traditionally acceptable reason is the fact that she might be widowed. She was happily married (or otherwise to be honest) and then the husband died. Their children are now being raised in a single-mother household. The thing that differentiates this from the other types of single mother households is the fact that her in-laws, the children’s father’s family usually rally around the single mother and offer support.

“I make my money off men” Amber Ray takes pride in quick and easy hustle

Then there are the women who divorced/ separated from their partners (I am going to take married couples and long term couples in the same breathe) and then become single mothers. The interesting thing about this to note is the fact that single mothers are usually the ones to initiate the split. And as a result, they lack a support network because even though her own family tells her they have her back, that eventually evaporates once that same set of people get responsibilities of their own. And the children grow up bitter and angry. Do not argue with me, go and argue with your mother and statistics.

Amber Ray

And the final type is the group to which Amber Ray belongs to; women who were trollops trapping tricks with babies. These are the women who are heaux and meet wealthy Johns. And to secure their financial future, they trap a man with a baby. A subsection of these women usually already come with a baby in tow. So what they do is they convince men to take care of another man’s offspring. We have seen Amber ray very competently play at this. We saw it with both Zaheer Jhanda and Jimal Roho Safi. It is nothing new and if you play this well, then like former socialite Daisy Rioba, you too will get married to a wealthy white man who can ignore the fact that you’ve been run through.

In Amber Ray’s shadow: Jimal Roho Safi is a fool if he thinks we will pity him

But what makes Amber Ray the worst type of single mother? the fact that she does not even attempt to hide her shenanigans from her son. Let alone hiding it, she does not even attempt to protect him from who she is (a heaux0 and instead, exposes him to it by including him in her digital life and her online presence. that young man knows who his mother is. He sees her with multiple different men. He sees her social media and that includes her more adventurous bathroom photos and videos. He also gets to witness her shenanigans as she chases after men and attempts to please them with thirst traps.

Amber Ray

What sort of boy wants to see his mother live her heaux life? If you were to marry a woman such as her, you would eventually have to make peace with the fact that when she sires children for you, they will be exposed to the adult side of life way too soon. They will even be made to participate in the garbage by taking photos of her to entice new men.

What do you think will happen to men like Amber Ray’s son? He will grow up either a completely useless simp or he will grow up completely rejecting women who are in his mind, all like his mother so he will either go asexual or gay. And you can argue with your mother on that or actually research the topic.

So when you meet trollops with children, keep the interaction light and fun. Do not meet their children and for the love of God, do not be a moronic simp like Jimal Roho Safi who threw out his entire family for a short-lived duck-fling.

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