Amberay financial times: stop taking advice from socialites

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Amberay recently decided to hold a QnA session on her IG and what we saw from there left me laughing because I could not believe how much drivel was being dispensed and the fact that a lot of women will see what she said and eat it up without question is something that causes me a lot of dismay.

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Why you ask? Because it is the type of content that causes insecure people to start doubting the progress they have made in their lives. And yet there is no substance in what was said by this socialite.

Amber Ray
Amberay is not a bastion of intelligence

Let us scrutinize what she said for all of one minute. She said she sold cereals and matumbo. How does that make you a millionaire? She should have been able to elaborate on the missing step between starting to sell cereals and mutura to her finally earning her first million.

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And Amberay’s story is devoid of details. Infact, if we are on the subject, she should be able to also detail the fact that she was previously married to yet another millionaire by the name of Zaheer Jhanda. So again I ask, at which point between her starting to sell cereals and mutura and marrying a millionaire political reject did she make her first millions?

Amber Ray
Amberay’s business wisdom translated to “Sell stuff, make money, become millionaire

And were tenders involved or did she just find a market that craved her cereals enough to buy in amounts that translated into millions in revenues and sales? And can she detail the inspirational business stratagem that was employed. Hell, she might hold the key to how more youth can be self-sufficient.

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But these details will never be forthcoming and do you know why? Because there is nothing to tell. These are hollow stories meant to glean over the fact that she has been a kept woman since we first found out about her.

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And you are eating it up and allowing yourself to be made to feel inadequate. Because after all your grinding, your business has gone under with Covid19 after the government decided to lock down the country and not give you social welfare benefits.

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Guys, we need to stop acting like these socialites are impressive business geniuses. They are kept women and while there is nothing wrong with that, they should stop trying to sell dreams they themselves have not lived. They should simply teach you how to move ahead in life using their lessons. Amberay, let’s keep things authentic.

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