Kennedy Rapudo is now begging Amber Ray to take him back

Kennedy Rapudo is one hell of an emotional man. Yesterday after being bombarded by questions about why he and his fiancee Amber Ray had deleted each other’s photos, he decided to post an emotional video declaring their breakup.

Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Are Just Bored With Each Other

So it’s safe to say that he’s one of those men who run with the emotional vomit onto social media. Beyond that another thing that we noticed is just how much of a punky is when he popped back onto his social media page to declare that so he owes no one an apology, he was going to clarify that he and his woman was simply traversing the ups and downs that come with relationships.

One has to wonder just how emotion-driven here if he knows he is in a temporary position yet his actions are in the complete extreme of the spectrum. He knows he and his fiancee are expecting a child together and he understands that this current teeth is a temporary problem yet he runs to social media to delete all of her photos then acts upset that his fans and bloggers have noticed and are asking questions.

We were right about Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray

Buddy needs to be crowded because in any relationship the money is meant to be the rock: Stoic. Kennedy Rapudo has not simply come out to explain the situation but this is his attempt at winning back his lady-love by begging for attention after she announced that she is more than capable and willing to raise their child alone.

And Amber Ray isn’t joking about because she already has the experience of being a single mother. And this is also going to serve as a reminder to men as to why making honest women of single mothers is very difficult; we often seek out the exit at the first sign of trouble waters.

We Saw It Coming- Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Hint On Break-Up

If there is a lesson for Kennedy Rapudo to learn from all this it would be that he needs to keep his emotions away from social media which means that whenever he has a problem he needs to fast run to his friends and seek advice and consolation from them before making rash decisions.

Amber Ray

That’s said and done I do believe that they had broken up but he is a waiver attempting to claw his way back into Amber Ray’s life and his post is meant to be his attempt at showing his willingness to come to the table and compromise or should I say bend over backwards and take whatever she’s shoving.

Kennedy Rapudo needs to protect his daughter from Amber Rayand the limelight

And for his sake, I hope it works because Lord Knows there is a long line of men who are getting ready to hit him over the head for the mistakes that he has made and if this is the eventuality then Kennedy Rapudo needs to accept his lot and do better next time around.

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