Kennedy Rapudo needs to protect his daughter from Amber Rayand the limelight

Kennedy Rapudo decided to make an honest woman of Amber Ray after a year of dating and as a result of this the two have decided to blend their families as best they can. That means that her son Gavin we’ll be living in the same house as he and when he has his daughter over she too will be part of the family.

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This comes with some rather unique challenges. That introduces you to the concept of the Cinderella Effect which is a complex way of saying that more often than not girls are endangered by stepfathers and step-siblings who might have predatorial inclinations but I will assume that that is not the case for the sake of argument and because we have not seen anything to indicate the contrary.


So we are going to focus on Kennedy being able to protect his daughter from Amber Ray’s fame and the subsequent clout chasing that comes as an attempt to maintain said fame.

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What I mean by that is the fact that I noted with some concern that whenever they were together in a bid to show just how well their families have gelled Faith Makau (that’s Amber Ray’s real name) would constantly have her phone camera in the young girl’s face trying perhaps to capture every moment they shared.


While this might be innocent there are certain ramifications that could come of it such as exposing her to Amber’s toxic fandom and the haters. This could also expose her to her peers and friends who might begin bullying her.

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Add to this the fact that such a situation is doubtless a strenuous one as we have a young girl thrust into the limelight without the oversight or protection of her mother regardless of whether or not she is an introvert, regardless of whether or not he wants to court fame and you can see where a problem might develop.

Amber with Bae, Rapudo

Studies have shown the adverse effect social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat have on young girls. No, really it affects all teenagers but is particularly advice to young girls and you can understand why caution needs to be exercised.

Amber Ray and kennedy Rapudo: Showing us how blended families work

Because I’m like our impending stepbrother, Gavin who has been in the limelight since he was much younger as his mother would routinely court fame and use him as a prop, in the case of Kennedy Rapudo’s daughter this is not the case as she had led a private simple life prior to all this.

Amber Ray

So again I must caution about how she is handled around her new stepmother. Also, imagine what the mother would be feeling if she was not consulted. Picture if you will that kind of storm she would kick up in a bid to protect her daughter and just how much it can strain Kennedy Rapudo’s relationship with his daughter.

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