Pritty Vishy talks to Stevo Simple Boy about his proposed marriage

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has captured attention with accusations aimed at his former partner, Pritty Vishy. Their relationship spanned several years, predating Stevo’s rise to fame.

However, they parted ways in early 2022, and since then, Stevo has moved on and married another woman, with whom he hasn’t been publicly seen for some time.


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Vishy’s relationship status remains unclear, although she has hinted at being involved with someone on multiple occasions.

In a recent interview with Kenya Online Media, Stevo made a statement that caught attention:

“If she wants us to reconcile, she should bring half a million. If she wants me to father her child, she should bring 1 million. And if she wants us to marry again, 2 million,” the rapper stated, seemingly earnest.


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Pritty Vishy, however, responded to Stevo’s comments, suggesting that he should communicate with her directly.

“As soon as I wake up, I’m going to see that artist to say those words he’s blurting out to my face. I see trouble brewing,” she wrote.

Previously, Pritty disclosed that she initiated the breakup with Stevo. The socialite also asserted that she wouldn’t consider reconciling with him, even if he were to ask for another chance.

However, it was alleged that the two never shared a romantic relationship because Stevo Simple Boy purportedly wanted to abstain from intimacy until marriage with the 21-year-old entertainer.

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