Someone tell Jimal Roho Safi money doesn’t make you a man!

Jimal Roho Safi has made my afternoon today after he posted an emotional post that was truly so filled with feminine energy, it was not just cringe inducing but also confirmed to me that he is not any good at being a man!

We were right about Jimal Roho Safi

I want you to picture if you will, hearing your father utter the words that he did and you tell me if you would have respect for him:

Jimal’s new babe

I forgive myself for not being perfect!

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And that is a real quote taken of some emotional rant that he went on after his wife refused to accept his apology that came months after he not only humiliated her in the manner in which he went about marrying a trollop called Amber Ray but then later allegedly carrying on with his subordinate (his employee) although the two have since denied anything went down between Jimal Roho Safi and her.

First of all, no. That is one of the most arrogant apologies I have ever come across. And he is forgiving himself for the wrong thing. He needs to forgive himself for being weak. And the only way to do that would be for him to shut up and do the work required for him to become better at being a man.

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You see, given that we are a third-world shitehole, we tend to get carried away with wealth and we created a culture that absolves the worst of the worst for their crimes and sins along as they are wealthy. That is why Jimal Roho Safi can still attract some useless slags and weak-minded men: he is a wealthy man. And we conflate that as a sign that he is a man. Nah mama, he is a male, not a man.

And we could see this months ago when we warned him that he needs to become the kind of man he would be proud of his sons becoming. And that included him realising that he shouldn’t have humiliated their mother so publicly. Instead, he was busy immersing himself in hedonism and lust as he ran the town with a lady who we all knew was going to turn his life into hell.

In Amber Ray’s shadow: Jimal Roho Safi is a fool if he thinks we will pity him

I mean, sure he has money but you cannot buy masculinity. And he is terrible at that aspect of being. Jimal Roho Safi is literally an example of men who realise their money can buy them transactional attention and then they fall head over heels for those same Jezebel spirits while humiliating their day ones. And now he is weeping and begging her to come back to him as he posts gabarge about forgiving himself.

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A grown man has resorted to taking plays from female guidebooks and he expects us to sympathize with him? Oh well, if he knew how to be stoic I wouldn’t have a story to tell and an opinion to inform.

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