Akothee ready to walk out & abandon family, says “she has had enough”

Akothee is back to publicizing her family problems on social media and although she is one big artist…not forgetting wealthy – i still cant understand why she chooses her social media as a place to seek therapy for all her family problems….but yea, were back at it and this time around she wants to call it quits with her family.

Well, a few hours ago the singer shared a post venting about her family which she says has been stressing her over the few months. From what I can tell is that shes back to having issues with her siblings who btw – don’t seem to be her biggest fans.

Through her IG stories, Akothee started with

I have no idea why its always me in question. Was it wrong for me to be born in this family?


I wish my grandfather was alive

Where are the parents?

Okay…not that I know Akothee’s family but I want to believe she has a mother and close relatives to intervene in such situations; but since she wishes her grandfather was around to sort the current issue – means she on her own.

In addition to the rant…Akothee went on to add;

You’re the one to live with the dents of upgrading people to a level they couldn’t, behave faithful at because they had not grown into it organically.

And lastly….Seems like the lady is thinking of abandoning her family because at this rate, Akothee is fed up with her close relatives.