Jackton Odhiambo’s plea to be release on bond after allegedly confessing to murder is sickening

Jackton Odhiambo is either just a cold murderer with zero sympathy or is currently having major mental breakdown or worse – is just a don’t care who wants the court to release him on bond while the police continue their investigations on the murder of Edwin Chiloba- who he had earlier confessed to knocking out cold.

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend, Edwin Chiloba

Well as seen on social media word has it that Jackton Odhiambo recently pleaded with the court for an immediate release, as he hopes to get back to work since he has a family to look after. Okay yea…you read it right. Jackton, a murder suspect has the guts to ask the judge to release him….yet his boyfriend is lying somewhere in a morgue waiting for burial.

With that i guess its onky fair to assume Jackton Odhiambo has clearly lost his mind or has someone powerful protecting him hence his request….I mean, he must have b*lls of steel to assume a judge would release on bond while facing murder trial?

The late Chiloba with Jackton Odhiambo’s girlfriend and newborn

Jackton Odhiambo losing his mind?

Okay, okay I know Maxine Wahome was granted bond after her deadly fight with the late Asad Khan…..but at the time the guy was still alive – but in Jackton’s case – he allegedly killed and stuffed the guy in a metal box…tell me how the law can allow such a person to the public?

Anyway while others feel his recent request is part of him wanting more fame – its also obvious to see it isn’t normal for him to just act like nothing happened. I mean….the guy allegedly killed and broke his late boyfriend’s in a box…..how is that even normal?

Diamond Platnumz rejecting his son with Hamisa Mobetto will one day cost him

Singer Diamond Platnumz is good at what he does and as far as his music career goes – we can all agree that he remains the one super star from East Africa giving fellow artists a run for their money.

However despite all that success, Diamond Platnumz also happens to have a few failures in life that is – making babies and denying them during interviews. If you doubt this….let me remind you of the video he shared telling his son, Nillan and daughter, Tiffa that they were his only kids.

Well with such stunts, the fella has now exposed his kids to public scrunity and this is why two radio hosts recently decided to troll Hamisa’s son, Dylan; claiming he might not be the singers son and even had guts to drag in kenyan Singer Jaguar who they suspect might be the biological dad.

Hamisa defends son

From the posts shared online, its obvious to see that these said radio presenters went abit too far with the allegations hence forcing Hamisa to speak.

Hamisa back with Diamond Platnumz

Although she blames the grown men for discussing her son on radio – i honestly feel that she shoukd take it up with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz who is the reason why people attack his kids on social media.

I mean, looking at other celebrity dads online, they all (apart from future and Eric Omondi) protect their kids from the public scrunity; but in Diamond Platnumz case – he willing hands them to wolves without a care in the world.

Problem is – I feel like he forgets that these kids are growing and will one day find out about their dad denying them. But again….his funeral, right?

“If she wants to leave, let her go” Will Paul advices men

Mapema ndo best.

So Willy Paul has never really had a stable relationship that we can look back and say…he has potential to share relationship advises out here for others learn from…but either way he has come out to tell men on how to handle women who are quick to leave a relationship when things get rough.

Willy Paul with alleged baby mama and son

Well as seen on a post shared on his Instagram page, Pozee told men to avoid simping over women when they say its over. According to him – if one wants to leave, then let them since theres plenty of fish in the sea.

As seen on his post, Pozee wrote;

Fellow men, if she wants to leave let her….there’s just so many of them waiting.

He went on to add that men can also apply this piece of advice to women with trust issues;

If ur faithful to her and she still got doubts then please let her go asubui na mapema Kabla jua iwake.

Willy Paul’s relationships

Well apart from one Michelle from back in the day – Pozee has never publicized any of his romantic relationships on social media; but from what we’ve heard is that he is one notorious womanizer and a baby daddy to a couple of women who had children witGucci.

Willy Paul with one of his girlfriends

So again…not sure whether he is the best person to take relationship advice from but if you are one of his fans…probably this will come in handy as he has a new project loading with Nigerian singer Guchi.

Singer Mejja opens up about his little brother’s struggle with alcoholism

Singer Mejja jas always kept his family affairs off special media for almost a decade now….and unlike your other favorite celebrities – who enjoy parading everything on their social media pages to survive, Mejja has always said his family shouldn’t be dragged online for whatever reason even it means his career depends on it.

Genge rapper Mejja

However times are changing and for some reason Mejja is also sharing unknown details about his family and to our surprise – turns put he has other two younger brother who he helped back in the day when living in Majengo with his grandma, Khadija Rehema. Speaking on his background, Mejja said;

Mejja with mum

I lived with my mum, my grandmother helped take care of my two brothers before my mum became stable.”

Supporting brother through healing process

Well, speaking of his siblibgs…Mejja for the first time disclosed unknown details about a brother of his – who has been battling alcohol addiction and from what he says….thanks to his small bro, he now knows better than to judge or laught at someone battling an addiction.

Speaking about his brother, Mejja said;

Pressure came in and he started drinking so much I was husting and taking care of him to make sure he is ok. It was a lot

Adding that;

Amepunguza but through him, I have learnt not to judge people struggling with alcoholism. He is now able to control his drinking. He can hold a steady job but there are relapses.

And having learnt more about alcoholism through his brother’s experience Mejja says that;

Alcoholism is a disease. If you say you will cut them off you are endangering them. Be patient.

And now he couldnt be any more proud of the small steps his brother has been making through his healing process. However….it is no walk in the park.

Light skin manenoz! Brown Mauzo’s latest photo with full face makeup leaves him looking unrecognizable, fans react

You see, thanks to Brown Mauzo – light skinned men are now facing some serious trolls and no not because they appear soft; but are said to be low key makeup lovers and if you doubt this….then maybe you havent seen Mauzo’s latest photo.

Netizens react to Asia Brown’s overfiltered photo

Well the said photo was unveiled by Vera Sidika who was aiming to stunt on her followers with a couples goal picture; but unfortunately the photo turned out to favor her more than husband, Mauzo who ended up looking like a female.

Maybe its the filters used by their photographer but with or without the beauty enhancer – netizens are convinced Brown Mauzo wore makeup for this shoot. Okay….its true men wear makeup especially actors and artists during a music video shoot or a movie – but definitely they never glam up to watch a movie.

Vera Sidika’s photo with hubby leaves many talking

Netizens react

With him looking like a doll, netizens went on to troll both him and wife asking which of the two was the man of the house.

Also there are those who blamed Vera sidika for sharing the overfiltered photo – knowing very well fans would come after her husband. But again you have to remember that Vera Sidika lost her touch with fans after the butt removal stunt….so to remain relevant – why not give fans something to talk about….and look its working.

Jalango’s former employee now living in poverty back in the village, shares heartbreaking video

Eli Omundu might be living in poverty but once in a while it appears he can afford bundles to upload his content on social media; showing how life back in the village has been and judging from most comments….people actually enjoy and appreciate what he has been delivering.

Eli Omundu's kids back in the village

However his latest video showing his kids sleeping on a thin mattress with barely enough blankets to share has left many feeling sorry for the fella who appears to be drowning in poverty. At some point, Eli Omundu is heard prophesying that one day these boys of his might be suffering for now, but….

hawa ndio madaktari wa kesho, wamezoea mbu.

From the comments, of course most fans tagged Jalango – reminding him not to turn his face away from the kids even if he still has bad blood with Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema who stole close to a million from him.

Once trust is broken, it can never be fixed

Okay, although many people feel that Jalango should give Eli and his family a second chance – they should also try to understand Jalango who suffered betrayal from the two people he had kept close and despite being workers – treated them more like his brothers or maybe cousins.

Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema finally speak up about alleged heist

However in return – they betrayed not only his trust but friendship and loyalty making it hard for him to now sympathize with them.

From the comments others asked, whether when robbing him….did they stop to look at back at how good he had been to them? No, it was all about getting the money then dashing….and now they’re back asking for mercy?

Well lets hope Jalango comes through for the kids…but its obvious that he does not want anything to do with his ex workers.

“I want a village girl” Daddy Owen reveals the type of woman he would consider settling down with

Daddy Owen separated with wife sometime in 2020 and from the rumors – word had it that his ex wife eloped with a tycon businessman. Since then he has been single and now that he is 40 years – his mum thinks maybe he should reconsider leaving the bachelorhood and start another family.

Daddy Owen with his mum

The veteran gospel singer revealed this in recent interview where he mentioned that lately his mother has been pushing him to remarry; as she fears he lives a lonely life – which is understandable, I mean what mother wouldnt want a family for her son?

Anyway speaking on this, Daddy Owen went on to say;

She tells me to even hire someone just to stop walking alone at home. She is worried that I live alone, I walk alone

However having gone through depression after his wife left, Daddy Owen says he fears jumping back into the dating pool because of his ugly past experience.

Any move with someone else might trigger my past. I am like, will I treat her well or I will be under the same pressure and the relationship end again?


I am not prepared since I understand it is not my decision alone, I need to have someone.

Daddy Owen with big brother, Rufftone

Future plans?

We really can’t blame him for wanting to be alone, but incase he fully heals and wants to have another wife Daddy Owen says this time she must be from the village;

I am Looking for a serious woman to date and marry. I am looking for a dark-skinned woman, very prayerful. She should be from the village.
I cant date someone who is born in the town.

Well his reason for this, is simply because he wants someone who will be his alone; and not one on social media looking for likes and comments….

I do not want someone who is always on social media platforms. Staki mtu wa TikTok. I want someone who will be mine and not for the whole world. I want someone who will purely concentrate on our marriage, and make me traditional meals.I want someone who wears long dresses.

And just like that….village girls are now the new thing!

Detective Jane Mugo calls off engagement, says fiance is a fraud

Ogopa Nairobi. I say this following Jane Mugo’s latest story concerning her a man she had fallen in love and even got engaged to be married in the future. From what she now says is that he is a fraud who has been using women for his own advantage, not forgetting the children he has also abandoned.

Jane Mugo off the market

As seen in a lengthy post shared on her social media pages, Jane Mugo who is a detective now says all hell broke loose after announcing her engagement on social media; as women conned by her fiance swamped her DM telling her what Boaz Romano had put them through.

When I posted about my engagement in July, I received congratulations messages from my followers, media streams, enemies, family and friends. Mad respect for you all. Same day I received DM, disturbing sms and photos from four women; USA, Pokot, Kitale and Kisumu. They were all bitter but honest to me because this guy had played them online and promised marriages and the fact that he was outside Kenya he had not met them.

Having falle in love, she obviously ignored the red flags until October when she realized the man she was about to marry was a fraud. To make matter worse, turns out that his own mother and siblings sold him out to the detective – telling her that he would never change for the better. She went on to explain the situation saying;

Detective Jane Mugo

All this hapened when I was bedridden in hospital after the kidnap and later I joined campaigns so I was busy but we spoke daily. He did it online. I chose to ignore them because I was determined to make my marriage stand. This month he jetted back into the country. His schoolmates, neighbours, mother (my mother in law) confirmed to me he has not changed.

Not a KDF officer

As if thats not enough, Jane now says she later learnt that her ex fiance, Boaz was not even a KDF officer as he had claimed. Wait… how?

Anyway narrating this, Mugo went on to write;

To me, it’s not about my happiness, but you cannot hurt your own mother, ex-women, blood children, lie about your career then you treat me like a queen. A woman is crying, I respect hearts. I have dignity.

Anyway having learnt her lesson the hard way, Jane Mugo says she is now single but doesnt want to mingle anymore. Like i said, Ogopa Nairobi…..if a whole detective can fall that hard, je wewe?

I’m confirming I’m #SINGLE, busy, happy and not searching. I’m returning the ring and all gifts to the sender. It’s not worth fighting for. You still claim to love respect me. Thank you KDF family for telling me the truth a teacher cannot be one of you. Thank you, my followers and Pokot community for being honest. Thank you Steve my brother-in-law you really tried.

And lastly….

Thank you everyone who sent me exhibits and I confirmed this month it’s because you love me. Social media has power. Let’s get up and serve God and community. A human being can be a narcissist. I prayed God to bless me with a husband, Devil sent this

“Marriage is not an achievement” Maryaprude expresses regret for marrying ex husband at age 23 years

Is it just me or Willis Raburu’s ex wife, Maryaprude is still not yet over the Citizen TV news anchor? Okay….before anything else i would like you to note that its been almost 3 years since they parted ways and Maryaprude still hangs on to her pain or memories making it hard to get past her life with Raburu.

Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows

Well, since you can’t teach the heart to unlove someoene – Maryaprude is making her feelings for Raburu so obvious thanks to her posts where she throws shade or shares her regrets. So far all i know is that she could be battling mixed feelings towards her ex and him also being the father of their late daughter – it must really pain her.

The lass proved this once again in a post shared on her Instagram but deteled after a while…and i am thinking – she must have really been botter about something hence her shaddy post. Incase you missed out on it, Maryaprude wrote;

Maryaprude weightloss after divorce

I woke up this morning with so much to do in my mind and I just remembered I got married at 23, yes yes! Mind-blowing ???? 23! Idk what the fuck i was thinking.


Judging from her tone, seems like Maryaprude is blaming ex husband for dragging her life behind; as she says if not for the marriage she would have achieved so much by now.

Okay….maybe, maybe not. I mean many women have been in her position, others worse and still managed to pull through the difficulties because earth is hard. You either pull yourself out or drown yourself in a pity party.

Anyway expressing her regret, Prude went on to add;

I would be so far rn if I wasn’t busy serving society and other humans their expectations of me as a married woman coz I would be doing most of what I’m doing rn to catch up.

And lastly….

Alafu pia marriage isn’t an achievement ok bye…

Kennedy Rapudo speaks after meeting his girlfriend’s parents

For a minute Ella Ray made us all believe that the socialite, Amber Ray who is her big sister just got engaged to her boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo.

I mean what choice did we have judging from the video she shared and the caption where she wrote;

Congratulations Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo. May God bless your union. I gained a brother today.

And just like that Amber Ray started making news once again. However hours after her sister announced the news – Amber came out to deny she’d been engaged saying;

Ebu muwache kutuharakishia. We are just taking a day at a time and honestly, I’m enjoying every bit of it. Kennedy Rapudo, I’m so happy I’m going through this journey with you.

Well…since the rumor was sparked by her own sibling – could it be that Ella was telling Amber its time to get married…i mean, why else say that?

Amber Ray with her small sister, Ella Ray


Kennedy Rapudo on the other hand could not keep calm especially with how the news spread like wild fire on social media. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rapudo though his Instagram shared a couplw goal photo featuring his girlfriend to which he captioned;

It’s been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don’t believe it.

Well – lets hope itll end in a glamorous wedding and a few more babies for the two.

“God made me wait for 6 years” Wahu opens up about her miracle baby

Veteran singer Wahu says she has always wanted to have 3 kids but at some point started to lose hope since she had been trying for baby number 3 as soon as her second born daughter turned 3 years.

Wahu meets newborn daughter

Well speaking during a candid interview with renowned media house, Wahu for the first time hinted she had struggled with conceiving – and despite having been blessed with two lovely girls….she couldn’t understand why a third baby wasnt happening – when she really needed it.

With the years flying fast, Wahu then turned to prayer and according to her – God made her wait for 6 years since her last baby. During this time she kept her hopes alive and kept pushing with prayers….however after hitting 40 years she started losing hope….but little did she know what awaits her.

From when my second born daughter Nyakio was about three years, I wanted another child but God made me wait for six years before He finally remembered me

Tbt: The Mathenges with firstborn daughter

He remembered me when i lost hope – Wahu

According to the mother of 3, just a few months before receiving her miracle she’d already started making peace with the fact that maybe she was meant to have 2 daughter….but in 2021, her miracle happened.

I was at a point of letting me just enjoy my 40s and focus on me and start working out and stop the obsession thing with having a kid. It was part of my trying to have closure of not being able to have a third child,


I was not assisted and I did not go for any artificial method, but God answered my prayers. When I got pregnant, I was not looking for a baby since I had reached a place where I was already trying to make peace and accept that I am a mum of two.


Although we have heard that most women avoid having kids when they hit 40 years – Wahu says the messages in her DM prove otherwise. Turns out that her story resulted to a testimony as many women flocked her DM thanking her for giving them hope – now that she proved it’s possible.

Getting a baby after 40 years gave a lot of women hope and some came to my DM and when I meet them, they had hope that it is possible. It is not over until God says it is over. Let them not be anxious despite being hard to wait. I know the joy a baby can give a family, but I would say, ‘Don’t give up.

“It’s a trap” Betty Kyallo warned against reconciling with Nick Ndeda

Media personality Betty Kyallo might be beautiful but unfortunately just like most of her friends i.e Lilian Muli, Bambi etc theyre all unlucky when it comes down to love. Mmmh not the best feeling – but lucky for Betty Kyallo all the men that have dumped her always come back begging.

Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda at a friends wedding
Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda at a friends wedding

I am not sure whether they do it because they miss her as a person, her vibe/personality or for her skills both at work and in the sack. So far ive heard a couple of rumors where her exes comeback after a fall out – but she chooses not take them back. Remember the Ethiopian ex who even went on IG live to talk about BK and at some point he admitted she can be addictive.

Well looks like it’s the same case as Nick Ndeda who recently revealed he misses BK – a few weeks after running into her at a popular club in Kilimani. From what we understand is that BK was in the company of a fine young man….and now – Nick Ndeda misses her.

Betty Kyallo

Fans warn BK from dating Ndeda

Well with Ndeda’s confession – Betty Kyallo recently shared a new photo to which she captioned;

Alaaaaar! Mtoto Mkamba usicheze????????????.

And right there we have the answer to what has Nick Ndeda hooked on…..same same case as Amber Ray and Rapudo.

Anyway fans in the comment section however warned BK against Nick Ndeda saying it’s a trap especially since he knows he never broke her….which explains why she moved on so quick. One wrote;

Haha why do I feel like it’s a direct attack on that nigga who sounds like he has never moved on.

While others went on to add;

“I am not depressed” Omosh now claims days after he revealed he is broke & stranded

Actor Joseph Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh says he is not depressed nor is he having financil issues as revealed on social media for the 3rd time.

Omosh Kizangila

Well, a few days ago Omosh held a candid interview with Mpasho where he revealed he slowly slipping into depression now that he isnt sure what is happening in his life. Apparently someone hired him but refused to pay him leaving him stranded with no money for transport or even to buy food for himself.

Although this is a tale we have heard him say time and time before, the actor who now doubles up as an MC went on to tell the popupar news outlet that…

I’m just going through a lot, I don’t know if it’s depression or what’s happening in my life. Like now, I’m wondering how I’ll get to my house in Kayole. I was called for some jobs but it didn’t work so I’m stranded.

Not depressed, just hurting

With this of course netizens couldn’t maintain their silence as they called out the fella for being irresponsible and others, calling him out for being a drunkard.

However thanks to a video shared on his page, Omosh says he is not depressed but has been dealing with a loss he still cant come into terms with. Apparently he travelled for a burial of one of his friends who was also a neighbor and on their way back….another of his neighbours who had attended the funeral with him crashed and died while driving back to Nairobi….so double tragedy.

Which is why lately been appearing to be depressed. Well…thats what he claims but then again – there are those pushing him to go to rehab since they already know how he moves…and if anything wanajua kadi zake zote.

Akothee ready to walk out & abandon family, says “she has had enough”

Akothee is back to publicizing her family problems on social media and although she is one big artist…not forgetting wealthy – i still cant understand why she chooses her social media as a place to seek therapy for all her family problems….but yea, were back at it and this time around she wants to call it quits with her family.

Well, a few hours ago the singer shared a post venting about her family which she says has been stressing her over the few months. From what I can tell is that shes back to having issues with her siblings who btw – don’t seem to be her biggest fans.

Through her IG stories, Akothee started with

I have no idea why its always me in question. Was it wrong for me to be born in this family?


I wish my grandfather was alive

Where are the parents?

Okay…not that I know Akothee’s family but I want to believe she has a mother and close relatives to intervene in such situations; but since she wishes her grandfather was around to sort the current issue – means she on her own.

In addition to the rant…Akothee went on to add;

You’re the one to live with the dents of upgrading people to a level they couldn’t, behave faithful at because they had not grown into it organically.

And lastly….Seems like the lady is thinking of abandoning her family because at this rate, Akothee is fed up with her close relatives.



Mungai Eve to take legal action against GSU officer claiming he sponsored her lifestyle before the fame & money

Mungai Eve says she has no option buy to sue a certain comtent creator who poses as a cop on TikTok and allegedly his latest post was mainly trageted at Mungai Eve….simply because he knew this would create good attention or rather numbers on his end.

Man claiming to have sponsored Mungai Eve

So it all started after the alleged cop shared a video exposing Mungai Eve for allegedly udinf and dumping him after her career picked; and she became the internet sensation. According to the guy, back then when he thought he was in a relationship with Mungai Eve – he would apparently cover all her bills and even buy lunch for her interviewees.

Mungai Eve pregnant?

siseme. Nataka gharama yangu I remember buying lunch for those guys you used to interview walikataa shuguli yako kabisaa juu hukua na anything so nowadays you are outside huko hiyo unatembea social media nakumbuka nyumba nilikua nakulipia na caretaker niko na number take hapa and now that I am calling you unanizimia simu.

Receipts for proof

Just when you think everyone is doing the most on social media to get more fans...look at Vera’s alleged flat booty…then Stevo Simple boy’s engagement etc…it’s all a joke.

But as for tbe cop – I guess he over played himself by claiming he has receipts to support his allegations against Mungai Eve saying;

Mungai Eve on 22nd birthday

You know how much I struggled to make sure you recorded your first 30 videos, in fact this is the phone we used Tecno pop four and I am not afraid of reporting that.

And just like that he landed himself a lawsuit that Mungai Eve says will not drop considering the damage caused.

My lawyer is handling the matter he has reached out to the guy and by today morning, he had pulled down the video and had also gone live saying he was sorry he was just clout chasing and you see the damage has been done and everyone is trying to believe it especially when you are a celebrity mimi sijawahi muona ata I have never come across his page. I think he was trying to get views.

Still searching for Mr right: Stevo Simple Boy’s fiance spotted looking ‘yummy’ on dating site

Hii Nairobi huwezi date in peace. Like Otile Brown song goes Saa zingine anayekupenda humpendi Unapenda mwingine Anayependa mwingine hata asiye mpendanga Na kila mtu anataka type yake which brings us to Stevo’s alleged fiance who is apparently still searching.

This is after a certain Tinder user came across Ms Gee profile on the app and thanks to the screenshot making rounds on social media we also understand she goes by the name of Mally and is 22 years.

Stevo’s fiance still searching

Well looking at the photos on her profile – lets just say Stevo is in trouble cause his fiance looks drop dead gorgeous. Anyway sharing the screenshot online, the user wrote;

Guess who I found on tinder?” the man asked, adding lots of LOL emojis, “the one and only dem wa Stiveo Simple Boy.

And of course we all had to take notice….i mean what about our boy stevo simple?

Clout chasing?

Okay – although i am sure most of you believe there was never a real relationship between these two but just business….this also confirms most of our celebs rely on clout to remain relevant.

Stevo with fiance, Gee

But then again….the news comes just when Pritty revealed she had broken up with Madini (another clout stunt) and since Man Stevo is also about to become single…the universe might be telling them something. No?

Awkward moment for Betty Kyallo & Nick Ndeda as they hangout at same club with their new spouses

The problem with breaking up is that by the time yall are done – you’ve probably introduced each other to your favorite joints – restaurants, clubs among other venues; and now that youve broken up chances are that nor you nor your ex is willing to avoid these places…simply because you’re afraid of bumping into each other.

Well clearly i want to believe this is the same case for Betty Kyallo and ex, Nick Ndeda who allegedly bumped into each other this past weekend at a certain joint in Kilimani – and from what weve heard is that it was so awkward that other people took notice.

Apparently – Betty Kyallo was the first one to arrive in the company of a young fine man and upon arrival they were shown to the VIP section – which is mostly prefered by celebs to avoid gossipmongers…i mean majority of the people at that section know each other and better….they dont allow photos.

Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda at a friends wedding

Nick Ndeda and his fine young lady

Well, thanks to standard we understand just as Betty was cozying up with her new catch? Rebound? Potential bae? her paste (Nick Ndeda) walked in and beside him was a fine young lady who was definitely his date.

Wait it gets better….at this point apparentky Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda had not yet noticed each other but as soon as they did…Betty being the woman, she of course decided to switch places just to avoid her ex and his new friend.

Okay wait…is it just me or could Betty Kyallo still be stuck on Ndeda? Cause if it were me…and my ex shows up….I would never move from my seat….not unless they set the building on fire.

Bishop Kanyari replaces ‘310 panda mbegu’ with  ‘miracle money’ encourages his congregation to give back to God

I feel like saying Bishop Kanyari is back in business…which unfortinately might offend his followers – but incase you missed it, the preacher is back to building some wealth for the kingdom of God through Miracle money.

Bishop Kanyari aka Bishop Mwangi.

Yes just like you read it, it’s now Miracle money more or less of panda mbegu. Actually it reminds me of those Jesma papers where you’d read a composition to perfect your writing skills; but the problem was – the whole class had the same Jesma book, meaning in the end – our compositions sounded the same and believe me the only difference was the different writers. Potato potato. Copy and paste.

Tbt: Pastor Kanyari

Anyway the Bishop is said to have been running the scheme for a while now until he was recorded telling his congregation to give Ksh 500 as offering; and in return he then reward each one of them with Sh30k.

Kanyari defends himself

Okay wait….at this point I really want to ask….did Kanyari and Nganga attend the same school or did they have the same mathematics teacher because….hii mazimatics italetea mtumishi too much loss. Ksh 500 for Ksh 30k? Please send me pin to the church.

Anyway with the recording making rounds on social media, the Bishop recently held an interview with Mpasho where he spoke on the miracle money…now that many believe it’s another scheme to make money.

Bishop Kanyari

When asked about the offering, Victor
Kanyari who now goes by the name of Bishop Mwangi said;

I have never stolen or forced anyone to send us money. You send me money, and God rewards you with more money

On whether he has rewarded any members of his church with the said Sh 30k – Bishop Mwangi in response said;

Look for Sh100 bob or any amount and send it to us and God will open doors for you. So many come back to say they were blessed after sending money to us.

Sharing advise on how to run a church…the Bishop discouraged the idea saying the Church has no money…

Church has no money, so it’s like free service. I would not brag about receiving a lot of money since in most cases, we are the ones who help others.


If you open a church and make it a business, it will be hard for you since it has no money. You would rather open a kiosk and sell vegetables. In church, it can only be God.

But then again…is he not in the same business? I mean would he really be in the ministry if he is not benefiting one way or another? Just asking.

“It’s your turn, enjoy!” Fans encourage Edday after Samidoh flew her out for short vacation

Samidoh must be one wise man and although there are women who dislike him for his affair with Karen Nyamu….truth is his wife Edday will never leave his side come rain come sunshine. I mean she has already proven this by staying  despite the many times hubby Samidoh has embrassed her on social media.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Just the other day feminists on social media were asking her to leave the guy now that he is clearly giving Karenzo too much attention…and for a minute I couldn’t help but ask, atoke aende wapi? However ooliskia wapi?

Anyway despite being gased up to leave – looks like Edday Nderitu is not about to deny her kids the life she never had by walking out on her high-school sweet. No.

Samidoh with wife, Edday Nderitu

She’s determined to stay and to prove she’s not going anywhere- the mother 3 was recently spotted in the company of her husband, Samidoh and their youngest daughter sunbathing at the coast region….maybe to catch up from all the time he spent with Karen Nyamu doing campaigns – and fans are proud!

Netizens react to Samidoh and Edday’s vacation

Well – it’s never easy for a man to juggle two strong independent, but for Samidoh – things seem to be working just fine now that he got his family in order and good thing is – he carters for both.

Anyway with photos from their vacation circulating on social media, fans immediately reacted to the on and off love saying;

Faith Chebet said: “Enjoy, it’s your turn Edday, next month it will be Karen Nyamu’s turn.”

Sharnel Dans said: I will never judge this woman, there is a reason why she stays…. And that reason is enough for her to stay, and not explain.

While the men in the comment section only wanted one thing….and that is Samidoh’s secret to bagging two wives – and i bet we all know the answer. Maybe it’s his skills in the sack but women love a man that can take care of his family….game not so much…i mean would you enjoy it on an empty stomach?

Mahaba kama yote! Wema Sepetu bags herself young talented Tz rapper & fans approve

Wema Sepetu might just finding her back to stardom and what better way than publicizing her relationship with one young rapper – Whozu who is not only a talented artist but an eye candy you cannot go without noticing.

Wema Sepetu

Well thanks to Wema’s 31st birthday party thatb went down a few days ago, we all got to finally learn about Wema and Whozu’s relationship and from what fans are saying is that – it’s about time Wema Sepetu found herself a good man that deserves her love and who better than Whozu himself.

With the relationship now public – there are those who also believe this could be Whozu’s big break; since apparently Wema Sepetu has ‘a star’ that brings luck to all the men she dates. I mean look at Diamond Platnumz, Idris Sultan and the many that came after.

Wema in love with her friend’s baby daddy

Okay – although many agree that Wema deserves happiness and so does Whozu….some cant help but wonder how she ended up with rapper knowing very well he is the baby daddy to Tunda….a young socialite that also grew up following into Wema’s footsteps.

But then again…the same Tunda who is now in her late 20’s allegedly used to secretly date Diamond Platnumz when both Wema and Zari were still in the picture….and this is how she was featured on Salome hit song by Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny…..so do we call it karma?

Tbt: Tunda on Salome hitsong

Well…whatever the case, but truth is with Wema Sepetu still childless and unmarried at 31 years – chances are that she is not letting this one go.

Dr Ofweneke reveals why he is charging Akothee Sh 1.4M to host her white wedding

Its funny that Akothee has been dating her young Mzungu boyfriend for a few weeks now and we’re already hearing rumors about an upcoming wedding….and I’m thinking Akothee doesn’t waste time huh…?

Anyway as you’ve probably already heard, Akothee is allegedly planning a white wedding with her new man and since the event will go down in Kenya, the singer wants Dr Ofweneke to host her ceremony….simply because she approves.

Anyway sharing new details of her upcoming wedding, Akothee through her Instagram page shared a photo of Ofweneke to which she wrote;

Wee I thought we were friends @drofweneke is charging me 1.4 m to be the official Mc on my wedding day both white and traditional, ????????????

Ofweneke on why he is charging Akothee Sh 1m

Well seeing how expensive the comedian is charging Akothee for the show,we couldnt help but wonder why…i mean, it’s just a wedding right?

However according to Ofweneke the reason he is charging madam boss 1.4 is because once again, Akothee is choosing a Caucasian over African brother…..

 Kwani Kenya Hakuna wanaume ? Ni madharau Gani hii unatuonyesha, wewe lipa 1.4 ksh ama ulete MC Mzungu basi ????

But again….the heart wants what it wants, and for Akothee i guess white men are her fantasy.

Jacquee Maribe reveals why she will never sue baby daddy over child support

Jacquee Maribe has not been having it easy since she got dragged into the Monica Kimani murder case where shes believed to have been an accomplice for ex fiance, Jowie Irungu.

Tbt: Jowie proposes to Jacquee Maribe

Also read: Jacquee Maribe reacts to rumors painting her suicidal & a pretty heavy drinker

Apart from that, she also had her name dragged in mud after Eric Omondi revealed he wasnt responsible for Maribe’s son; and then Sam Ogina found himself in the mix as comedian Omondi hinted he could be Maribe’s baby daddy and looking at the boys physical features (especially facial) let’s just say no DNA……..

Jacque Maribe with son, Zahari

Anyway good thing is whether Omondi or Ogina – at the end of the day Jacquee Maribe has a blessing these two will never take away from her and that is – a son that adores. And to prove how unbothered she is about her baby daddies – Maribe recently clapped back at fan who asked her to sue her ‘baby daddy’ over child support; instead of wasting the money on a blogger painting her suicidal and a drunkard mum.

The fan wrote;

She should start suing the kids father for money upkeep

Maribe claps back

Well, just the other day rumor had it that Jacquee Maribe was forced to move in with her parents due to her new drinking habit; which she denies saying she will sue the said blogger for tarnishing her name.

But again – with every rumor there is some truth to it and of course handling a murder case and still having to worry where it will lead or who will raise her son – we wouldn’t really blame Maribe for trying to take the pressure away.


However one thing is for sure about Maribe is – with or without the stress she says she will never sue a man over child support and this is because why sue when you have your own?

Anyway responding to the fan asking her to sue for child support, Maribe said;

Ala.you want to be enjoined in the case? Why sue when you have your own money? Hizo ni vitu siwezi fanya

Chiki Kuruka responds to womb watchers asking, “When will you give Bien a child?”

Bien Aime’s wife Chiki Kuruka is really mad at womb watchers always leaving petty comments asking when she is planning to start a family with her husband now that time is slowly slipping away….and oh yea….having kids at 40 years is just hard work.

Having married the love of her life in 2020 – Chiki Kuruka and Bien remain childless for personal reasons and I am assuming – its a mutual decision between the two since – you know…in most cases, the lady decides when whether she will have a kid with you or not – unless the husband goes behind her back and gets a Vasectomy.

Anyway with everyone asking when the babies will come (as if she is the problem) Chiki Kuruka recently told off the idle womb watchers saying;

If you happen to be one of those people unable to give birth and constantly on your feed, ‘When are you giving birth…?’ I’m not saying that’s my particular status, but people need to be careful how they throw that out there.

My Womb my decision

Still on the same topic, Chiki kuruka made it known it takes two to make a child….but when you look at the comments left on her page, you’d think its her fault Bien is yet to be called a father.


It takes two human beings to have a baby, so the idea that that is women’s issue and the idea that it’s really up to the women, that’s nonsense


Can’t post a picture without someone saying, ‘When are you giving birth?’ I am yet to see that on Bien’s page.

Anyway although she is aware that time is not on her side…like I said – having kids at 40 when the body is already starting to slowly shut down (trust me, it doesnt work the same past 38 years)…ive seen relatives literally fall asleep while having coffee at the table…and thats like early 40’s, so imagine having a toddler having you on your toes each second. Mehn you wont make it past 45 years.

Anyway – about having kids…Chiki Kuruka concluded with;

When someone wants to have a child, they are gonna have a child. And it’s not gonna be because someone left a comment.

Alaaar! Tyler Mbaya on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

Millennials are out here making relationships look so easy while the rest of you continue complaining about your spouses cheating, not feeling appreciated and the most popular…baby daddies ducking their roles when it comes down to the kids.

However when it comes down the likes of Tyler (Baha) and Zari’s young boyfriend they stick to what they’ve decided to commit to; and guys its true we have seen right? Or rather thats what they’re making us believe.

Anyway with that said, the young dad this past weekend held a QnA session giving fans an opportunity to ask whatever questions they needed answered; and of course one fan decided to drop the big question – on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga.

Tyler Mbaya confesses

Okay, being young one would think Tyler Mbaya is still doing some low key searching – maybe still fishing despite having bagged himself a lady like Georgina Njenga, but to our surprise – Tyler says he has never cheated on his woman. No not even once.

Responding to:

Have you ever cheated on Georgina?

Tyler Mbaya confidently responded with;

You cant replace a woman that gives you both wifey and best friend vibes. That is rare.


Black men don’t.

Okay wait….sounds really cute right? But then again – i don’t know what Tyler Mbaya has heard about black men…but I’m pretty sure many women won’t agree with him.

Samidoh offered perfect solution to bringing his two wives together, take notes!

Samidoh’s house is not in order and just because we no longer see the drama online doesn’t mean his two houses are not on fire; and again those close to him and his two wives already know whats going on.

Karen Nyamu with months old daughter

Well, a while back Edday Nderitu shared a post roasting disrespectful husbands who commit to side chicks, forgetting their kids will suffer in the end; and a couple of hours later we realized she wrote the post after Karen Nyamu shared posts of Samidoh with their kids at an inauguration ceremony – and being the goat wife, that must have really hurt Edday.

Anyway now that he is stepping out in public with Karen Nyamu I assume this means she is officially his second wife; but problem is – he needs to bring his two wives together – something Karen Nyamu’s friends seem to agree with.

Perfect solution

As seen on a post shared by Karenzo, we see one of her closest friends share what looks like the perfect solution to Samidoh’s blended family and yea….this could work.

Think about it…women have for years shared their husband’s whether as side chics or second wives or whatever position they find themselves…but either way they still share.

Singer Jovial tells off critics blackmailing her in the DM

Jovial must really be giving many sleepless nights that is judging from a recent post where she revealed to have received threats or rather criticism from someone who feels she should be giving back to the society like other artists do.

However what’s bothering her more is how the critic keeps pushing and forcing the singer to act right. As seen on her post shared on Instagram, Jovial wrote back to the said critic reminding him that giving back is a personal decision which should also be done in private.

Jovial turns down Willy Paul’s relationship request

The emotional blackmail on DM, about giving back to the society, specifically signing new artistes. Well giving back is a secret between me and my God, I do not do the social media parade,

Signing artists

On the same post, Jovial also addressed another issue concerning some of the artists she has signed under her label; where she mentioned they should be aware that having them work under her doesn’t mean it’s charity….just like everyone else she is running a business expecting profit and not loss.

And please let us be exposed, signing an artist is not giving back to the community, it is business. I sign you, and you bring me money, You screw up, and I take you to court.

Not quite sure what is happening in her camp but all I know is that Jovial has learnt a few tips from our favorite celebrities on how to remain relevant.